Please beware of any officer that touches you inappropriately at the Immigration


Please beware of any officer that touches you inappropriately at the Immigration or Port of entry.

As I was about to take immigration pictures and get stamped out of Ghana airport, one immigration official came and crossed his hands on my shoulder and asked “are you sure you are okay” I was surprised because such a thing had never happened to me before.
I answered yes please, he then removed his hands and disappeared into thin air.

I wanted to confront him but I asked the Immigration official taking my biometrics if the other man was his colleague? He said yes.

Well I had a thought and asked myself ‘are you sure this guy didn’t drop anything on me’? But then my spirit asked me to bring down all my bags and dust them with my hands.

As I arrived Cameroon alighting from the plane someone took a picture of me and I saw that.
I was surprised but then he was wearing a security tag.

After COVID protocols I picked my luggage and was about to leave the airport only to be accosted by the Drug Control Section. Nigerian equivalent of NDLEA.
They asked me to step aside, they took my passport and asked me to follow them… I did. My host was trying to tell them I was late for preaching but I asked him to allow them do their job.

I entered their office and 4 men entered and asked me to open all my luggages.
I asked them to do so themselves; this man searched my bag like he was sure he was looking for something.


My mind quickly recollected my experience at the Ghana Airport.

They only saw Bible, books, suits and shoes, I was even telling them I have more bags for them to search.

They will look at their phone WhatsApp, check my picture and then stare at me.

Their boss even had to come into the office

They questioned me thoroughly, I told them I was here to preach; showed them details yet they said they want to research me.

They were disappointed at the end of the day.

God disappointed the devices of the crafty so that their hands could not perform their enterprise Job 5:12

Later I asked one of the officials when I was leaving why the embarrassment and he told me that they identified someone carrying dangerous drugs.Brethren how does that concern me?


I came to preach Gospel and win souls.

I just thank God; however the event interrupted the grand reception prepared by my host.

When I entered the car that brought me I didn’t know these men had gone ahead to interview the protocol officials that came to pick me if the man of God from Nigeria had some drugs on him. Imagine???

Please be careful who touches you when you want to travel or who handles your luggages.

Thank God with me please.
Evangel Gospel Agochukwu.

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