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  • Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Sunday
    When God brought you and I on the face of the earth, He did not bring us to come and apologize or take sides, He brought us to come and break forth.
    In Romans 8:28-31.
    Greet people on your left and on your right and say, welcome to Church this morning.
    Please be seated. God bless you.
    To break forth in life, you need to understand these verses that I read to you. There is no way you can break forth if you don’t understand those few verses that I read to you.
    A lot of people thought buying a car is success. A lot of people thought ‘if I build my house, oh this will be it’, that may be an extra cost for you.

There are houses you will build, it may be like you are living in a hotel, the amount of money you will be spending per day. Some think ‘when I get married, oh this marks a break forth for me’. ‘if I have my kids’, there are people who long for having children and they have them then it dawns on them the responsibility of having children.

I am not saying having children is not a worthy price to pay but there is a price to pay.
Ladies and gentlemen, to break forth in life, to be who you are supposed to be, you must, first of all, discover your purpose. When we talk about purpose, it looks like one motivational general teaching, it is not true.

Where the motivational speakers got it all wrong, I will show you today.
Purpose is the reason why God made you. Not only the reason why He made you, the reason why He brought you to the face of the earth. Not only the reason why He brought you to the face of the earth, the reason why you arrived at the time you came.
Ecclesiastes 3:1.

So the time you came can even explain your purpose.

You didn’t come in the days when there was war and there was a rumor of war, you didn’t come in the days when there were no united nations. There is a time attached to your purpose, which means your purpose is not analog, it is digital. God brought you on time and in time.

There is no way you can break forth if you do not understand your purpose. Let me say this to you just before you tune off and say, Oh Pastor just want to speak motivation today, maybe you need to be motivated. We are all breathing in this place, not all of us are living.

Some exist, some live. And you don’t need to think deep to know you are just existing because no matter the car you drive, the job you work on, no matter what people call success that you have, you are frustrated because what you call success, you got there and found out that what you call success, there was much more.

There is a hole on your inside, that you threw cars inside, you threw homes inside, you threw all the things that would give you fulfillment and they never gave you fulfillment.
So you are now thinking, what is this break forth?

I know that man’s needs are insatiable but let me tell you the truth, no matter what you aspire, no matter what you attain or achieve, if it is not in the confines of your purpose, you will get there frustrated. This is one of the reasons why billionaires commit suicide. This is the reason why you saw people you thought have marks of success and they jump out of a skyscraper and they kill themselves.

Because there is something you are wired for, there is something that you are like a remote control for. No matter what you command, if you are not pulling that stuff, you feel useless.
‘Prothesi’ is the Greek word for the word ‘purpose’. Now when we talk about purpose or calling, people start thinking about Pastors, evangelists, ‘Oh, not all of us will be Pastors’, I don’t want all of you to be Pastors.

This Church will be upside down if all of us were aspiring or called to be Pastors. I want all of you to be soul winners but not everybody should be in the five-fold ministry of the new testament.

1 Peter 2:9.
Holy means pure but it also means you are on a different pedestal, you are in a different class. Because in the old testament you are either a Priest or a King but now in the new testament a new set of people showed up, they are ‘Kingly-Priests’ – they are both kings and they have a priesthood. So what Saul did, he was a king but did the work of a priest and God said, ‘I am done with you. But our type has never existed before, we were chosen. Now, who are the people who are on the pedestal of kings?

Politicians, media juggernaut, Lawyers, Accountants. But you would have thought, hey, I am just a member, members seat on the pew, I am not a clergy. In the new testament, we are different, we are kingly-priests. If you see Saul he was a king, he needed Samuel to be the priest.

You saw David he was a king, he needed Samuel but David lived ahead of his generation, he was both a priest and a king.

Do you remember in 1 Samuel 30 when they took his family? He told Abiathar, ‘give me the ephod’. The ephod was what Priest wore to know the direction of God. He said, ‘God, should I pursue? David lived ahead of his generation.

He ate the food of the priest and nothing happened to him. Saul just took the censer of the priest, he has not started performing the sacrifice yet when Samuel showed up and Samuel said, ‘ your kingdom is ended’. So, God always bring somebody to have a foretaste of what He wants to bring to pass.

He shows the shadow of what is coming. So you may be an entrepreneur, you may be a politician but you must understand that God has called you to be a priest. 1 Peter 2:9, we are a generation that is different, that is why there is no generation that has been more attacked than this. We are a separated people, kingly-priests. It goes to give us a Greek word called “peripoiesis”. It means God’s own special people.

The other people rams were slaughtered to make them special, to separate them, now these ones, God had to bring out the blood of His Son to make them a kingly-priest.

The reason for this is that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. That is why you see me hammering and telling you, there are levels of prosperity you will never taste as a Christian if you don’t understand this last verse.

Your life must show it, your marriage must show it, your kids must show it, your Instagram must show it, your Facebook must show it, any platform no matter how little it is that God gives to you must show your purpose on earth which is to show forth the praises of Him that has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

It’s not about you, it’s not about you having followers, it’s not about you being popular, it’s Jesus over every other thing. 2 Corinthians 5, If you can catch this simple trick, even when you are sick, God will raise you from your sick-bed because He doesn’t have many of you on the earth. If you can catch this secret, God will continue to push you because He doesn’t have many of you on the earth.

Purpose drives everything. Some people think ‘when I fast and pray and consecrate more, I will have more power’. Let me tell you, when you fast and pray and consecrate more, what happens is that you are aware of your purpose. You are empowered and energized in the area that God has actually called you to function.

Stop twisting God’s hand by saying,’ use me in this area’. It’s not something you determine, it’s something you discover. And when you discover it, every single thing will continue to be in line because it will affect the book in your library, it will affect the kind of friends you keep, it will affect how you dress, it will affect every single thing about you once you understand your purpose.

There are friends you will never keep anymore because you will tell yourself, ‘no, no, no. We are not going to the same place’. It will affect who you marry, you will not just marry someone because he has a baritone voice, you will not just marry someone because she is beautiful, yes! It is good to be beautiful but I tell you the truth, it will start affecting every single thing about you.

Purpose is one thing you must anchor before you take the next step after this service.
And again when we talk about purpose, we are not just talking about you being called as a Pastor, in fact, the word “Church” is from the Greek word “Ekklesia” and by now you know that Church is not just a building, you are the Church.

So we are the ‘called out’ people. Jesus actually looked at the National Assembly of Rome, He pointed at it and said, ‘I will build my own National Assembly ‘. All the guys you see at the National Assembly are not from Abuja, they are from different constituencies. They were called out to represent their constituencies.

Some of them there have as much as 30,000 people in their constituencies, some them have 100,000 people but they picked only them.
God called us out. You may be a doctor, you were called out. And you must behave like that. One of the things that happen to you when you are conscious of your calling, again not as a Pastor or a Prophet is that you don’t follow the crowd.

God depends on you, it doesn’t matter how many of you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a pulpit, just tell your testimony. How He helped you, how He lifted you, this is going to be the platform for your breakout, this Is going to be the platform for your breaking forth. We like where the crowd is, we like accolades, we like popularity, but that is not why God called us, God called us to stand out.

Look at the first type and shadow God showed us, Israel. Have you ever seen a Nation dressed like Israel before? Nobody like them, God carved out their culture and they stood out, no matter where you scatter them, they stand out. That was a shadow of the real God was bringing.

They are Jews but we are Spiritual Jews. They are circumcised with the circumcision made with hands but God brought us forth and circumcised us with the circumcision made without hands.
Now let’s go deeper and begin to understand this. I found out that not all Christians understand their purpose.

Apart from the unique purpose, there is a general purpose for a Christian, a child of God.
The question this morning is Lord, what did You make me for? Why am I in 2021? Why am I in COZA? Why am I exposed to all these Preachers?

Last Sunday, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo left all he was doing in the United States to be here, abandoned his Church to preach to you, telling you how you can break forth into significance. What have you done with it? Do you think it is all about you?

A lot of people just exist , they are just breathing but they are not actually walking in their purpose.
Somebody is preoccupied with, ‘ what will I eat? What will I wear? What will I drive? Where will I live? ‘ those things are fantastic.

I think it was the United Nations that said, ‘if you have shelter over your head, you are in the class of the 30 per cent of the rich on the face of the earth because there are 70 per cent who don’t have that luxury.

Life is beyond all of that, it is good to have shelter, it is good to look good, it is good to eat well and all of that but that is not the reason why God brought you here.

As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ said, ‘ these things that the Unbelievers seek after, God forbids us to seek after such things. We are forbidden to live for those things. We will live under the covenant provisions if that is our preoccupation. It is good to look after your Mother, we preach it in this Church to look after your parents but if that is what you live for, I want to say to you without prejudice, ‘ you are living below your purpose’. There is more, people look at you and say, ‘are you still in COZA?

Because they think purpose is ‘just be everywhere ‘.

What if that is your purpose? What if that is where God wants you to be? Now, no matter who leaves, the place will not be empty. But what if that is where God wants you to be?
Imagine somebody asking me, ‘are you still in COZA? As a matter of fact, they said so. People sat with, ‘Biodun, you are too young for this. There is more about you than to live for this’. I said, sure but you will see them unfold from here.

Are you following what I am trying to say?
There are People listening to me who are saying, who are saying, ‘Pastor Biodun, you must have eaten before you talk about purpose’ . No!

The enemy planted something in your life and went his way. He knew that by what he planted, you will not amount to anything , he knew that when you enter Heaven you will cry and there would be regrets because it will dawn on you that life is more than raiment, food, and life is more than where you live.

To really break forth, you must understand purpose.
I read a story at 4 am this morning about a guy that went to a certain country, I don’t have the detail right now, I am going to share it properly in detail on Tuesday when I go deep into this.

And he went to a place where they did comedy and laughed at blind people, they made fun of blind people. Do you know he abandoned his job, his passion for the blind just rose up, he was thinking all his life how to make the blind to read, how to make their lives significant.
There was a guy that went to India and found out that there is a part of the world where people didn’t have shoes.

He got back to America, the thing did not leave him, he decided to make cheap shoes and send them to that area. Do you know eventually he became rich for solving a problem? The question I want to ask you is what problem are you solving?
When we got to Abuja in 2008 I saw some set of people that are very very funny to me till now they are still funny to me.

They make money now in 2021 and they don’t make it for the next 5 years.
How can you wake up in your life and all you do is about contracts? Now, I may sound odd to you but maybe you will just listen to me this morning and not wake up when you are seventy years old. I have been to a place with my wife and the person is seating at the hem of affair and he said, ‘you guys look so clean, can you do this office for me? I said, sure. It was a contract and we did it without moving our fingers. And we got a lot of money from it.

I have flown with a successful Pastor and he said, ‘ how did you guys fix your speakers’, I said, I will do that for you. There are lots of people in Church here and we got calls and we passed things to them; they supply LEDs, they do all of that, I am not against that but don’t live for that.

You live at the mercy of people, that is how you become vulnerable. You are more than that.
The children of Israel were enslaved for 430 years, one night it changed. When God steps in, 48 hours is too much for God to change things.
How about when you made the money, you started a school and you made people to start paying 50 per cent because you want to sponsor it. How about even making money having a school and watch people grow.

You may not have the pulpit but those kids you are putting something in them.
We had a program recently and some Pastors stood up and asked a question that did not leave my head. How did you get here?

You need to break out from your mind. You didn’t determine the family you were born into, you didn’t determine your gender, don’t let those things you didn’t determine to limit you. God is up to something, don’t let it limit you. Your skin color, don’t let it limit you.

You need to hear me talk when I am talking with my black American friends, I don’t bury my head, I talk and I make sense and I am very deliberate about it. So they know having grow up here that I have to bury my head. Praise God.
You must make up your mind.
There is a particular guy called “Ahasuerus”, he ruled the known world at a time, ruled from India to Ethiopia, 127 Provinces.

He ruled from Ethiopia to Asia at that time. The wonders of the world were in his kingdom.
So this guy one day wanted to celebrate his kingdom, he celebrated it for six months (180 days). And everybody stopped work all over the world. And he was feeding everybody. They came with their wives.

He had a room, the wife couldn’t just come to him because he might be thinking of the 127 provinces, he doesn’t need his emotion to be tempered with, he needed to be together. So the wife only came to him when he sent for her. It was Vashti but Vashti didn’t realize that all the honor was accorded to her because of Ahasuerus.

When he sent for her, she refused to come and the king was very furious with her.
Mordecai came to the gate one day and told Esther about what was going on in the palace.
All things work together for good to those that love God.
Esther never complained about her situation.

Some of us we think it is valid to do the wrong thing when we are under pressure. Child of God today, what are you validating by the situation around you?

One day we went to Alaba, the hold up was too much from Mile 2 by the time we passed Festac, I was tired because Alaba was close and then we have been on the way since morning. We will get there and they will close so why are we going there?

I told the driver to start shunting. One guy pulled out, he turned left we followed him, he turned right we followed him, he turned left we followed him, he turned left we followed him, thinking he knew the way he just faced the gate, it was his house.

So we had to drive back.
Shorter cuts sometimes are longer.
There was a testimony we recorded some weeks when I was administering the communion. Pastor Erica prayed then I took the Microphone again and I said any hidden thing in your body should come out and I gave a testimony of when I went to administer communion in a Church in Kano, somebody brought out life lizard and I spoke about how it happened and I said it is called dematerialization to materialization.

So I commanded that thing to come out. A lady vomited two cowries. One was white and the other was black but in counseling, we have had such testimonies. Only God knows what those cowries represented, only God knows how many days she had left, only God knows how long she must have been fighting an enigma if not for the mercy of God that made those things to jump out.

December 13, 1999, we had a concert, I fasted like no man’s business, it was our first major program in COZA and I gave an altar call and people came out. I was jumping in joy, you would have thought I was marching them to Heaven directly. I noticed one particular girl was wailing. When we were done we pulled to her side, two weeks before then she was one of the people ritualist dealt with.

Do you know she came out and gave her life to Christ, she is still born again.
Did you know the money to buy the form, Esther did not have. The Bible said, ‘the Eunuch had favor on her’. For one year, they were prepared to appear before the king. Praise God!
You know the story, she became the queen.
When they were planning for the Jewish people, this same Mordecai sent to her and said something I want to bring out to you, he said, ‘Esther, have you thought about it deeply that I didn’t just hear about that pageant, Vashti didn’t just behave.

You thought the king was just drunk and Memucan just said what he said? ‘ Maybe you are on that seat for such a time as this. There is a purpose for it, there is a reason why you are hearing this message today.

And David got to the battle and said, ‘what shall be given to the man that will bring down Goliath? And his brother went to him and said, ‘I know you came to see war, please mind yourself, David’. The Bible said he turned from him and turned to another and said, ‘Is there not a reason for this?

That my father told me to bring food and I saw somebody defiling the army of our God.
Is there not a reason why you should stand out? Is there not a reason why you have that job? Is there a reason why you have the opportunities you have right now? Are you with God or against God?

What is your purpose?

It is good to rejoice when we have things but I tell you the truth that is not what we are here for. Praise the Lord.

Acts 13:36. David served God’s purpose in his generation. Sometimes your purpose is not palatable. When they took Joseph and sold him into his purpose (Egypt), was that palatable?

If you calculate for God you will surely miss it. Because God will never play straight.
He was bringing Jesus to the earth, He took Him through a Manger, where nobody would imagine God will choose to be born. If you read the Bible, you will see how God behaves.
I want to ask you a question, are you serving God’s purpose or your purpose?

Now, the Greek word for purpose is “prosthesi” which means a thesis was written before you came. If you don’t follow that, regret is ahead. Everybody has a load, your load of destiny. No thief steals such loads. If you don’t fulfill it, at the border of crossing to the heavenly you will meet it.

I have a family friend in those days, I don’t know whether they have stopped it, when Volvo makes their latest grade they send it to him. When they bring out a new car, there are celebrities in America once they drive it that car becomes relevant.

That is where you should be going not that you are pursuing it. Nobody makes a mark following the crowd.
The ten brothers of Joseph said, ‘here comes the dreamer, we will kill him’, because people hate it when you understand your purpose.

He trekked to give them food and they sold him. They transported him into his purpose without their knowledge. They sold him and made sure they did not sell him with that coat because the coat was their problem. Can you imagine the limitation in his head that his own brothers sold him? Do you think that kind of person should even believe in himself? He should never trust anybody anymore.

They took his cloth, killed an innocent animal and poured the blood on it and said, ‘Sir, we found this cloth, maybe an animal killed him’ and Jacob did not say let’s go and look for his bones. Do you know why Jacob believed? Ten people were talking about him.
The number of people talking against you does not mean they are saying the truth.

People talk against you, even you, you are beginning to believe they are right, who told you that?
Are you serving God’s purpose? Do you think you just showed up in this life because somebody gave birth to you? The devil has given some of us irrelevant things to collect eternal things from our hands. He has placed eternity in your heart.

Psalm 57:2. If you don’t allow God to fulfill His purpose, regret is ahead of you. You married the wrong person? Untold pains and several things will happen to you.

Proverbs 19:21. Every day you keep running up and down thinking you are missing opportunities. Yes, you are missing the opportunity of who God made you to be. What you are running after is supposed to run after you. So I want to give you three things that will help you:

  1. Forget about your past: a lot of people never recover from their past. That was one of the things I learned from the life of Joseph that touched me the most. He never was bitter, no account that Joseph was depressed. As life came, Joseph moved on.

Even though they mourned his death when he was alive, what they thought will never happen. He entered a civilized world because of betrayal. Tell your neighbor, your adversaries are pushing you.

Somebody asked me, ‘Pastor Biodun, what is your drive? I said, my adversaries. There are people waiting to hear that you have failed. We learn from the past but don’t stay in the past. Move on make sure you do well.

When my father died, I told my Mom if you want us to be friends, everything willed to you, give it to his sisters and relations. And I watched my mom struggled with it, even cars. Nobody fought my mom because she had released what would have made them to fight her.

That may not be your own but that was the instruction God gave to me.

  1. Get over yourself. I have a cousin, in her university she had a roommate.

This roommate was not as well brought up the way she was brought up. So she will help out with her clothes, help out with her assignment. My cousin just loved her, didn’t know she was a rich kid, the girl was conservative. So, the father came back and said you have changed, everything is well with you, she said, ‘Is this my roommate.

Do you know this man picked up this girl, trained her, did everything possible.
She got over herself, she wasn’t thinking, ‘oh my father was paralyzed and so on, she just helped somebody, she decided to be a blessing to somebody.

While she was a blessing, in turn, the person she did not even think about became a blessing.My own discovery, most poor people are wicked. What makes house helps kill their Bosses? Because poverty comes with witchcraft, with wickedness, except you shake off the beast into the fire that thing is going to do more damage to you.

Do you know, as deprived as you think you are, there are people you are better than? Reach out and help them.
Most people that shout at the internet, ‘they are not helping the poor. At your level, have you helped somebody before? If you don’t help anybody at your little level, if God increases you, you will not and can not help anybody.

During the pandemic, I took it upon myself to help people. First of all, I looked out for Pastors who were not doing too well. I started sending money to their wives every month till it stabilized. It shocked me that the little thing we were doing, people took cognisance of it. I bagged the award of the most benevolent Pastor in Africa during the Pandemic. I don’t know what they saw.

Get over yourself no matter what you are going through. The seed to your next level is with the people you are ignoring.

  1. Think forward. There are some people here at 60 years old they have retired. As I watched Kenneth Copeland at 82 still dreaming.

I sat with Morris Cerullo, I think he was the same as Kenneth Copeland when I sat with him, he was telling me about a city he was building,’ The Legacy’. How old was Abraham when he went to fight with the slave boys in his house? Caleb said, ‘I was 40 years when I came back from Kadesh-Barnea and Moses promised me this land, give me this mountain I am as strong as I was 40 years ago. Please I beg you, dream new dreams.

My father was 40 years when 419 hit him, I wasn’t really a serious Christian but I entered his room and I saw him crying and he told me he was going to die. I told my father, daddy you know you told me you were going to be this, you told me you were going to be that. I was little but I began to pump faith into him.

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