Reno Omokri shows his Youtube earning screenshot


Sometimes ago, the popular reno omokri took to social media to share some side hustle that people can learn and do to make money online and many Nigerians have called it s scam, as many people actually do not know it’s very possible to make decent money online legitimately without doing fraud or scam.

Today, to prove his reality, reno shared some of the earning he got from his youtube video on facebook and he said, those are earning he earned in a week, read what he said below;

Two days ago, I did a post about 21 side hustles you can do with just a smartphone and data, and some people said it is not possible.

Here is a screenshot of monies earned by just a few of my YouTube videos within a week. In a month they bring in thousands of dollars.

Even if you don’t believe me, believe the evidence. I have earned money from these online side hustles, and it funds my lifestyle, pays my staff’s salary and enables me show the love of God to others.

I have no financial interest in telling you guys this. I am just moved by the poverty our people encounter and my contribution to ending this is to teach you how to fish for yourselves!

Find below a list of 30 online side hustles that can wipe away poverty from your life:

Web designer
Shopify merchant
SEO Optimisation
Survey taker
Online tutor
Virtual PA (more popular than you think)
Product reviewer
Remote customer service provider
eBay seller
Sell photos online via istockphoto, burst or Getty
App creator
Amazon trader
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Online music reviewer
Project writer
On demand printer
Twitch streaming
Affiliate marketer
Online stock trader
CV/Resumer writer
Online course creator
Audiobook narrator
Online focus group participant
Website user testing
Online forex trader

Making money on the Internet without doing Yahoo is not that hard, stop arguing with me and start earning money legally!

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