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I have been doing Rabbit Farming Business for some years now, going to about 5years in Nigeria, and i can tell you, if you are just starting out, one of the major factor that can determine how successful you will be in the Business or how well your rabbit performance will be, is the housing system you adopt.

I raise about 70 to 100 rabbit and even more, just that when we sell them, the population reduce, rabbit tends to perform well, breed well and even grow fast when they are under a good management system and housing.

A good housing system should have cross ventilation that helps provide free air flow, thereby, getting rid of the urine smell from the rabbit and also get rid of anything that can choke the animal.

Today, i have decided to share some of the pictures of my rabbit farm, it will go a long way to hep beginner rabbit farmers, on how to construct the rabbit cage and how a commercial rabbit farm should look like;

We have two type of cages in the farm, 1 is Wire Mesh (Iron) Cage, the other is Wooden cage with boko haram, the two are good and durable from my experience, but the wooden is less expensive compare to the iron cage.

To know more about how to get started with rabbit farming Business in Nigeria, you can read my article here.

If you will like to get mentoring, ebook and setting guide on rabbit farming Business or if you want to get quality parent stocks to start your farm, call or chat me up on 07066784204

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