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1. Father we ascribe glory, honor and strength to Your Holy Name. We declare Your excellence in all the earth. Be thou praise forever in Jesus Name.

2. Father in the Name of Jesus, as I pray tonight let there be an open heaven over me. Let my prayers reach unto You in Jesus Name.

3. In the Name of Jesus, let the Spirit of the living God move round me now and let every of my weaknesses in my life be subject to Your leading in Jesus Name.

4. Father in the Name of Jesus, break the every iron bars of iron stopping me from having access into my Divine rest in Jesus mighty Name.

5. In the Name of Jesus, I break every evil covenant I have entered whether knowingly or unknowingly in Jesus Name.

6. By the power in the Name of Jesus, I detach myself completely from every Spiritual bond I might have created with the Kingdom of darkness in Jesus Name.

7. Let the Name of Jesus scatter every negotiation or agreement I have with the agents of darkness in Jesus mighty Name.

8. By the supernatural Name of Jesus, I uproot every thing my Father in heaven has not planted in my life and destiny in Jesus Name.

9. Father, anywhere I have given room for the enemy to step into my life, please come and be my cover in Jesus Name.

10. In the Name of Jesus, I charge my body with the fire of the Holy Ghost, therefore every strangers in my body, soul and spirit departs out of my life tonight in the Name of Jesus.

11. In the Name of Jesus, I take back whatsoever the devil stole from me ( my marriage, my job, my business opportunity, my children) I take them back in Jesus mighty Name.

12. I release my spirit, soul and body from every hold of the enemy in the mighty Name of Jesus.

13. In the Name of Jesus, I pursue, I overtake and I recover all the the devil has stolen from me in Jesus Name.

14. I decree that it’s my season of announcement and celebration in the Name of Jesus.

15. I decree that it’s my season of divine promotion and divine miracle in the Name of Jesus.

16. I decree in the Name of Jesus, I shall begin to see the face of God upon my life, family and destiny, I shall also experience the mighty hands of God in all my endeavors in Jesus Name.

17. In the Name of Jesus, I step into abundance, just as Isaac sow and prosper until he became very prosperous this shall be my portion in the land of the living in the Name of Jesus.

18. In the name of Jesus, I shall not die, and I shall not lose any member of my family. I decree that I and my family shall live to declare the goodness of God in Jesus Name.

19. Your personal prayer request.

20. Give God thanks for answering your prayers.

Please keep sharing the midnight prayers to bless others. God bless you.

Genesis 26:13 Psalm 91:16

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