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  • Pastor Dr. John Izebere Day 17, Morning Session,
    21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (10th to 30th January 2022).

Our father again this morning we thank you for the privilege of life, to be in your presence this morning is your doing. Father we celebrate you, this morning we look up to you for your word, visit every one of us and at the end of it all let your name be glorified in Jesus name we pray.

Our exhortation line for our morning prayers since this week has been PRAYING ANSWER EXPECTANT PRAYERS.

Let’s remind ourselves that our God is good and He has amazing plans for us all. However there is a devil somewhere that once He knows the plan of God, He comes up with a contrary view to frustrate it. 1 Corinthians 16:9. One door, many adversaries but God has a plan to conquer those adversaries.

So He gave us the privilege of prayer and fasting to clear off all the barriers the enemy will put on our way. Matthew 17:20-21.

  • That kind that is confronting you will go out from this service.
    You have the faith of God at work, you are praying and you are fasting. It must go out. The word of God must come through in your life in the name of Jesus Christ. However, prayers and fasting and faith alone cannot make it happen.

Expectation is what determines manifestation.

Please note this morning that expectation is principally of the mind. What is your mind saying?


Without your mind God is not able to do anything. Philemon 1:14.

What are you expecting in your mind? What is the outcome of your engagement? That is what determines the manifestation that comes to you. As we are looking at praying answer expectant prayers, we need to talk to our minds so we can be able to align properly.

So this morning, know that it is expectation that gives birth to answers. It is not the force in prayer, it is your expectation at the end of it all. There are three boosters of expectation that we should look at:

  1. Faithfulness of the source.
    How faithful is the source of your expectation. Genesis 18:14, Jeremiah 32:17. Nothing is too hard for God. Your thing is not too hard for God. God is faithful, how faithful is the source of your expectation? That is what determines your result. For instance: if our Senior Pastor promises you #50,000 and the gate man promises you #50,000. Who will you believe? If you can believe in man, what is the challenge of believing in God? Has God failed you before? God is faithful but if we are not assured of His faithfulness our expectation will be shaking. It is the faithfulness of the source that determines your strength of expectation. How strong is your expectation?
  2. No alternatives
    If there are alternatives, expectations will be weak from one source. Psalm 62:5, Ezra 8:21-23. Some people are praying but in one side of their mind there is an alternative, God is either all or none. He will not share His glory with anyone.

This is the 17th day on this mountain, don’t let this mountain experience waste. God will share His glory with no man. If you want to have answers to your prayers, your expectation must be without alternatives. The answer is with God and it is Him you have come to meet, settle with God.

God will not share His glory with any man and He is ready to deliver to you your heart’s desire. God is stronger by all ways than the devil so our struggle is a function of our unfaithfulness or our lack of expectations. If there is any alternative to God, God leaves you to yourself.

When you don’t have alternatives, God sees your heart and quickly your answers come. Praying answer expectant prayers hinges on your expectation and please note that there is no need for alternatives.

  1. Testimony of Yourself or others that you have heard.

If God has done it before, His power is not less today than before. He will still do it again today. David was faced with the challenge of facing Goliath and he had to encourage Himself with his testimony of before. 1 Samuel 17:34-36. Has God anything for you before or you have heard such testimony that you desire , yours is the next. Let your expectation be boosted on the track record of God.

Our Father always tells us that what He says to one, He says to all if that person will do the same. There is no private testimony or interpretation of scriptures. The testimonies of others are boosters of our faith. As we key into it, we begin to enjoy the faithfulness of God.


  • From this mountain, your story will take a better turn.
    Matthew 21:22
    Please my brethren note that it is just religious torment to be praying and not expecting what you are praying for to become your own.

You are just exercising yourself as a religious man, we have left religion long ago, we are now walking in righteousness. If you are praying and something in your heart is telling you what you are praying for will not come to pass, settle that thing in your heart before you go back to prayers.

Expectation is just beyond talking, it is seeing the picture of what God will do for you after the prayer. Do you know Goliath had the privilege of knowing what will happen to him after he died, David told him. Whatever is confronting you, see the victory that God is giving to you and begin to speak it into reality and God will perform it.

  • On this mountain your answers will be given to you.
    Finally, we must keep speaking the reality of our expectations. How real is your expectation before your eyes. We must keep speaking it. Mark 11:23. Keep speaking the reality and keep painting the pictures of what God has shown you and you will begin to see the realization come to pass.
    Numbers 14:23.
    God is telling you and I that anything you say is what you will have. Keep speaking the reality, don’t allow any flicker of doubt to dampen what you have said before God in prayers. Keep speaking it, keep believing it and stand strong. Keep speaking what God has said and you will see what God has said.
  • From today till the last day, every prayer you pray will have an answer.
    Prayers; Father give me grace to set my expectations right for answers.


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