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My son narrated a wonderful events to me yesterday that took place at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital open field.

It was a PFN(Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) meeting.

Papa E.A Adeboye, Uma Ukpai, Wale Oke and many of our fathers were all there.

As the microphone was handed over to Papa E.O Adeboye, he said, I saw angels of healing entering the hospital about to discharge the patients.

He declared healing of patients, suddenly like whirlwind, people began to rise from their bed and rushing to the field.

Hundreds of people with terminal diseases got healed.

People from the ICU had the touch of God and got healed.

There is a part that made me marveled as the eye account of my son who happened to be the campus fellowship president then continued.

He said Papa Uma Ukpai stood up and said non of us saw the angels only Pastor E.A Adeboye did but we too must do something now, we must sort the bill of those who had been kept there because of lack of money.

He said God told him before leaving Uyo that he must clear the bill of those at the hospital because of lack of money.

Faith has roles, the same faith that declared healing is the same that provided money to pay for people discharge fees.

No one can enjoy the flow on the wings of power without faith.

The spiritual and organic substance of miracles is faith.

There is a flight of faith, it is the highest altitude in the spiritual.

The soaring of the Eagle is far less than the soaring on the wings of faith.

When a man falls from the realm of faith, he is stagnated and decapitated.

Imagine the declaration of faith that crushed the stronghold of diseases and destructions.

For everyone reading this, there shall be performance of miracles now.

That same declaration is what I declared now, you’re discharged from whichever kind of hospital you’re now in the name of Jesus.

The devil is after your faith than he is after your money because once he derobe a man of faith, he has lost everything.

Friends, you need a meal of faith again, it’s high time you stop feeding on the strange morsel of doubts and intellectualism.

I see the gathering of heavy dew, harvest of miracles today in the name of Jesus.

Where there is faith, there is miracle!

A.T Joel.

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