Reasons Why You Should Not Watch BBNaija as a Christian

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Beloveth, we live in the last days and the devil as advanced in his ways and schemes, he is very manipulative in his approach now than ever before, with your phone, with your  T.V, with your Computer gadget, you can now access sin and defiling content at the comfort of your home, this is very disturbing situation which is not good, but painfully speaking our generation is fast falling victim to various gimmicks and traps of the Devil, in the name of Technology, social media and advancement and we must be sensitive and careful, so that we don’t lose our treasures and future to worldliness. Many times when I raise topics like this, a lot of people get very angry with me but is the truth.

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There is a continuous warfare between godliness and worldliness, the devil will not want you to do the will of God, he will bring all manner of traps and schemes to get you, confuse or distract you from your focus on Jesus, because there are certain things you cannot do and still follow Jesus, they make it very difficult to follow the Lord, and if you truly want to follow God, then you just have to drop them aside, that is the way to go.

Today, I quickly want to talk about something that is prevalent among in Youth in Africa right now, a T.V program tagged “BIG BROTHER NAIJA” this program is so full of evil and iniquity.

Many young people are exposed and predisposed to scenes of sexual intercourse, kissing, romance, and other forms of sexual fantasy in the program, a lot of the activities of the members is displayed live on the T.V in this program, I remember while I was in campus, all the ladies in my hostel, will put on their generator overnight to watch BBNAIJA, both Christians and Muslims, these are people that I know, they will never read overnight or pray overnight, but they can spare the time and go through the stress of denying themselves sleep, just to watch all sort of sexual scenes and other forms of nonsense that goes on at BBNAIJA, this is so disheartening, because the consequence on young people is not small.

BBNAIJA 2020 Female Housemates - How Old, Occupations, Birthdays & First  Impressions - YouTube

Some of them gets sexually excited and aroused, and begin to desire what normally, they don’t do before, now they are beginning to crave for it, because they got a wrong information, or access to visuals of things they should never have known about yet, this is how destructive BBNaija has become to young people in Africa and other parts of the world.

I write this article solely targeting the Christian youths out there, I charge you to desist from watching this destructive program, as it carries the tendencies to kill your Soul and ruin your life on the longrun.

One of the major bad consequences of BBNAIJA is that, it can kill your Love and passion for the Lord, it can divert it into something else, and our God is a jealous God, he doesn’t want you to divert the passion and love you give to him to something else.

Also, when you grow cold in your Love for the Lord, the benefits that you use to derive from it will varnish and the devil can penetrate you easily, I pray this will not be your portion in Jesus name.

Most of the people that goes to BBNAIJA does that for two reasons; Fame and Money, but why should you lose your soul and do terrible things in the name of Fame and Money?

God Is able to bless you and raise you up even without compromising your Christian standard, don’t buy the lie of the devil, you can be successful as a righteous man or woman, you don’t have to bend to the system of the world for you to succeed.

At young age, there are things we should not see or behold, as young people, watching BBNaija at times is more or less, watching Pornography, you view sensitive part of the body of the opposite sex, and this arouse you unnecessarily and instigate you into doing what you shouldn’t do, thereby sinning against God.

BBNAIJA is a program that the devil strategically brought up at this time to distract, confuse and manipulate the youth, into doing things the way of the world, but as Christians, we must be filled with wisdom and know when to say NO!

You have to say NO to many times in this age, if you must stand for JESUS and live a Life pleasing to God, I pray that the lord will grant you the Grace to stand in JESUS NAME!

Evil association corrupts Good manner – 1 Corinthians 15:53.

 No matter how good hearted you are, if you move with the wrong persons, you will end up doing the wrong things and end up in the wrong place, so association factor is not to be taken with levity, we must ensure it is handled with wisdom and discretion, if you have friends that keeps taking you to watch BBNAIJA, you might have to disconnect from such a friend, don’t keep friends with scorners, people who do not value God and his word.

Keep friends of God’s children, of what value is the program you keep watching that is draining your spiritual energy and ruining your prayer life? Toiling with your prayer life is toiling with your physical life.

Let me give you an example from the scriptures;

There was an account of a story in the scriptures, in Matthew 13: 25 – 30; the Bible says, when men sleep the enemy came and sow tares among the wheat and went his ways, in verse 28, the Bible says, when the man woke up and saw the tares, he said “ An enemy as done this” but did you noticed something? The enemy was only able to sow the tares into the man’s wheat, because the bible says, “When Men Sleep” so when you are not awake spiritually, the enemy is authorized to sow anything into your life, he can sow evil and wickedness and destruction into your life, but when you are awake, at alert and spiritually inclined, the enemy cannot have his way, I pray that in the name of Jesus, the enemy will not have his ways in your life in Jesus name, Amen!

So whether BBNAIJA or any other thing that won’t add value to your life and destiny, get rid of it, anything that can kill your soul and render your spirit man defile, do away with it, so that the enemy will not get hold of you, Grace to say NO, receive it in Jesus name!

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