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Preventing Snakes from showing up in your toilet

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By Ifiokabasi Udo

A very sad story of a woman that was beaten by a snake in her home got me thinking. While it may be easy to dismiss it as a snake sent to kill her by some juju means or just an ill-fated situation that was meant to happen, the question remains, “is it a possibility that a snake can show up in your toilet?” Yes, this is not an isolated case though rare, snakes have crept into toilets and even homes in general.

What can make a snake crawl up to the toilet?

Some snakes love wet places. They love having different delicacies e.g. mice, wall geckos, lizards, rats, etc. Most of them are good swimmers. In a hot chase of any of these animals, they venture into holes and if you have a cracked septic tank, drain, pipes, etc they will crawl in and as good swimmers they may just continue on a path to the toilet bowl. They can hold their breath for long, so while swimming they may not feel any form of discomfort until they arrive their destination. Also, they do follow smell, so a certain smell can be attractive. Not knowing where to go from there, they squeeze into the hidden parts of the toilet. Since that toilet is not their usual habitat, they may attack any perceived unknown threat that presents itself perhaps that was the case with the woman.

How to Prevent it

1. Repair all open septic tanks, drains and pipes.

2. You can ask your plumber to put a strong enough drain net at the point where the pipe is entering the house.

3. Flush with Kerosene or Caustic Soda regularly.

3. Stop rodents, lizards, wall geckos from gaining entrance.

4. Ensure good lighting in the entire house.

5. Always ensure good housekeeping.

6. Fumigate your home regularly.

*What do you do if you find a snake in your toilet?

– Raise alarm.
– Keep children away.
– If you do not have the expertise to remove the snake, it may be better to seek assistance.

I hope this few safety tips will keep us safe.

Wish you a great day

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