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Coca-Cola is a very popular brand and according to some stats this is the most valuable brand of all time, it is worldwide, when you talk about it anywhere in every part of the world people understand what you are talking about. However, there are shocking facts about Coca-Cola that only few people are aware of or even know about.

You will be shock that battery has similar acidity level with the acidity level of Coca-Cola, isn’t that shocking? But I tell you, you can go see many video clips on YouTube that show how Coca-Cola is better in cleaning all kind of surfaces, I tell in some cases Coca-Cola is even very better than some popular household cleaner. Many people view these properties of Coca-Cola as a clear sign that Coca-Cola is toxic to the body.

I tell you some stats has shown that the risk of experiencing heart attack and stroke has been increased by 50% for people who took Coca-Cola regularly, also a scientific study published in a reputable journal also reflects that drinking Coca-Cola on daily basis results in asthma, breathing disorder, and diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and so on.

Talking about the PH level of some particular soft drinks including Coca-Cola, you will the surprised it is about 2.5, it may be kind of alien to those who don’t know how this PH scale of a  thing works, but I tell you if the  PH of water is 7, while acid is 1. You can see how close the PH of soft drink of about 2.5PH to that of acid of about 1PH is than that of water of 7PH, I hope you will get a clearer image via that illustration.

All this facts are enough to stop drinking any soft drinks, even your favorite’s soft drink Coca-Cola. I tell you this drink do even harms to your teeth by taking them; they damaged your enamel that also leads to deterioration of your teeth wellbeing. It may sound kind of awful but I tell you, it is of much better idea to use this particular product as a household cleaner than drinking you can go ahead and give it a trial.

Let’s take a close look at some effect Coca-Cola has on your body and health after drinking it.

  • The action of sugar is hampered by phosphoric acid found in Coca-Cola. Only 10 minutes after drinking it you find out your body gives an unusual reaction, you try to give it a close attention.
  • The level of insulin in the  blood starts to grow faster, only 20 minutes after taking a glass of Coca-Cola
  • The caffeine starts to react on the system of the body. Blood pressure is much higher and the pupil of the eye is expanded. Coca-Cola eliminates the feeling of sleepiness because it stops the work of adenosine receptors.
  • The gastrointestinal tract starts to experience problem and the work of our metabolism is slowed down because of the reaction between phosphoric acid and magnesium, calcium and zinc.

Short lists of household alternatives you can use Coca-Cola for instead of drinking.

  • It can help remove grease stain from clothing.
  • It can help you get rid of any blood stain from any type of fabrics.
  • It can remove rust from any surface quickly.
  • Slugs and snail can be killed with acid found in Coca-Cola.
  • If you leave a tooth in it for a particular period of time it will dissolve.
  • It is very helpful in removing gum stuck in hair, after soaking it for a period of time.
  • You can also use it to remove dye from the hair especially diet Coca-Cola.
  • It is also helpful in cleaning your toilet surfaces.
  • Make a combination of Coca-Cola and aluminum foil in order to clean and shine chrome surfaces.

These are just little out of the lists that suggest Coca-Cola can be used instead of some popular household cleaner.


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