Prayer Points against Generational Curses and Stagnation in the Family

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Generational Curses is an a major challenge that many people across the world is facing in this generation, they notice a particular predicament that befall their father is now coming unto them, a major issue of concern, maybe as stagnation or evil, calamity and the same is passing from their parents to them, painfully, it may not originate from their parent, it may be from their forefathers to the 7th generation or even more, there are many factors that can curse or lead to generational curses, and in this study today, I will list out some of them for us.

By Redemption, we are not meant to be under any curse, because of the work of the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross of Calvary, but we must appropriate this victory, it doesn’t happen on its own, it has to be appropriated, for it to be functional and made manifest.

If you see any form of stagnation, or the operational of generational curse in your life or family, get ready, because it shall be broken today in Jesus name, the good thing about Christianity is, we serve a GOD who is able to do all things he is mighty and strong, he can handle the curse, he can break the siege and give you a new beginning that is glorious, God is not at the mercy of your situation, rather your situation is at the mercy of the word of God, the word is able to change and rewrite your story, it doesn’t really matter for how long you have been afflicted, at the instance of the word of God your situation can be changed, because the bible says, he uphold all things by the word of his power, people with more terrible situation than yours have been delivered, yours won’t be an exemption in Jesus name.

What are the causes of Generational Curse?

There are many reasons that can bring about the curse; I will list few of them here;

  1. When your ancestors enter a confraternity with the Devil.
  2. When you follow after other gods and practice idolatory.
  3. When you shed innocent blood of your family line did.
  4. When you cheat or defraud someone or your family did.
  5. When you Promise someone something critical like wedding and you disappoint the person.
  6. When you stand or come against the church, the House of God.
  7. When you or your family leave the ways of God and fight against God’s people.

There are just so many things that can lead to Generational curse, but what is the cure, how do we overcome it? Can it be broken and destroy completely? Can I still gain victory over these forces of curses and stagnation?

The answer is YES! You can be victorious over any curses, through Jesus Christ.

Cure for Generational Curses


  1. Be Born, it takes been translated into the kingdom of God to be set free, you cannot be under the influence of satan and be free, come to Jesus, he will set you free.
  2. Lay hold of the truth, the word of God is truth, what does the word says about your situation? I want you to read and see what it says, the revelation of the truth is crucial to your freedom, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, so your freedom is connected to the knowledge of the truth.
  3. Engage in Violent Prayer and Fasting, I will soon drop some prayer points below, to help you and guide you on what and what to pray about, violent prayer can destroy every yoke and burden of generational curse, the enemy can be resisted, evil and ill spoken word can be canceled and destroyed, if you pray.
  4. Engage the Power of the Blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, speaks mercy for the children of God, it brings about forgiveness and remission of sin and also speaks vengeance against the devil and his agent, it speaks judgment against the work of the devil, so you can invoke the blood of Jesus to destroy every Yoke and burden of Generational curses, use it against every wrong pertains  that you have noticed in your bloodline, it shall be destroy, but make sure you are born again, the blood that saves you and bring about forgiveness of sin also can deliver you from the ordeal.

20 Powerful Prayer Point against Generational Curses;

  1. Every Curse sponsoring negative cycles and patterns in my life, my family, my lineage, today I destroy you by the blood of Jesus
  2. Every agreement my forefathers entered into with the devil that is hindering my advancement and progress, I command you broken by the blood of Jesus.
  3. I declare, my freedom and liberty from every ancestral and generation curses today in Jesus name.
  4. I declare that Christ as redeemed me from the curse of the law, therefore am no longer under the bondage of curses in Jesus name.
  5. By the finished work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary, every curses sponsoring stagnation in my Life is destroyed today in Jesus name.
  6. I establish my authority in Christ Jesus, I declare every negative patterns destroyed, I declare a new lineage through Christ is activated, new good things begin to spring forth in my life from now (Colossians 1:13).
  7. I declare the blessings of Redemption is mine in Christ Jesus, and by that blessing, I break every curses in Jesus name.
  8. Every Evil altar sponsoring affliction in my family, catch fire in Jesus name (Psalm 68:1-2).
  9. Every Agent of the devil in my lineage, hindering the progress of my life and destiny, be destroy today in Jesus name (Psalm 35:1-6).
  10. Every arrow from the pit of hell, shoot at my family and destiny, backfire in Jesus name.
  11. I renounce every evil covenant that is holding my family down today in Jesus name, I declare freedom by the blood of Jesus.
  12. Any member of my family that is connected to evil, darkness, witchcraft oppression, I disconnect you by the blood of Jesus, I declare your freedom now in Jesus name.
  13. I declare as for me and my house, we shall serve the lord and he shall bless us and take away every curses from our lives in Jesus name.
  14. Every Altar raised by my forefathers that is sponsoring evil, negative patterns and retrogression in my family is destroyed today by the blood of Jesus.
  15. Every evil debt that my forefather owes deities and principalities, evil agreement they entered into, affecting my family and destiny, be destroyed today by the blood of Jesus.
  16. I declare every member of my family is free from every captivity of the devil, bondage of curses right now in Jesus name, amen.
  17. From now forward, I declare my family is blessed with the blessings of the lord, I pronounce the blessings of heaven upon my bloodline, we shall be prosperous and successful, Amen.
  18. I declare, my family and lineage name shall be great, our name shall be heard in high places in Jesus name.
  19. Father, I declare light upon the path of all my family members, I declare that they shall not walk in darkness; they shall walk in the light of your countenance in Jesus name.
  20. I declare that every member of my family shall be saved, they shall serve the lord, and they shall be useful vessels in the hand of the lord in Jesus name (Exodus 23:25).

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