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June 2021 Divine Encounter
Topic: Peace be Still
Text: 2nd Kings 4:1-7

Today I decree in the name that is above every other name, over every financial storm in your life, peace be still.
How can you still the financial storm in your life?

We can take many lessons from the widow in our text this morning.

The first thing you need is your mouth. According to the text, the first thing she did is that she cried out.

The first thing I want you to do this morning to still every financial storm in your life is cry unto God and say “Lord, help me!!”

The second thing to note from the widow is that she cried to God through someone who has a close connection with God, she cried to God through the Prophet.

When a Prophet Prophesies into your life, a miracle will follow. I decree to you today, that whatever money you have with you will never finish.

The next thing you need is obedience to the word of God as it is presented to you by His Prophet.

Obey God and He will come through.

I decree in the name of the one who sent me, You shall be Blessed!! But you must obey.

The next thing you need is your hands. If your financial storm is to end permanently, you must be ready for hard work. God will give opportunities to prosper, but you must work hard. If you are willing to work hard, God will make a way. To enjoy the unending blessings from God, you must be diligent in your work.
To still financial storms in your life, you must enlarge your capacity; get ready for greatness.

To still the storm in your finances, you must learn to testify of God’s goodness and witness to souls.

In our text, when the widow’s coast was enlarged, the first thing the Prophet told her to do was to pay her debts and then use the rest to take care of herself and her child. What that simply meant is that, she will never know lack for the rest of her life, and she will never borrow again.
I decree in the name that is above every other name, you will never borrow again!

The secret of answered prayers is to win souls and testify, so if you want to enjoy answered prayers, take soul winning seriously.

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