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  1. Father thank you for loving me unconditionally despite my many sins, thank for the redemption of my soul. Thank you Jesus.
  2. Father, tonight do not let me leave your presence without being refreshed. Refresh my soul and spirit in Jesus Name.
  3. Father, your presence is what I ask for, please cover me with your presence, give me the grace and strength to stay with you the more in Jesus Name.
  4. Holy Ghost empower me, strengthen me and give me grace be available for your use in Jesus Name.
  5. Father renew my spirit man, help me to be renewed from the inside in Jesus Name.
  6. Father tonight, help me to be intentional about my spiritual growth. Put an end to rising and falling in my life in Jesus Name.
  7. In the Name of Jesus, my life receive illumination, the eyes of my understanding is enlightened with Divine illumination in Jesus Name.
  8. Spirit of the living God, come and grant me access to spiritual matters. Beginning from tonight, let deep calls unto deep in Jesus Name.
  9. In the Name of Jesus, I don’t want to remain the same, Father help to have an intimacy with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.
  10. Father help me to have a genuine fellowship with you. Father just pour yourself into me tonight in Jesus Name.
  11. Father break me, remold me, fix me and mend me for your use. Until I am full do not stop brooding over me in Jesus Name.
  12. Father in the Name of Jesus, continually set me on fire for you. I insist that my life will not be as a regular Christian in Jesus mighty Name.
  13. Father, transform my life tonight, let a great transformation happen in every areas of my life in Jesus Name.
  14. In the Name of Jesus, every altar that has been raised over my life unknowingly, tonight send your fire to consume it in Jesus Name.
  15. Father tonight destroy every evil altar standing against my spiritual growth tonight let your fire come upon such altar in Jesus Name.
  16. Father in the Name of Jesus, every evil altar speaking against my God given purpose, tonight be consumed by fire in Jesus Name.
  17. In the Name of Jesus, every altar I have raised due to negligence, tonight I destroy them in Jesus Name.
  18. Father in the Name of Jesus, help me to touch your grace, and let my life change for good in Jesus Name.
  19. Whatever puts out fire in the life of men will never succeed over my life in Jesus name. I remain on fire for God in Jesus name.
  20. Cause me oh Lord to continually pant after you as the deer pants for the water brook in Jesus name.
  21. Your personal prayer request.
  22. Sing thanksgiving songs to God for Answers to your prayers.
    Please keep sharing the midnight prayers to bless others. God bless you

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