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It is a great privilege to welcome our special guest in this segment of this program this morning. On behalf of God, the owner and builder of this house and our Father, who you just heard his voice, the Apostle over this commission – Bishop David Oyedepo and the National Pastor of the Mission to North and South America, I will like to use this opportunity to recognise some of our special guests.

First our Mummy, Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo, you are welcome ma in the name of Jesus Christ. She is with Dr Mrs Joyce Abodurin, you are also welcome. Then we have our resident Pastor, Faith Tabernacle the International Headquarters of this Church, Pastor David Oyedepo Jr, you are welcome Sir. We have a host of dignitaries from different countries with us this morning.

It might interest you to know that as at 7am this morning 422 people had registered as delegates from all across all the nations of the earth, from Canada, the United States of America here and all across the earth, you are all welcome.

I like to mention this very special people I have here the Sons of the Prophet. I have Pastor Segun Abugan from Dominion Life Church California, you are welcome. Pastor Bunmi Amos, Living Power Church Tulsa, you are welcome. Pastor Cornelius Ezeagwu, King of Kings Church Chicago, you are welcome. Pastor Isaac Prosper from Prosperity Chapel International Connecticut, you are welcome.

Also we have some other dignitaries from other fields of human endeavour, we have Mr Obi Irono TIS Foundation, Dr Oge Irono, Dr. Emmanuel Irono, Pastor Henry Nwosu from Winners Chapel Virginia. We also have some other people even in the government circle. We have among us here now Jolene Ivey from Prince George’s County Council, that’s our host here., you are welcome.

We also have all our district pastors represented here. We have Pastor Nathaniel Odin from Dallas, Pastor Joseph Ajayi from Minnesota, Pastor Timoteu Ariyo from New York, Pastor Jide Owomoyela from New Jersey, Pastor Emmanuel Akinola from Atlanta Georgia, Pastor Tunde Oladipo from Toronto Canada, Pastor Lanre Otukoya from Los Angeles. We have all our Area, Zonal and Mission Station Pastors represented here and other lead monsters from all over the entire region.

You are all welcome. We also have here with us Elder Ibaleme Antim all the way from Nigeria, we have all our other special guest from Lagos and Abuja and most importantly you are recognized because you are here and you shall be mightily blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

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