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1 Samuel 17:40-50
Psalm 18:29

Each time words are communicated, spirits are released. Jesus said “for the words I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life”. So, anointed words carry Spirit and they carry life.

At the opening of every year, God gives a family/syatem a word which is referred to as a commanded word. A commanded word is that word from God that encapsulates all God wants to do through a people within a kairos time of divine operation.

Bible is not a literal book and is not a product of intellectualism. Bible is a dovine word, coded and expressed through divinity. There is an angle of elevation you must align to, to the Son of righteousness, in order to decode the writings of divinity.

The bible is God’s constitution and God’s thought codified in the Spirit and expressed through the men of God. The bible says “no word of God came until the Spirit of God inspired them”. Job said there’s a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding.

How was it possible for a shepherd boy to move to the position of a king overnight? This is a classic case of a quantum leap!

A quantum leap is an abrupt change that brings holistic, phenominal, and drastic change.

The bible says “the labour wearieth all of them” (Eccl 10: 15).

This goes to say that there is a strategy and body of wisdom for this quantum leap as every scriptural possibility leaves you with a responsibility.

This quantum leap was also expressed in the life of Joseph, a prisoner, who moved from being an inmate to a prime minister. There’s something the likes of David and Joseph know that we must explore and align ourselves to for the bible is a book of secrets.
2 Timothy 2:15
Psalm 25:14
Psalm 119:97
Psalm 25:14

God has secrets and He reveals this to those that love Him as written in Psalm 25:14. The secret of God is therefore hidden in His word.


1) David had a visionary and transformational grace. To be visionary is
a) to be proactive.
b) the ability to scan the future and prepare for the future.
c) it means to run aling the terrains of purpose discovered.
d) it means to know thyself.

There’s no way you can break into the terrains of a quantum leap if you do not have a vision. You must also be purpose deiven and transformational.

To be transformational means the ability to convert raw resources into refined products. God gives us blessings in a raw state and we, through the proficiency of our ingenuity, we can then impact profoundly on the raw resource.

David had that uncanny ability for this. In the book of 1 Samuel 22:2, men who were down and out came to David and they rallied themselves around David and in 2 Samuel 23:8, and these same men had become mighty men.

God does not give men finished product, God gives men raw material but by exercising the divinity resident in our humanity, we can convert these raw materials into mammoth blessings.

2) David intentionally sharpened his capacity and prepared for His season. It is only a fool that prepares on the day of manifestation.
2 Chronicles 27:6
Quality private preparation will make for quality public manifestation.
1 Samuel 16: 17-19

What expertise do you give to those things you practice when the spotlight is not on you? God doesn’t promote mediocres in the kingdom, He showcases His best. God is excellent minded.

3) David had a sound character and integrity.
Proverbs 11:3
To enjoy a quantum leap, we must not conform to the world. We must influence and effect change on the world in the area of our core competence.

4) David served his generation with God’s investment in his life. He added value to people. There’s an intrinsic divine endowment on everyone created by God.
2 Corinthians 4:7
The power spoken of in the above verse is the latent potentials and giftings that God has put on our inside. In the prophetic parlance, we call that the prophetic advantage. There’s no way you can enjoy a gargantuan leap to the next level if you fo not discern and intentionally begin to use what God has put in you.
Acts 13: 36
We must therefore develop and deploy our potentials to serve our generation.

5) David had God confidence and faith. We must be able to call the ‘be not’ as though they are. Whatever that’s available to God is available to man.
Revelation 5:10
We are priests and kings. Our kingly dimension deals with making legislation for where the word of a king is, there is power. Our priestly dimension means invasion of the 7 mountains. We invade 7 mountains of influence as the mobile ark of God’s presence adjudicating, establishing, and enforcing the will of God.
Daniel 11: 32b
Therefore exploits in the kingdom is a function of the God you know.
1 Samuel 17: 34

6) David proved faithful in the days of small beginning and obscurity. You must prove faithful in the days of small beginnings.
Job 8:7
David was already a shepherd boy before he could handle Goliath. If you’re not faithful with that which is another man’s, who shall give to you that which is your own.
Faithfulness is the secret of fruitfulness.
Luke 16:12

7) David had courage to go for opportunities hidden in great challenges and uncertainties. Many of the profound quantum leap breakthroughs/treasures will be hidden in obscurities and uncertainties.

So you’ll need a certain level of discernment and sensitivity to be able to discern that from the carcass of a lion, there’s hidden a honey on the inside. God will be hiding opportunities in unlikely places.

Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to confront your challenge despite your fear.

😎 David was meek, pliable, and a man of inquiry for divine direction. Pliability means being flexible in God’s hand. David was pliable in the hands of God and always sought forgiveness with humility whenever the prophet confronted him with his sins unlike Saul who despite having a cleaner record than David was plagued by the spirit of arrogance and rebellion.
Psalm 37:11
Acts 13:22
David didn’t relate with God on assumption but on the precipice of divine and eternal direction; he was a man of inquiry for divine direction.
1 Samuel 23: 2

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