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In case you don’t know why the Naira is ₦575 to $1, and may soon become ₦1000 to $1, it is because Buhari has increased our total national debt from ₦12 trillion in 2015, to ₦35 trillion today.

Things are so bad that even Pastor Adeboye complained about our debt position. Please Google it. Pastor Adeboye was venting his frustration about our debt to his friend.

This shameless bambiala called Buhari has borrowed your destiny and spent it building a $2 billion railway in Niger Republic. Wake up and smell the coffee. You and I here can afford to eat, but there are millions going to bed empty because their Naira can no longer buy anything tangible.

The Naira is now worth less than the Zimbabwean dollar. If that is okay by you, it is not okay by me. I will fight this man every step of the way until he stops borrowing our destiny away!


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