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Pastor W. F. Kumuyi at Showers of Blessings Global Crusade (Day one)

It is going to rain for everyone in Jesus name.
I welcome you. All the States of Nigeria, I welcome everyone.

ll the nations of Africa, Europe, America, Asia and everywhere I welcome you to a spectacular time in Jesus name. I will fly in today’s showers of blessings, everywhere, showers upon your lives in Jesus name, the spectacular will take place in your life in Jesus name.

That sentence you have been hearing many times ‘There shall be Showers of Blessings’ do you know it is a promise of God, a prophetic word the Lord has prepared for us.
Ezekiel 34:26
He says I will and when God says He will do something, it is done.

It is a promise for everyone, a promise in particular for you, there shall be showers of blessings.

Hebrews 13:8
When the Lord said there shall be Showers of blessings, the people were waiting for the Messiah and when Christ came, the showers began to fall and miracles began to happen in an unprecedented manner and the people that had understanding woke up and said you know what the Lord said?

The showers of blessings at the time of Ezekiel was in the future, I will, I will make the cloud, I will send the rain and now even though it was future at that time, Christ came and He began to move in all the towns, villages and to everyone in the land.

Then the reality and the fulfillment of the showers began to be fulfilled in their midst and everyday anyone is meeting Christ as you are meeting Him, Christ gave an invitation, as He is giving you tonight, anytime God touched anyone, showers began to fall on them from heaven and now Christ has gone to heaven and He is not pouring the showers down on everyone, He is still the same and tonight showers of blessings from the unchangeable Christ the Saviour.

Showers of Blessings
S: Salvation and tonight salvation is coming your way.
H: Healing and tonight as the rain begins to fall, no power can send that rain.

You are healed, whatever the sickness, healing is coming your way.
O: Obtainment when something is given to you and you are not just looking at it but you stretch your hand and you receive that thing, you have obtained that thing and what you obtain is what you experience.

That thing you obtain shall be seen in your life.

Tonight I will obtain something.
W: Wonders. Wonders will come your way, the wonder of salvation, healing, deliverance will come your way.

E: is for Exaltation, Christ is exalted that whoever you are, He will lift you up, He will exalt you. If showers come without exaltation that showers will not be complete. The showers will be complete in Jesus name.

R: Restoration. Restoration by heaven, restoration to restore you to everything Adam and Eve lost, everything you have lost in your life, there is restoration tonight.
S: Supernatural Supply.

The showers, salvation, healing, obtainment, wonders, exaltation, restoration and supernatural supply.

1. Salvation for all Accused Men:
Romans 3:9-26
Are we better than they? Other people are devils and you are the angel?

No, we are not better than them for we before proved that we are under sin, verse 26, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

The churchgoer is not better than those who don’t go to church. We all carry the nature of Adam with us.

Salvation for all Accused Men is the solution and salvation is coming to you today.

Once you accept you are a sinner, you accept you have sinned, the same bondage of sin that paralyzed other people makes you unable to live right, once you accept that, the free offer of salvation will come to you tonight.

Verse 24, says you cannot cry and shed tears that will qualify you for salvation. The Bible says be justified fully by His grace, that grace is here tonight.

The moment you stretch out your hand of faith and you say, Lord, here am I, redemption, salvation, forgiveness in Christ. As you come to Christ tonight, you are connected to salvation.

This is why I normally give an invitation, you want salvation, raise up your hand and whatever I tell you, you do it, that salvation will come to you.

What I am saying is this, rain is falling, the showers are falling, you must come out and bring your bucket out then He will fill your drum to overflowing in Jesus name.

But if the rain is falling and you lock yourself in the house and you put your bucket upsidedown, once the rain is falling and everybody is satisfied, you are there and you don’t come out, you will not be part of the beneficiary.

If you come out, salvation will come to you.
Everyone might have accused you, this salvation is for all Accused Men, that salvation will come to you, Christ will come to you and as you respond, salvation is yours and you will get saved in Jesus name.

2. Healing through His accepted message.
You heard about a doctor, you have a challenge but you never took action, the medicine will not just jump on you, you will come.

If you believe the message you are told about the healer, you will take action. Jesus Christ is the healer of all doctors, internally, externally, He will heal you, whatever is wrong in your life, tonight, He will perform that operation right there.

Isaiah 53:1,4-5, the people who believed the message were healed. If there is any part of your body that is not functioning, tonight He will make that part work. He is the healer of every sickness as you have said that is why the Prophet is asking the question, who believes our report? Who is the arm of God revealed.

In verse 4, He has taken away your griefs, infirmities, everything is laid on Christ, all our sorrows, He has taken away.

Verse 5, says He was wounded for our transgression. All our sin, He suffered on the Cross of Calvary to take everything away. When you make that personal and you know that by His stripes I am healed, you believe it in your heart and you know that with God all things are possible, your case is possible, healing, deliverance, possible.

Matthew 8:16-17, when the healing was come, they brought unto him this Healer, many that were possessed and He cast out devils and healed them that were sick. He healed all, He has not changed. He healed all that were sick why? Verse 17, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the Prophet, the Prophet spoke what he got from Heaven.

There is no lie in heaven and the heaven revealed that truth to Esaias.
He will take away that pain very easily in Jesus name.

1 Peter 2:24, I am healed! Cancer, ulcer, brain problem, everything will be healed tonight in Jesus name.

3. The obtainment of abundant mercy.
Why do we need mercy?

Because we face judgment, we have done things that will land us in an everlasting prison.

It is not only prison with hard labour, but with pain and now we are singing what can wash away my sin but the blood of Jesus.

How can I be relieved from the sin I have done? There is only one way, the obtainment of abundant mercy.

1 Timothy 1:13
I couldn’t come to God with merit, you cannot merit mercy.
‘Rock of ages cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee,
Let the water and the blood
From the wounded side that flowed
Be of sin the double cure’

That is where mercy will come to you. I see somebody here, mercy is coming your way, it is the mercy of God that forgives you. As you come and say Lord, I didn’t merit it and what I do not have by merit I will have by mercy, that is the showers of abundant mercy.

It says I was before a blasphemer, a persecutor and an injurious but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly with unbelief.
Verse 14, the grace of our Lord, in the world there is no grace.

I am looking for a job and I don’t have a certificate, give me the job by grace, they will say we don’t do that, or you go to the bank and say give me money buy grace, they will say it doesn’t work like that.

The world doesn’t work like that, only God works by grace.

Tonight, every blessing of heaven you need, what you cannot get from the world, because heaven operates by grace, what you need tonight, you will have it by grace in Jesus name.

Verse 15, when you accept the grace of God, what you get by grace, everyone will have showers of miracles buy grace in Jesus name.

Christ came to the world to save sinners. Some people tonight say I want to become a better person before I can be saved then He is not saving sinners, you have saved yourself, He is saving sinners. He didn’t come to save the righteous, He came to save sinners. He will save you, He will transfer your name from darkness and into light in Jesus name.


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