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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Fourth Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service
-You will never get stranded again in your life.
-We are in for the best of times.
-No Word from Heaven, that has ever been delivered into your life through your personal study of the Word, being in prophetic Services like this will ever fall to the ground.
-The days of sorrow are over.
-The days of complaining and murmuring are over.
-Your life shall be far from depression.
-Whatever could not depress Jesus cannot depress you anymore.
-As you smile at the storm, the storm goes calm in the name of Jesus Christ.
-Well, the good news is that, that battle is won.
-That situation is turned around.
-That captivity is turned.
-From henceforth, your mouth shall be filled with laughter.
-You will soon become the talk of the town, that God has done great things for you and all that hear will laugh with you. In the name of Jesus.
-He has vowed to do your own and no devil can stop it.
Not all Winners sweat to win. Church Gist. Sweating is a curse.
-Your days of struggling to make things happen, I declare them over.
-From henceforth, when men look around you, all they will see is Jesus at work.
-They look around your family, all they will see is Jesus at work.
-New things that make news won’t stop happening in your life.
-As you keep doing what He says to do, He won’t stop changing your story.
-Before this year is over, many will hear their names at places they least expected.

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