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Mark Zuckerberg, happens to be the youngest billionaire in the world, a very young guy with a massive mind for greater height. He also happen to be very popular by he is famous social network platform Facebook, even many think all about his success story is about the Facebook, even though this has played a major role in his achievement and success, he also an internet entrepreneur, a programmer.

He is the cofounder of Facebook and currently operates as its chairman and chief executive officer. He has a net worth of about 63.3 billion dollars as of May 2017, he is ranked by Forbes as the fifth richest person in the world.

We will be looking into the qualities this young man possess that has brought him this far even at this very young age, and I think this readdress the issue of some folks who grew up or is growing up with a mentality of being too young to make it and gain world attention, I wish to announce to you that Mark Zuckerberg is a man of like passion, and he attain such position. I tell you what he became is possible in any part of the world, you can become what he became and even become more than that trust me.

Let’s journey together and see together some certain things that help this guy to stand out even after dropping out of school to pursue his dream.

  1. PASSION: One of the secrets that brought this guy this far is passion and this is what I will like to talk about first, passion a strong liking or enthusiasm for a particular thing or activity. There is no successful man or woman without this great weapon towards that which they have chosen.

Mark Zuckerberg was very passionate about that which he has chosen even when others didn’t believe in that which he was seeing; his passion for what he is seeing won’t let him keep calm, to the end that he had to drop out from school to pursue that his seeing, only that which can keep you pursing a thing even it seems not to be delivering is passion it must not be missing in whatever it is you want to achieve.

  1. PURPOSE: I tell if the purpose of a thing is not defined abuse is inevitable, you can set out on a journey you don’t have a reason for setting out. That which you intend to do and desire to have to what end is it or to what purpose is it directed to. Mark Zuckerberg defined the reason he was pursing what he was pursing, he desires that he can see a social network that will ensure more openness and connection in the worldand you can see that unveil today. He doesn’t just define his purpose, he also focus on the purpose which he has defined and he is still focusing on that until it is achieve to its maximum point.
  2. BE PREPARED TO FACE CRITICISM: This another thing passion can help you to resist but it can never as though preparing for it, it is important to understand that not everyone will buy the idea of what you are intending to do, even when some people grasp that which you intend to do and cherish a lot whne they help you slay it with mouth, you may think of giving up at that stage, so it is important that you are prepared. I wonder what it will be the fate of the young guy Mark Zuckerberg when he had tyo drop out of school, I imagine how insane his friends would think he was, but he has seen something greater than the four walls of Harvard then; he set out for it neglecting every critics.
  3. LEARN RISK TAKING: It is important that you are willing to take reasonable risk, I had to add reasonable because the fact that Mark Zuckerberg had to drop out of school to pursue that which he was seeing doesn’t mean you’ve to do the same, I tell you there are a lot of people who also drop out of school via that which they see like Mark Zuckerberg and still end up being a nuisance in the street, don’t take a risk if you are not sure it will yield, sometimes people will say taking risk is chance of 50/50 but that doesn’t negate the fact that you should on whatever risk you want to take very well. One of the greatest risk he could have taken is getting out of school but he knows what he was pursuing worth dropping out of school, so the first question you should ask yourself is that is what I am giving up for this really what and if you can confidently answer a YES then you’re good to go, if otherwise be careful not fall astray.
  4. THE BIG DREAM: Mark Zuckerberg saw something that his great, he picture a global social networking, he is seeing something unique, he can’t just let go of this big dream for even the offer of Yahoo which is about a billion dollar. What he was seeing was greater than a billion dollar and he keep pursuing this big dream until it becomes a reality. I tell the big dream you are seeing is achievable, you as well get there no matter your background, no matter your locality, it is just a slave of time, diligence, doggedness and s lot that you will make sure that which you see come become a reality, Mark Zuckerberg had a big dream of Facebook and also achieve it.

Final thoughts on this article no matter where you are, what you do, things you see, things you know, things you believe and so on, there’s virtually  no end to that which you can achieve.

Best wishes.

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