Few weeks ago,I was privileged to sit down with God’s servant Pastor Amos Oladele, prior to this I have heard alot of things about him.

He told us the genesis of penterascalism and money gospel.

One thing that baffles me is the pain in his heart as he pour out his mind.

Then, he said something that struck my heart, until we allow Jesus to be big than us there shall never be a living church.

He warned us about church entertainers who have turned the church to a drama scene.

He told us every Christian shall face the examination of satan and it’s not Mount zion films type of satan but an ancient one.

He told us that we need a great deal of spiritual growth not entertainment.

He said when there is an argument over any scripture in our heart, we should know satan is behind it.


He said when the devil is ready to attack, he will put a question on the scripture we have come to believe, he said don’t engage him, you can’t win such argument.

The scripture you negotiate with the devil is what he will give you to justify your sin next time you erred.

He became born in 1982, at Baptist church and his quest for the infilling of the Holyspirit took him to CAC.

He was baptised of the Holyspirit in 1984.

He said growing up he knew a Christianity that run away from evil and those things that have become the norm in today’s church.

I looked at his eyes at that junction, he was almost shedding tears.

Here is a man, God has mightily help on all sides with several evidence of the supernatural hand of God.


He said until we stand up for the true gospel, the generations to come shall inherit the gospel of permissivism that came in the 1990.

He said prosperity by faith is not wrong but should not be our emphasis.

Jesus came to solve the sin problem not financial prosperity, we don’t need to become a Christian to prosper.

He then shared with us about a preacher who came to a ministers conference with convoys of cars and the bodyguard came into the church with their back.

He said where is sobriety Jesus taught us?

He said prosperity doesn’t have a religion nor gender.

We should rather serve God as the bible declares.

He said prosperity is not the problem of Christianity neither is it the proof of Christianity.

He started preaching at the age of 8 and became a youth leader at the age of 18 at the Obafemi Awolowo University.

He later the president of CACSA in OAU, he is a preacher that God is using across the nations of the world.

I also notice that he kept giving thanks to God at every instance.

He said those the Lord Jesus have raised using him are all over the world doing Him proud.

He said something that kept me aghast, when you still have an excuse to sin you can never overcome that sin.

He said the day we stopped being sober and remorseful that was when we lost it all as a church.

Sin that’s justified can never be conquered.
He said immorality in the life of the preacher will be transferred to the members.

He said we may not have the platform that the whole world can see but we can make it count by steaking to the Lord’s will.

He said do a thorough job even if you’re leading 50 people, he said take the congregation to biblical Christianity.

Enough of jamboree and permissivism.

He said those who hide under grace to live immoral life never receive nor understand grace.

He said there is nothing that HUMBLES A MAN more than GRACE.

Grace is not something to be proud about.

He said grace has never been against holiness except in the gospel of permissivism that started in 90’s and being upgraded into higher version in our generation.

He said grace must be understood in the context of Titus 2:11 for proper living.

Grace first tutorial to anyone is to deny himself of ungodliness.

It must first teach to live soberly.

Soberness is leaving us and we are borrowing craziness from the world.

Spirituality is soberness, it’s not the louder, the better. Soberness means we must be sensible, reasonable and be calm.

It’s not about screaming everytime.

Grace should be explained in that dimension not permissivism and other varieties.

He said the same Paul that wrote Romans wrote Titus.

He said grace is not what we work for but work out.

Grace brings us to the place of responsibility not irresponsibility. The moment we receive grace, we must live it out which is our daily responsibility.

The gospel of irresponsibility is not grace, it’s alien and doesn’t align with the Bible.

Christians must stop shifting responsibility to God and blaming satan when we should live by grace.

Then came his theology, Jesus should be more visible not him.

At this junction I started asking God for help.

The grace we receive by faith is run by faith not permissivism.

Dr Amos Oladele is the lead pastor of People of Testimonies Chapel, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

He has published many books one of which is GRACE FILLED Man.

Faith makes us humble not pompous.

He then told me something that struck me like lightening, he said, I have carefully followed and watched you for 4yrs before I invited you to preach for me.

I never knew until he called me in November that he has been watching me from afar.

Our faith is highly contagious and visible if we will live for God.

Faith is the lenses through which we see live and the boot through which we walk in the world.

A.T Joel.

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