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#June2021 #DIGCPowerCommunionService #OurYearOfReleaseRecoveryAndReplication

By: Dr. Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the channels of Divine healing

We serve a God Who is eternally committed to the healing of His people – physical, emotional and mental healing

1. Light from the Word (Ps. 107:20; Matt. 8:8; Luke 7:7)
The Word sent can be a Word you saw yourself out of Scripture, or while listening to a live preaching, or a recorded message

2. The declaration of the Word (Prov. 18:21; Joel 3:10; Num. 14:28)
Sickness and health are in the power of the tongue
In the declaration of the Word, you deny the symptom and emphasize the healing, you deny the situation and declare your expectation.

3. The command of faith (Mark 11:23-24; Jer. 22:29)
In the command of faith, you speak to the situation like you speak to a person.

4. The laying on of hands (Mark 16:17; Matt. 8:2; 9:18)
The laying on of hands is called the law of contact and transmission
You can lay hands on yourself, on your body parts and declare healing

5. The anointing with Oil (Mark 6:7-8, 12-13; Jam. 5:14)
The understanding with which the Oil is deployed is what brings results

6. Material points of contact (Acts 19:11-12; 2Kings 4:29)
The Healing anointing is tangible materiality – it is tangible enough to be stored like you store power in storage batteries

7. The Name of Jesus (Mark 16:17; Song. 1:3; Jam. 5:14-15; Phil. 2:9-10)
The spirit of infirmity is a spirit that can be cast out by His Name
Anytime the Name is invoked it provokes the anointing it carries
The Name is powerful enough such that, when you call the name ‘Jesus’, the devil checks out!
The good thing is that the channels/avenues are combinable – you can pray the prayer of faith, in the Name of Jesus and anoint with Oil etc.

8. The prayer of faith (Jam. 5:15; Acts 28:8)
The prayer of faith is a prayer – you can pray it for yourself and you can pray it for others

9. The gifts of the Spirit (1Cor. 12:4-11)
Healing can be received through the gifts of the Spirit
9a. The gifts of healing (Luke 6:19; Acts 5:14-116)
The person operating the gift carries a healing climate/atmosphere for all those who desire a touch
Healing is natural in the healing climate where the person carries the gift
It is a plural gift because in some cases the carrier of the gift may manifest the gift in various degrees
Anyone in which God has enabled you to function, be it opening of blind eyes etc. be faithful in it; faithfulness in it is what qualifies you for higher levels
9b. The working of miracles
Here recoveries are instantaneous and on the spot
9c. The gift of faith
Here the minster sees the outcome from the onset
With the gift of faith, struggle and energy deployment are zero
The gift of faith can work on a whole congregation
9d. The Word of knowledge
The Word of knowledge is revelation that comes with unction for manifestation

10. The climate of the Spirit (2Cor. 3:17: Acts 16:25-26; Gen. 1:1-3)
The climate of the Spirit is majorly generated by a deep atmosphere of worship and it ushers in liberty

11. The communion table (Ex. 12:11-13; 1Cor. 5:7; Deut. 8:4; Ps. 105:37; John 6:56-57; 1Cor. 11:26; Isa. 53:2-5)
The communion table is where the Body and Blood of Jesus is administered and it communicates healing
Jesus Christ is the equivalent of the Passover lamb of the Old Testament
Everything Jesus Christ died to purchase is released into our Body by the Communion
When you take the Body and Blood of Jesus you are making demands on healing that happened for you at Calvary
You can take the communion prophylactically (prevention) or therapeutically (curative)

12. The agreement of the Spirit (Acts 14:20; Matt. 18:19)
When the faith of a person can no longer carry him then the agreement of the brethren comes into play

NOTE: All the avenues preached tonight must be robed in the climate of righteousness (Ps. 103:3; Jam. 5:14-16)

Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask for Your help on my life; I need Your help and Your mercy. Holy Spirit, take Your place in my life; I receive fresh fire, oil and enablement Now in Jesus’ Name.

Tonic of health, complete restoration and liberty

– Anyone who came in here today with any trace of affliction, it is flushed out now!
– Divine surgeries will happen to you overnight!
– Before you reach your house, you will have an encounter with the Lord!
– Every yoke of affliction or oppression is broken tonight!
– Everything my Father in Heaven has not planted in your system is flushed out now!
– Your healing and wholeness is established tonight!
– The testimony you have been waiting to share, after this night you shall share that testimony!
– No devil shall stop your miracle!
– God will not only heal your mind and heal your body, He will also heal your pocket!

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