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1) Abrupt change in rabbits feed.
2) Excessively high energy in your Rabbit feed formula. Most importantly when you go beyond 2600kcal/kg
3) Over eating of your rabbits who often exhibit pica nature.
4) Feeding of unwilted greens with high moisture.
5) Feeding a poorly formulated feed. Feeds nutritionally imbalanced
6) Accumulation of indigestible feed materials or foreign materials in the bowel of your Rabbits.
7) Unnecessary unavailability of clean water to your rabbits
8) Too low fibre in your feed.
9) Misuse of drugs that disturbs normal digestive process in your rabbits.
10) Diseases like gastroenteritis.

What is the cure for Bloat in Rabbit?

1. Get KCBloat from the nearest Vet store and administer to the rabbit via syringe, at 1ml for a matured rabbit and 0.3ml for a 3month old rabbit, repeat for 3days, the rabbit will be fine, in the mean time, stop giving the rabbit any pelletized feed, give hay, or green leaf.

You can also use another medication that we discover and as proven to ne working, which is, get a white flagyl and resolve it inside water and give the rabbit for 2days, the bloated stomach will dissolve.


1) A poorly formulated feed, with extremely low fibre and a too high protein.
2) Diseases like salmonellosis, E. coli and coccidiosis are also a major cause.
3) Misuse of some rabbit unfriendly antibiotics, mostly when administered orally e. g Amoxicillin, erythromycin, penicillin, neomicin e.t.c
4) Abrupt change in feed.
5) Feeding of greens with high moisture.
6) Making excessive use of vitamins laced with molasses.
7) Unhygienic environment, that predisposes your Rabbits to picking up infections
8) Poorly stored feed and sourcing for water from and unhygienic source. This is most common in the rain season.

Cure for diarrhea in Rabbit;

Get Embarzin Forte or Embaccoc or coccimapro, it will cure the watery poo and dry it.

Note: while administering, stop the use of pelletized feed and give only grass or hay.

How to know if your Rabbit feed is of top quality!

> It unlocks every good potential in your rabbits.
> Growth is recorded at appreciable pace and according to the generic making of your rabbits.
> A good feed poses no threat of diarrhea.
> Coccidiosis is kept at bay with a very good feed.
> Bloat is a result of an inbalanced feed formula.
> A good feed shows an optimum protein, optimum energy and a reasonable fibre.
> A good rabbit feed has a very high FCR.
> A good feed should be highly digestible.
> A good feed should produce dry poo,less smelly poo and feaces shouldn’t be too bulky.
> A good feed should make your rabbits coat glow and shinny!
> A good feed should be firm,dry and have a good shelf life of not less than 60 days under proper storage.
> A good feed shouldn’t go stale,rancid or dusty or attract weevils in a short time.

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