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Soda is any carbonated soft drink usually sweet. There have been a lot of bothering questions about this particular set of drinks. A lot of question, different people has different kind of view about this group of drinks, we actually had a write-up on the most common and popular soda drinks, writing about that has made us to realize that Coca-Cola is not the only soda drink with this particular characteristic. I will like to even brink to your notice that there are a lot of soda drinks that are not popular but has turned out to even be more dangerous than the popular ones.

Yeah, if drinking soda is one of your guilty or not so guilty pleasures, then I should tell it is high time you pause and take a rethink of what you actually take into your body system, because there are some unusual facts about these particular drinks especially the diet ones. And drinking them won’t you help your health as you desired especially when it is becoming too much, I tell you a  lot of people are out that have being come obsessed with drink soda drinks, friend! I think it is time you deeply take a thought about what you drink.

Oh! I could read the question running through your mind now, you’re like but this soda drinks have been here for a very long time and we have been taking it. Then why are we not all dead by now? I tell it is of truth that they truly have been in existence for long and people have been taking it but will give you some facts about these drinks. Are you aware that the bottles of soda we are drinking are vastly different and vastly larger than that of the old? The original Coca-Cola held just only 6.5 ounces which drinking one was a special treat enjoyed on occasional basis compare to the 20 ounces size of today which many drink on a daily basis. Even size apart the soda of those day where just the composition of carbonated water, sugar, natural flavoring agent, naturally occurring acids. Compare to most today’s sodas, which are compose of highly refined sweeteners, synthetic additives, GMOs and other toxins that are not supposed to be inside the body. Their reaction has really been devastating to our body, anyone that desire to live long ad live and healthy live should reconsider any soda drink that involve more than occasional consumption and avoid taking it entirely and always.

Here are reasons why you should stop drinking this particular set of drinks

  • SODA COMPOSITIONS AS THE TENDENCY OF MAKING YOU FAT. Firstly soda has virtually no nutritional value whatsoever; there are no benefits rather than it sweetness. Beyond the empty calories, research show that the high fructose corn syrup found in soft drinks actually triggers a hunger hormones that makes you consume food more than you need, and you are even doing yourself more harm when you take diet soda drinks, you have heard about the recent Purdue university study that linked that diet soda to the same health problem caused by sugary counterparts such as diabetes, heart diseases and so on. Researches has made it known that drinking diet soda actually makes you fatter, and you don’t really science to prove that to you look around you and see those who take diet soda and ask yourself whether the diet is working.
  • BRITTLE BONES. Sodas, especially diet ones, may contribute to osteoporosis or brittle bones, presently more than 10millions Americans have osteoporosis-related fracture. And one easy is way to reduce your risk of having such is by quitting soda drinks.
  • AGE FASTER. The phosphoric acid found in soda drinks has been linked to causer of different type of health problems that can shorten your life or even makes you look aged. Studies have shown that the phosphoric acid both in diet and non-diet are included so as to preserve their shelf life which may shorten yours. Research has also reviewed that the excessive phosphate found in soda drinks caused lab rat to die five week earlier than rat with normal level of phosphate.
  • DEVIOD OF NUTRIENT GENERALLY. I tell you there are a lot of disadvantage you can encounter via giving yourself to this particular set of drinks, I mean a lot, we can continue to write on and on about this, talk of Declining Kidney Function, Poor Heart Health, Diabetes, Depression, Tooth Decay, High Blood Pressure, Cancer And So On. I tell they have not fat (healthy fat), no carbohydrate, no protein, lacking fiber, vitamins and mineral. As stated earlier all these drinks can produce you are nothing but the sweetness that are capable of damaging your health.

If you think you are doing yourself any good by consuming any of these drinks especially the diet ones, I felt it is high time you talk to yourself, think and rethink about what you are taking to your mouth.

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