Quixk tips to get Fortune as a Freelance on Fiverr

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For those writers who haven’t made any reasonable sales on FIVERR.

Here is what to do👇

Fiverr they say, is a very competitive platform but you can easily make sales if you know what you’re doing.

But unfortunately, a lot of guys do not know how to find their ways through to making a good income on Fiverr.

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They feel it by signing up, convert the account from buyer to seller account, fill up the account profile forms and then the platform throws them up to the gig creation page, and they began to create gigs without taking note of the SEO terms.

Fast forward…They head straight to the test section, take the test, score above 7.0 and they’re happy 😁.

A day passed, no sales, not even a knock on the inbox door from a buyer.

Two days gone!

Five days gone!

1 week…2 weeks…1 month…3months. They are already frustrated and beginning to lose hope😒😒.

Then they abandoned the account and head back to blogging. No traffic from blogging and you see them join the moving train of YouTube. They’re thrown out through the window of the train.

Then they console themselves with “nothing good comes easy…”

But my dear, this is it…👇

But before I proceed I need to ask you a question;

Have you tried crowdfunding campaign pitch writing service even as a writer?

Many do not know about this service.

Many must have heard about it but felt reluctant to give it a try.

This service is very less competitive compared to any other services on Fiverr.

This is a service I know you can start with $5 for 500 words and above, do about 2-3 jobs, earn good ratings and then gradually increase the price even up to $100 for the same 500 words.

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This is a service I know you don’t have to write proposals or offers to get the job.

This is a service that is buyer selective. You don’t just see anyhow buyers, they are mostly US and UK buyers or clients.

I can’t create graphics design images from scratch but with this crowdfunding job, I would collect that design job and do it myself and get paid higher than what’s on my gigs price.

These guys(white folks) have got great ideas and inventions, they would need money to bring these ideas to reality.

They would need to people to help donate money for their cause but they do not know how best put up a compelling crowdfunding campaign pitch for the donors to read and get convinced to assist them financially, so they come to you for the job.

But now, how do you start with this job? It’s very easy which I would show you right now.

Get your laptop ready for work, create new chrome and use anyone available aside the chrome where you have your own main Fiverr account.

In that other chrome, download this extension (Fiverr quick view) and pin 📌 it. This extension will reveal to you all the search tags or keywords buyers normally use to make their searches(some pro freelancers may know about this extension).

Head straight to Fiverr home page and type ‘Crowdfunding’ at the search box. Allow it to load completely so that those keywords would be unveiled.

Another beauty of that extension is that is reveals to you the hidden keywords used by all sellers to rank without you necessarily clicking their gigs…

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“Chidi, have you blogged the latest trend, which is all about the Chrisland Student? But babe, that small girl too bad for that her video, but don’t you think we give that style a try tonight? I’m serious about it, I need it plsss.” she said in a very soft tone, smiling and staring at me, with her tongue slowly caressing her lower lip.

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Her alluring beauty suddenly threw me far off to another planet as usual. Her enticing, constellation-black eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart-shaped lips.

“Did you hear what I just said?” She retorted.

“No, I would need rest tonight, I’ve done so much work today,” I replied her in a very calmed voice while holding her chin even as our eyes still got connected for a while.

Wait…😲 Did I just refrained from what I was typing earlier…? Oh No, please, let’s go back to it.

Now take note of the first 5 search tags from the lists right above the first 4 gigs of search results.

Then open about 3-4 gigs to see how they created their own gigs and make yours out of then. You can invite quillbot for paraphrasing once you get to the description stage and do not know what to write there.

Please make sure those keywords are their in your title, price section, gig descriptions, gigs requirement(optional).

The delivery days can be 3days but I do finish a content in less than 4-5 hours. You too can do same.

Recreate other people’s pictures on canva, don’t use their own. Don’t even download from Google. Fiverr might serve you hot breakfast if you do so and their algorithm detects. You can use different colors.

Upload the image(s) and upgrade your SEO at the first part of your gig creation process by including those search tags before you publish.

Wait for like three to five days and see the progress of the gig through the impression and clicks. If the Gig is getting good impressions, duplicate that gig but let it have different gig images but other stuffs should remain the same.


Then watch yourself smile in long run.

You don’t even need to be scared about how to go about the work once you get the job. You can spy on other people’s works on crowdfunding platforms or check Google.

Most times I get contents from other people works on crowdfunding platform and add few words of mine if I feel very tired of writing from scratch because those buyers careless whether a pitch is plagiarized or not. They just want a good and compelling pitch. But if you feel like editing the works, then go ahead, it’s fine.

Here are the search tags/keywords I normally use👇
💥 Crowdfunding
💥 Kickstarter
💥 Indiegogo
💥 Fundraising
💥 GoFundMe

If after using those ☝️ search tags and you no get order within one to seven days… No talk to me again.

There is no gig, I don’t create this time around on crowdfunding that doesn’t see order.

And for those that have spare cash like 5k, if you want to get fast success on Fiverr, buyer review give your gig. I mean pay someone to order your gig, you would deliver the order a day to the stipulated delivery time, and he would give you 5 star ⭐ ratings.

This alone is likely to send your account to a success journey of no return.

Las Las, all of us wey do the right thing, wey persist, wey no dey do ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ or prostitution go definitely lick better orange 🍊.

Are you happy now 😁?

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