We have spoken and written alot about Ayo Babalola but few people knows that Pastor Odubanjo mentor Babalola.

Few people knew that the move that beget C.A.C started from this man.

He may not be gifted like Apostle Ayo Babalola but he was the educated mind behind everything that projected Baba.

He was so much filled with the healing anointing that he doesn’t believe in taking of drugs.

He was a man given to prayers, just like Baba, he was a man that preferred to tarry before God than waste his time with men.

He was one of the person that invited Babalola to the Oke Oye meeting that birth the 1930 revival.

He was not visible at some time during the great move but no one can accuse him of working less.

He had the faith that buried mountains, he carried the administrative grace that Babalola may have lacked.


This man did most of the paper work while Babalola did most of the field work.

This man worked on doctrine while Babalola show the doctrine.

He was the First Christ Apostolic Church General Superintendent, a brain that the African church lacks today.

You may not know that he would confront Babalola whenever he perceived any mistake, after he might prayed and seek the mind of God on the matter.

He was never in competition with Babalola or with any of the great men in their generation.

You dare not say anything negative about Apostle in his presence, he would ask you if you are sure, if the Lord have confirmed it to you.

Odubanjo has the teaching anointing that most people lacks today.

He was giving to the scripture, anything you can’t prove in the bible don’t dare try it before this great Oracle of God.


When Babalola died in 1959 and Odubanjo died too, people said no longer shall God walk with this generation because these two men were the very foundation Jesus used to project his agenda for the African nation.

A white man once asked him why they believed in praying into water for healing, Odubanjo said weigh it.

So the white man took a keg of prayer water, placed it on the scale with the same measure of ordinary water.
To his surprise, the prayer water weighed more, looking at Odubanjo he asked why?

Smiling he said power of God as of old.
That’s the genesis of the use power as of old in the Nigeria church.

He was the man that went to the hospital discharging all the patient, declaring them healed and whole. Only those who refused to stand up remained sick when he left.

You can’t talk about the great move of 1930 and not talk about David Osmond Odubanjo.


A.T Joel.

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