PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS -Bishop David Oyedepo at Encounter Night


-Bishop David Oyedepo at Encounter Night, Faith Tabernacle

Day Three, Evening Session
Shiloh 2021: More Than A Conqueror

-You will not suffer any setback anymore
-Every marital captivity is shattered in your life.
-Every marital captivity is shattered in your sons and daughters
-Every marital tension being orchestrated by the devil and his agents come to an end tonight.
-Tonight, is your night. What He does for one, He will do for another.
-Any kind of testimonies you have ever heard on this altar since you came across this altar in your life and you desire it, that means it is available to you.
-Tonight, 2 major things and other things that may not be listed among the two, will go home with you as testimonies.
Shiloh is also an inheritance distribution centre.
-Whatever you discover to be your inheritance in Christ that is not manifesting or not manifesting to the full in your life, you are taking it tonight.
-There is no one that is on the line for a miracle job who will ever be on that line again.
-As the Lord liveth, next year Shiloh, as Jesus tarries, when those who are coming here with their miracle children are asked to stand, you will stand.
-Your own must arrive.
-According to your faith, take your portion!!!
-It’s already a done deal. Therefore, in the name of the Lord Jesus, your desire for miracle children is finally settled.
-The Lord God of Heaven, my Father who sent me on this Mission delivers your portion according to your faith.
It is time for the spiritual dedication of these children, how many believe they are delivered already. Dance your dedication dance right now. Dance your way to the front, in all the centres, you are dedicating your miracle babies


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