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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Sunday Service.

Magnify his name forever, give him praise, give him honour, give him all adoration, blessed be your name mighty God, in Jesus name we have prayed.

You have come to Jesus, no other person but the head of the Church. He said come unto me all ye that labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Somebody will step into his or her rest this morning. Wherever you have been concerned with heavy burden, trouble in your heart, you’re entering into your season of rest. Every concern if yours shall be converted to a testimony, in the precious name of Jesus.

All blind eyes open, all chest pain gone, somebody with severe chest pain is healed in the name of Jesus. You are made whole right now, somebody with toothache is also healed, thank you God, if you believe that God is the healer and he has healed you, lift up your hand and give God thanks, tell him thank you for giving you your own miracle, you are a business man or career man or student, go ahead and thank him this morning. If you believe you have a miracle thank him this morning. Thank him for your miracles, what you thank God for is what multiplies, in the precious name of Jesus. That problem is over in your life, give Jesus a big hand. Lord, speak to us with your word, let your Word carry power and let it produce results in our lives, in Jesus name we have prayed.


Genesis 21:1,2,6. The lord visited Sarah, the Lord visited Sarah as he had spoken. I want to say to someone this hour, whatever God has said concerning you today it will come to pass, he said to Sarah and that was exactly what happened. Is there anything God has said concerning you, I have good news for you, not tomorrow, not later, today that scripture shall be fulfilled.

Whatever God has said from his Word and from his prophet concerning your destiny I decree the fulfilment of it in the name of Jesus.

Isacc simply means laughter, Sarah said God has caused me to laugh, after this service whatever is of concern to you; you will laugh in that area, I am speaking as a prophet of God sent by God, based on God’s Word you will laugh in that area, I am speaking as a prophet sent by God, that area that is giving you concern, this service begins your laughter. Say to somebody around you that I will laugh, say it to yourself that I will laugh. Something that God will do in my life will make me laugh, everything of concern in my life shall turn to laughter because I am going to laugh in the name of Jesus.

You know, if you’re broke and you see money, what do you do? Laugh. If you’re barren and you have a child, what do you do? Laugh. Everything that is a concern to you, laughter is coming today, in the precious name of Jesus. You’re going to laugh after now.

Hear this, in life stop waiting for something to happen, stop waiting for prophecies to be fulfilled, you have to apply relevant spiritual forces of warfare for the delivery of such prophecies.
1st Timothy 1:18. Every prophecy God has declared concerning you, God is saying don’t just watch it, don’t just fold your hand and watch, do something to fulfil them. It’s your year of all possibilities, he has told you this year you’re going to get married. He told you this year things will work well, believe everything God has said, but you don’t wait for them to just happen, you do something to provoke them to happen.

Prophecies are from two sources: The Word of God and those whom I call the mouthpiece of God, the Prophet of God, I don’t mean somebody with a rastafarian hair, I am talking about the man sent by God who is a mouthpiece of God.

Prophet when they declare they turn evil counsel to good. You’re not a Prophet if everything you talk about is evil that is not a prophet, a prophet is one that when he sees evil, he declares it and God turns it too good.

I have to say that because in our society we believe that a prophet is someone that tells you that you will die, he tells you evil will happen, that is not a prophet, that is a bush man. A prophet is someone who talks God’s word, even if you’re to die, he commands death to turn.

In the New Testament we don’t talk about evil, we only talk about the Word. If you hear me say that there is somebody here, his eyes are blind then his eyes will open.

I will not tell you that you’re blind because somebody in your village has made you blind, that is not a prophet. If you hear me say there is somebody here, already God has done it.

God’s Word is a sure word of prophecy 2nd Peter 1:19. When God says anything about you the doors are already opened, but you have the responsibility to clear the adversary. 1st Corinthians 16:9.

For every open door there is a challenge, when God wants to open doors for you to be lifted, just know forces will be there to resist. There are many adversaries, not one.

For every advancement, clear the adversary. In this year of possibilities nothing should stop you, say with me: nothing will stop me. Deuteronomy 2:24.

God is speaking here, he said he has given you the position, you will think you will just go and sleep, it’s not so. That God told you that you will be a Governor does not mean you will go and sleep. No contention, no possession.

You must contend in the battle before you can possess your possession, prophecies will not be fulfilled without you taking responsibility and praise is a major spiritual weapon we engage for delivery of God’s plan.

God has wonderful plans for you and I, but you don’t just look at them, you engage in the weapon of praise.

Praise may look simple but it’s very powerful.

Most times people don’t engage in praise because it looks too simple. Is that all I need to do for all God has said to be fulfilled? It is one weapon that has been highly ignored in the Body of Christ. There are churches that don’t even praise God. Praise has been watered down to a point where some churches have left it and they just go into religion, but it’s a very strong weapon of warfare.

2nd Chronicles 20:20-24. They came against them to fight them and when they began to sing and to praise.

Listen, for time sake, three Nations came against Judah and they had no power of their own to fight. The Nations are just like the way Russia and Ukraine are going through a heavy battle, which we will pray at the end of the service that the battle should come to an end. We have the power to say stop and it will stop and it will stop in Jesus name.

Now, that was how it happened, they were to invade Judah and then they introduced the weapon of praise. 2nd Chronicles 20:17. That was a prophecy, God was speaking to them that they did not need to fight the battle. But Judah did not watch the prophecy, they worked out the prophecy. This was the prophecy that you won’t fight, yet you will win. But Judah did not say God said we will not fight, we will win.

This election, God told me I will be the President. No, you have to do something, or God has told me this year I am going to get married, you have to do something. 2nd Chronicles 17:22. When they began to sign…, What was said in verse 17 was fulfilled through praise.

They did not say God said we will not fight and just sat down. They began to praise and then the scripture that was said to them was fulfilled through their praise. As you praise God today, every prophecy declared in your life, in your direction shall be fulfilled in the name of Jesus. They took responsibility to steer God up to manifest for the fulfilment of the prophecy. Remember, only God can deliver his plan for you.

God inhabits the praises of his people; he rides on the wings of praise to deliver what he has said. So, we are going to use the weapon of praise to take delivery of our inheritance.

Praise warfare is key to provoking supernatural interventions. If I want God to intervene in any affairs, in any situation, all I need to do Is to praise.

God told them; you will not need to fight in this battle but they took time to stir God up in praise. God told you this year, you’re going to be great, take time to praise and say God whatever wants to stand on the path of my greatness, clear it for this scripture to be fulfilled.

Shout Hallelujah!!!

How many understand what God is saying? Because it’s not enough to praise, it’s to praise God with understanding. Psalm 47:7. Praise the Lord with understanding. It’s not enough to praise God, you have to do it with understanding.

Now, you’re praising the Lord, I want this prophecy concerning me to be fulfilled.

Shout Hallelujah!!!

I am praising God for the fulfilment of that scripture. How many will praise God this morning for the fulfilment of prophecies?
Are you going to praise him?
Are you going to do what God wants you to do?
Are you going to stir him up? Matthew 21:7-11. What will happen today? I’m your life, it will make people ask questions. Who is this? Verse 12 should be taken note of, that is my point of emphasis.

Jesus went into the temple of God, who are you? The temple of the living God. Are you the temple of God?

Now, we are the temple of the living God, say with me: I am the temple of the living God, everything buying and selling in your life, your body, your family, your business, your career name them, even your academics, whatever it is, with a wise praise of today, those forces will be chased out. Everything obstructing your life, sitting on your destiny to molest you will be flushed out in the name of Jesus.

Every door God has opened, but whatever is blocking me, you will say Lord I ask that you step in. Clear it for the fulfilment of that prophecy. Whatever is that evil it will clear for you to go forward.

Don’t bother what anybody has said about you, just go ahead and praise God, most of you don’t come for midweek service, something we talk about here we will talk about it more in the mid-week service. Teachings are deeper in midweek services because we have time to teach.

We live in a society today where people believe that telling you evil is a type of prophecy.

and they keep telling you evil things to prove themselves to you, they say God told them, which God told them. I don’t believe in that nonsense. I hate that nonsense. If they can do it to me, I wonder what they will do to you, they will say God showed them that as you’re travelling, you will not reach your destination. I am like what kind of nonsense is that, how can you travel and not reach your destination.

So, where will you reach, they put fear in people and they say that we are praying for you.

What prayers are they praying? If you see evil and you’re a true Man of God, cancel it, don’t tell the person that you saw it that the person will die, they will say God told me you will die and now you have died, is that a prophecy? If God told you that you will die, command the death to clear off. Anybody who tells you nonsense, praise the thing out of your way. Are you hearing me now? And don’t accept it, it is not a New Testament pattern, it’s an Old Testament phenomenon. they will be telling you that you will be poor, they cannot see that you will be rich, it is not God, God cannot make you poor, the devil is the one that wants to make you poor.

So, the man of God or whoever it is that saw that you will be poor should be able to tell the devil, get out of his way. So, in case they told you one and you’re afraid, praise the thing out of your way.

Someone came to me and said pastor pray for me. They said this and that. I told him where did you go and that they are telling you all these. That means you went somewhere, how did you get all those words; I saw that in our family nobody will have money. Where did you go? Where they are seeing poverty, they will never see that you will have money.

Anytime you keep talking evil, it’s against the Word of God praise your way and clear the path, incase anything is stopping you; it will clear this morning.

Dance to please God, don’t dance to please yourself. We are not dancing to please ourselves; we are dancing to please God.

Paul and Silas were in prison and they had to come out of prison.

Acts 16:25-26. The door of God has opened. What do you do? In case they shut the door, open it with praise.

At midnight this connotes when you’re at the crossroad, when you know that the contract is for you and people gang up against you, that is your midnight, you know that you’re the one qualified for the contract but because of the world is, they gang up against you, that is a midnight.

You look here nobody to help, they have Governors, they have presidents, they have connections, you don’t have anybody, you have only God, that is your own midnight.

God has opened the door for the contract, but now adversaries arise against you. God has opened the marriage door for you and then someone has sat down in place to say you will never get married, that is a demonic force, that may be your midnight.

Your midnight might not be another’s midnight.

Midnight connotes when you’re at the crossroad, you’re confused you don’t know what else to do. Paul and Silas prayed, some of you have prayed and prayed and you’re tired and when they praise, immediately all the doors open.

I set before you this day opened doors but there are many adversaries, the doors were shut by the adversaries to keep Paul and Silas, they opened the doors with what? Praise.

The doors of your business have been shut; the doors of your career have been shut. Now, what do you do, open them with what? Praise.

You’re saying Lord, you set before me open doors, but everything that has shut my door, clear it as I give you praise this morning for what you have said concerning me to be fulfilled.

Whatever God has said concerning you will be fulfilled today. Immediately, all the doors were opened and everyone bound were loosed. In case they tied your destiny, today as you praise God they will be loosed for the fulfilment of that scripture.

Psalm 149:3-9. Let them praise his name in the dance, he didn’t say let them praise him while looking. God said let the high praises go up, he said high. Do you Know Why God said high?

That kind of praise; you know when someone is drunk, they say he’s high. God knows how he used his English. High praise means that you’ll dance like a drunken man. David was dancing. They thought he was drunk, that is what we call a high praise.

You don’t look at your neighbour, you just key in, you turn and they say this guy is high. That kind of praise is a wild praise, you praise not caring about anybody around you, not just praise but a high praise.

When a man is drunk you know how they move, that Kind of praise where you don’t mind your neighbours, you go down and come up and spin saying today all adversaries must be cleared, all doors must be opened for the fulfilment of every prophecy concerning me.

You are going to praise and deal with principalities and powers, everything that won’t let you go, go down today.

If you want to experience great signs and wonders, give God quality praise.

Every seed you have sown but financial and services to God and his Kingdom you will return today with a good harvest. It shall be a sacrifice of praise. Sacrifice of praise means you have to go an extra mile in praising God. Hebrews 13:16.


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