Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji told us 10yrs ago at Babajide School of Prophets & Evangelists, Ilesha that he was billed to anchor a crusade in a remote town in Ekiti.

While he sent the volunteer team to the town some few days to the program, he kept praying the Lord should honour Himself in the town.

On the day of the crusade, he was driving towards the town when he heard the Lord, get down from this vehicle and trek to the program. It was almost 5.00pm that they announced on the radio and various publicity.

The Lord told him the second time to get down, so he stopped the car and got out. As he was trekking he saw an old man carrying some firewood, the Lord told him to help the man carry the wood home.

Father, the time is already against me and you still want me to get my cloth dirty with this, the Lord said yes. So, he greeted the man and offered to help him carry the load; as they approached the town, the old man said this people that have come to make noise in this town, I will deal with them.

I heard that their leader will soon come, If he is that powerful he should have come here since the day he sent his men into this town. Prophet Hezekiah kept mute while the man talked, as they get closer to the man’s house, he said I am sending rain to disgrace these people.

They got into the man’s compound, Prophet Hezekiah dropped the wood, the man said, God bless you my son, Baba said amen.
The man said who are you? I have not seen you before in this environment, He said I am Woli Hezekiah the man in the poster and I have come to liberate this town.

The man said he was the most powerful man in that town and he had never seen any powerful man as humble as the prophet.
At that spot, he surrendered all to Jesus.


The entire town was amazed when they saw their talisman weeping as he came to Jesus.

This power is much alive, If we start being obedient and humble.

The Lord have sent me to tell this generation that you need to see clearly.

We seem to know too much but too little to what will birth the fresh fire we crave for…


AT Joel.

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