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RCCG 2022 Fasting will be 50days – Pastor Adeboye

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– Pastor E.A. Adeboye on ‘FRESH AIR‘ at RCCG January 2022 Holy Ghost Service

Ancient of Days, the unchangeable changer. The One who has no beginning and no ending, the One last year, the One this year and the One in the years to come. Please accept our worship in Jesus name. Thank you for the past Holy Ghost Services. Thank you for the Congress and all the wonderful testimonies. Father accept our worship in Jesus name. Thank you because the siege is over whether the devil likes it or not. Tonight as we gather before you, let your fresh air blow. The kind of miracles you have never done before, Father perform in all our lives. At the end of it all let your name be glorified. In Jesus marvelous name we have prayed.

The February Holy Ghost Service will be on the 4th of February and the theme is MIRACLES. When the Lord told me that will be the theme for February I jumped for joy. So I don’t need to advice you to be around for your miracles.

I said during the Cross Over Service that the situation in Nigeria has reached a stage where we shouldn’t be talking, we should be doing something about bringing a solution. I said then that Coro has given birth to children and that the children are already beginning to give birth to children.

I said Omi**** is not a child but a grandchild that we have been dealing with. It is frightening that between December 31st and now there is already another variety, another grandchild.

This one is called IHU.

They say it’s more serious than Omi****.

Brethren we are not dealing with a minor problem so we don’t need to handle it with casual prayers.

So I asked for a thousand volunteers to join me to pray for Nigeria and the world on December 31st. I am happy to tell you that by now I have already gotten more than 16,000. I have been having some problems convincing those who are 70 and above not to join. I still believe God answers prayers. I still believe where science has failed, God will not fail.

On the 2nd of January, I appealed to those of you that could be the Congregation to please pray for your pastors this year like you have never done before. Pray for them even if it is one minute a day. Please pray for me and pray for my family. Just one minute a day is enough.

Genesis 2:7

The young man who spoke before me did a great job, he has defined for us what air is. Analyzed it into oxygen, carbon dioxide and all the etcetera. He has spoken about what is fresh. Fresh means new, undiluted, uncontaminated etc. He almost began to preach my sermon. He did a great job.

The very first time that man came in contact with fresh air from God, it was an ordinary mud. It was dust until God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. All of a sudden, what was useless, helpless, dust, something you are supposed to walk upon, urinate upon and dig with a digger became very precious.

Matthew 16:26. A soul is worth more than all the money in the world, all the money in America, all the money in China or the Arab countries. Add all of it together it cannot buy a soul. From nothing to something precious that money can’t buy. Job 27:3. When you are breathing in and out it is the spirit of God going out. Job 33:4, Ecclesiastes 12:7. The moment a man stops breathing he begins to rot, he becomes useless again.

Samuel was a houseboy of Eli then God breathed on him and he heard the voice of the giver of life and all of a sudden, he became a kingmaker. A houseboy became the first king maker of Israel. He went further by the time you get to 1 Samuel 15:16-29, he wasn’t just a king maker, he became a king remover.

He became so mighty that a king tore his dress and he turned round and said to the King your kingdom is torn. He started as nothing but the breath of God changed him into someone extraordinary. Some years ago, I went to visit an African country and I wanted to have an appointment with the Head of State. I got the appointment and they warned me this is Monday morning, this is the time for cabinet meeting.

Don’t take more than 15 minutes with the President. I got in, we started talking. I wasn’t the one taking the time of the President, He was the one taking my time. After one hour, one of his aides came in probably to signal to him that the cabinet was waiting, he turned to the aide and said “bring us a pot of tea and two cups”. We sat down there drinking tea, and hours later someone was asking another fellow who is delaying the president. Someone answered it is one pastor from somewhere in Africa and the other one said “Pastor? He is not even a Bishop”.
– I believe the almighty God is going to breathe on someone tonight and you are going to become someone special.

Prayer 1: Father please breathe on me and make something significant out of my life (Breathe on me, don’t let me die ordinary).

Fresh air can mean to you that not only is your siege over, it’s going to be over permanently. In Exodus 2:23-25, the Bible describes the situation of the children of Israel in the land of Egypt. Things were rough, things were hot. They were labouring without anything to show for it. They could die and nobody in the government paid attention. In Exodus 12: 1-end, their siege was over. The heat was gone. Freedom came, they began to breathe the breath of fresh air of liberty. The enemy tried to bring them back into captivity Exodus 14:1-20. They looked back and they saw the entire army of Pharaoh pursuing them, they were about to be taken back into captivity but God breathed again. Exodus 15:8-11, it is when God breathed that the ocean parted way and the children of Israel were able to pass on dry ground. In Exodus 14:22-28 when God breathed this time, the siege was over for the children of Israel permanently. Now for you to understand this aspect fully, let me explain something to you.

Those of you who have had the opportunity of travelling abroad, you have noticed that if you are travelling from London to somewhere in America the journey will probably take 8 and half hours but if you are returning from America to London, the same place to the same place at times the journey will take a little less than eight hours. What causes the difference?

When you are travelling from the U.K. to America the wind is blowing against the plane. It pushes back the plane. They call it head wind. When you are returning, the same wind now is blowing behind the plane and pushing forward the plane.

That is what happened at the Red Sea. The wind was blowing behind the Children of Israel and as soon as they got to the other side, God said to the wind change direction and it changed direction and the sea came together again and drowned all the enemies.

Prayer 2: Father let your wind blow in my favour. Let what has been head wind become tailwind for me from this onward. So that my siege will be over permanently.

In Ezekiel 37:1-10, there was this valley of dry bones and God said to Ezekiel these bones can they live? And the man of God said my faith can’t carry that. They are too dead, they have become bones, very dry bones. God told the man prophesy to the bones, saying “bones come together”.

The bones came together. “flesh cover the bones’ ‘ and flesh covered the bones but they were still dead until the wind blew and suddenly dry bones came alive. When fresh wind blows hope is restored. Opportunities that have been lost forever are reversed. Ecclesiastes 9:4.

Not too long ago I preached a sermon that let everything that has breath praise God because if that breath is still going in and out, it means there is hope for you. God can still reverse the irreversible.

In Romans 4:17-21, the Bible referred to the womb of Sarah as dead and the body of Abraham as dead. But God paid them a visit and breath on both of them and the dead womb and the dead body came back to life. Those who thought that they can never be fruitful suddenly discovered that there is a God who can change sorrow to laughter.
– The wind is going to blow on someone today and their hope will begin to rise again.

– The Lord wants me to tell everybody who cares to pay attention, that the number of twins that will be born this year shall be more than the singles.

The Bible says in that same Ezekiel 37:11-14, the Bible says God opened the graves and brought us out and the spirit of God within us caused us to live again.

There is a God of all flesh, not only can He raise the dead, He can reverse the irreversible. He can do something that will cause the man with the greatest faith to say only the Almighty can do this. I don’t know if you have heard the testimony of a daughter of mine who doctors told there is no way she can ever carry a child that she has no womb.

But then God spoke, there is someone here you have no womb but you are going to carry a set of twins. She knew she was the one so she grabbed it. She became pregnant and went to the hospital and doctors said you are not supposed to be pregnant but I see a baby in you. She said no!

My Daddy said twins.

She went abroad to deliver and they said we don’t want her to go through labour, let it be by caesarean operation. They brought out the children.

The husband said we don’t want her to go through this stress again, seal the womb. The surgeon said I have performed thousands of operations but this is the first time I am bringing out a set of twins where there is no womb. That’s not the miracle. This was about twenty years ago.

Recently I got a phone call from her, Daddy I want to bring my twins to greet you. I said Ah!

Thank God I have not seen them for a long time. She came and I was expecting twins who should by now be in the university but she was carrying a brand new set of twins. The original ones are in the university now, God after years brought out another two from somebody that they said had no womb. From somebody who has not menstruated at all.

Prayer 3: Father restore to me every blessing that I have lost and make them double.

Like that young man mentioned. Breathing on me can mean the beginning of Holy Ghost power. John 20:21-23. In Acts 1:8 He said “you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you”. The word used for power according to Bible scholars is the word used for dynamite.

The kind of power that can blow mountains away. Acts 10:38. Fresh air is saying to you and I from now on we shall receive power, power to go about doing good. When He is talking about fresh air, He is talking about a special kind of power.

Acts 19:11-12. Each time I hear the testimonies of the handkerchiefs that we have blessed, the oil that we have blessed been used to perform miracles, I thank God. I have good news for you: very soon you will take that handkerchief, you will ask all your members who were not present to lay their own handkerchiefs on it and the power of God will be multiplied. I am believing God that as you breathe in the fresh air of God tonight, there will be so much power in you that the impossible will become easily possible.

I am sure you remember the story of a girl who wanted to have a baby in America. The baby was too big so it had to be operation. When they tested her blood, they discovered she had a very peculiar blood, if she is ever cut she will bleed to death. Her blood can never clot, her blood can never stop flowing. So they had a problem. What do we do, if we open her up and save the baby, she will bleed to death. If we don’t open her up, the baby cannot come because she is too big. Her mother came to me and I prayed, the Lord told me to anoint two handkerchiefs for her.

I didn’t know why it was two. She travelled to America, tied the handkerchief and gave the daughter one of the handkerchiefs. By the following morning, the handkerchief had disappeared, they searched the whole house and couldn’t find it. She said thank God I have two, she tied one of the handkerchiefs on her tightly. To cut the long story short, the doctors said we can’t wait anymore, we have to perform an operation tomorrow by 10 am in order to save the baby, there is nothing else we can do. The baby arrived by 9am before they could perform the operation. I am believing God for you that after this fresh air your handkerchiefs will perform special miracles.

Prayer 4: Father please breathe on me so I can be empowered to overflowing.

Fresh air could mean a second wind. I explained that one to those who came to the Holy Communion service yesterday. I will explain it again for the sake of those who were not around. I said when you are running a race, particularly a marathon, you feel so tired that it’s like you can’t continue. As you are breathing heavily, somehow a power you didn’t know you had begins to surge in you and then you begin to run again and you run stronger and faster and finish the race successfully. That new surge of energy we call it getting a second wind. I am believing God for someone who is about to give up, tonight you will get a second wind.

In Joshua 1:1-8, God made some tremendous promises to Joshua. By the time you got to Joshua 6 you see him leading very well, they just shouted once and the wall of Jericho came down. Then in Joshua 7 we found Joshua on his face because a small city called Ai has defeated the whole nation of Israel. Then came Joshua 8, God gave him a second wind and from that moment unward Joshua never failed again.
– The Lord said you have started a project, you abandoned it. You started it the second time, you abandoned it. You started it a third time and abandoned it. Daddy said I should tell you to start it again, it will no longer be abandoned.
– DaddY said there is someone listening and the only way to save your life is to give you two brand new lungs, He said you can receive it now.

In Luke 5:1-11, the Almighty God told Peter from now on you will be catching men no more fishes, Peter was doing great. By the time you got to Matthew 16:13-19, he was getting revelation directly from God but then came Matthew 26:9-75, when he failed very badly. Then in John 21:1-19, he got fresh air. He got a second wind and from then on it was upward ever and downward never.

Prayer 5: Father breathe on me, give me a second chance, give me a second wind so that I will never fail again.

Fresh air could mean adding petrol to fire. The Bible says in Matthew 3:11 that when Jesus shall come, he shall baptize us with the Holy Ghost and fire. You might have had a dose of power just like Peter did at Pentecost, his destiny was activated.

He preached a single sermon and won 3000 souls. With that single dose, he was powerful enough to make the lame work. Acts 3:1-11. After which he preached another sermon and he won 5000 souls (Acts 4:4). In Acts 4:23-29, the wind blew a second time and Peter got a second dose of power and with that he was able to preach yet another sermon and he won multitudes
– The Lord asked me to tell someone “Relax, that which has been frightening you has been blown away”.

Daddy asked me to tell you a story of a man and his wife that came to our church in Ebute Metta. After a while, we didn’t see the wife again so we followed up and asked what the problem was. She said since the day she came to the church, she has not been able to fly again. She was a witch. The Lord asked me to tell you that first to tell you this.
– He said there is someone here, all the witches in your family are grounded.

In 1 Kings 19:19-21, Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha. That is the first time Elisha had a brush with the power of God, the breath of the Almighty. But then came 2 Kings 2:9-15,

– The Lord said before the end of the first quarter of this year, I will blow into you a miracle so big that for the rest of the year you will still think you are dreaming.

Elisha had a taste of fresh air, the Bible said Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven and all of a sudden Elisha who was only a son of a prophet, became the prophet. Within a day, he reached a height he could only dream off.
Prayer 6: Father breath on me, give me a booster of your power tonight. That I might reach the top quickly and easily.

Fresh air could mean, keeping the fire burning permanently. The Almighty God said in Leviticus 6:13 that the fire of His altar must never go out. God is saying that those of you who are children of God
1. You must never backslide. And in the name above every name you will never backslide.
2. Those of you who have been hot, you will never become cold. You won’t lose your fire.

– Daddy says “my sheep hear my voice but few hear my whisper”. He described the whisper as the small still voice. He asked me to tell someone that from tonight onward, you will be hearing my whisper.

The fire must not go out. Why? Because if it goes out even if you reignite it, the period of when the fire goes out and when the fire is lit back dangerous things can go one. When the fire goes out, flies can come in and you know flies are a symbol of demons.

You know what happened in Judges 16:18-end. When the fire of Samson went out, immediately the enemy moved in. They plucked out his eyes, bound him and took him to the house of their idols to be singing and dancing for them.
– Anything that will send you back to the witch doctors will never happen to you in Jesus name.

The danger with backsliding is that the wound may heal, but the scars will remain. Fire needs fresh air to keep burning. Fresh air must come to keep the fire going, it is good enough to have the fire burning but you must keep on supplying it with fresh air. Acts 6:1-8, the Bible talked about the choice of the original deacons including Stephen, Philip and others. One of their qualifications was that they must be full of the Holy Spirit yet the apostles still laid hands on them to give them a fresh dose of power. No human being is going to lay hands on you, God Himself will do so.

I have told you the story before that we went to America to attend Kenneth Hagin’s camp meeting way back in 1979 and quite a few of us went from Nigeria. We didn’t go together but we met there. When I saw what was going on, naked demonstration of the power of God.

Miracles of all kinds, we have been having miracles of all kinds at home but this one was special. I made up my mind that I must see this man before I go back, they said it is not possible. I said I am not going back to Nigeria without a touch of fresh air.

So I got an appointment, when my colleagues heard I had gotten the appointment, they jumped on the bandwagon. We went in to see the man of God and almost as usual they gave us 15 minutes. When we saw the man of God, he turned to us and said “what can I do for you?”.

I am the one who arranged the meeting but those who came with me started talking.

One said “Sir, I want to be distributing your tapes in Africa ”. Another said he wanted to be distributing his books, another fellow said he wanted to be distributing his magazines. He turned to me and said “young man, what do you want?” I said everything that makes you, You is what I want. He said what? I repeated myself. So he called his secretary, this one is asking for books, give him books, this one is asking for magazines, give him magazines.

This one is asking for tapes, give him tapes and so they left. He turned to me and said “young man “kneel down” and I saw his hands coming toward me and he laid those two hands on my head and that is all I remembered. When I woke up, I was on the floor, he was kneeling beside me drained furiously. By the time I got up, I knew I got what I wanted.
– Somebody is going to get something that will keep your fire burning forever.

Prayer 7: Father breath on me. Keep the air fresh and never let your fire go out in my life.


When Peter was in prison in Acts 12:5-11, and the angel of the Lord came in and his yokes dropped off and he got out and the doors were opening on their own accord. When he came out of prison, he breathed fresh air and his fire never went out from that moment onward.

Revelation 3:20, you can shut out the fresh air. The Bible says if you want to hear His voice harden not your heart. Each time you hear the word of God, something tells you, you need to change but you have hardened your heart. When you shut the door against the one who can bring the fresh air, He will not force you. He will respect your free will but one day you will realize you have missed something serious.

Father Lord Almighty we thank you for an opportunity you have given us for fresh air. Thank you, thank you.

– Fresh wind from heaven will blow on all of you. Your life will become significant.
– You will not die unknown. You will become a mighty vessel unto honour in God’s hands.
– By the power of the Holy Spirit, your siege is over permanently.
– Every opportunity you have lost shall be restored to you.
– The Great I AM that I AM will blow blessings into you, He will reverse all the irreversible. He will give you a second chance.
– Where you feel weak, he will make you strong again. Every obastle in your way, He will blow them off.
– He will give you a taste of His power, He will anoint you to overflowing.
– The fire of God will never go out in your life.
– It shall be well with you and He will keep death far away from you.
– You will keep living until you reach your goal. The praise of God shall continually be in your mouth.
– Receive fresh anointing, breathe fresh air.
– Come out of prison today and you will serve God like never before.
– Even your shadow will raise the dead.
– It shall be said of you “only God can do this”.

For those who have been asking when rccg will be fasting,we are fasting for only 50 days this year. We are starting on the 11th of January to 2nd of March.


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