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Accurate record keeping is essential to monitor the performance and profitability of a flock, and to enable forecasting, programming and cash flow projections to be made. It also serves to provide an early warning of potential problems. The daily
records should be on display for each house. At the farm, the following data must be made available to ease the decision making processes at the farm, as some broiler outgrowers may need to present this data too.


Mortality and culls by house
Daily feed consumption
Daily water consumption
Water to feed ratio
Water treatments
Minimum and maximum daily temperatures
Number of birds taken for processing
Management changes


Feed deliveries (Supplier/amount/type/date of consumption)
Feed sample from each delivery
Live weight (daily/weekly/daily gain)
Medication (type/batch/amount/date of administration/date of withdrawal)
Vaccination (type/batch/amount/date of administration)
Lighting programme
Litter (type/date of delivery/amount delivered/visual inspection)
Chick delivery (number/date/time/count in boxes/truck temperature and humidity)
Stocking density
Chick Source (hatchery/breed/donor breeder code/chick weight)
Weights of each load at processing plant for broilers
Date and time feed withdrawn
Date and time catching started and finished
Cleanout (total bacterial counts/visual inspection)
Post-mortem results
Repairs and maintenance
Technical visits

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