Reasons why you should Greet and honor people

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Some days ago, a guy walked into the compound where I live, seeing two of us in the compound, he walked past us into the house looking for someone, I and my partner looked at each other and nodded 😊.

He was looking for someone, perhaps he had spoken with the person on the phone informing her of his coming unknowingly to him that she had left with us a message to deliver to him when he comes looking for her.

On the long run, he sat down waiting since he couldn’t find her and she wasn’t picking her phone. Also, he couldn’t come out to meet us to ask questions, unfortunately for him, we too didn’t go to meet him after all he saw us before going in and refused to greet😂😂

Refusal to greet or acknowledge people’s presence when they get to a place has been the undoing of some people. You cannot be passing the very same route in your street everyday and not greet the same people you find there everyday 🤷

You wonder why no one could defend you when the bike man was harassing you. You haven’t thought about it the fact that you have no to check on you when you don’t show up at the usual. No wonder no one from your street could grace your occasion with their presence not to talk of traveling to far places with you.

Why do you think our parents have people rally round them when they need people? Because they can greet for Africa 😊

I know of a well-to-do man who never passes my street without greeting. Even if he’s carried away and forgets to, he would look back and greet but his wife is the very opposite, she doesn’t greet at all. I learnt a lot from him that I make sure I greet him first before he does.


It doesn’t demean you when you greet not just your elders but your mates and even the younger folks. The brother you’ve never said ‘good morning’ to could be your husband but you’ve been delaying the proposal. Take a minute off your phone when you get to where people are and greet. I know you can’t greet everybody but start somewhere.

Acknowledge people even if you are in your domain, smile to people, wave at them, bend to greet the elderly ones, don’t be an island. Greet people. Can I get an amen somebody?

©️ Ojo Debby Omotayo
Fashionable yet Godly.

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