• Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche at Dunamis January Preservation and Anointing Service.
  • The year has started well and it shall end well.

  • Our objective for tonight is to understand the place of divine revelation and direction in preservation. Scriptures make us understand that there is a direct relationship between divine revelation and direction and preservation.
  • The more directed you, the more protected you are. The more directed you, the more delivered you are. Divine direction is key to deliverance. Revelation is key to preservation. Hosea 4:6. Where instruction is lacking, destruction is abundant. Where the people lack knowledge, they cannot lack disaster. Proverbs 29:18.
  • you will not perish in Jesus name.
    There are examples that abound in scripture. I will look at four of them very quickly. First of all, David and his men were preserved by divine direction and revelation from God in the land of Keilah.
    1 Samuel 23:10-13
    The question to ask is: supposing David did not ask God, supposing David did not hear God Saul would have come live and captured Him and his men. Only God knows the way that would have ended. If God would deliver him later, he would have suffered some torture before he is delivered. For lack of hearing, a person can die. There are people who have been cut short before their time because of what they did not hear.

There are those who didn’t die but suffered unnecessary calamity because of what they did not hear. I heard a story from Papa Oyedepo how in 1988/89 the great man of God, Oral Roberts, was coming to Benin. I think Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory was to host him and they were to be co-hosts.

As He was moving to the airport, he felt loss of peace about the journey but the friend he was to go with said “let’s go, they are waiting for us there”. Contrary to the feeling he had, he tried to go. Now the meeting He was supposed to have that day was to hold around 11am that morning, they remained in the airport till around 5 in the night.

The meeting had come and ended. They looked for another flight to Benin till about 8 or 9 in the night. There was no flight to Benin.

So he went to enter a rickety vehicle to go by road to Benin. After a while the people said they should come down, they are not going again. So he decided to charter a taxi and he heard the audible voice of God say “if you move beyond this point now, you are as good as dead”. That was how he returned from the journey, frustrated and I think he lost his bag along the line. Everything went wrong, the only thing not lost is his life.

The only compulsory thing in life is going to heaven. It is very clear that there are people who have lost their lives because of what they didn’t hear or what they heard and ignored.
Example 2 is Elijah.

Please don’t try to use faith where you need direction. David could have said he will wait for Saul and deal with him.

There is a time when you need to move physically, not faith. 1 Kings 17:1-2, God delivered Elijah from the wicked plans of Ahab and Jezebel by divine direction.

You can call down fire but there is a time to hide. I am not saying you lack faith, use your faith to handle other matters, this time just hide. God delivered him.


Elijah would have been cut short without this direction. Divine direction is the aversion of destruction. Satanic destruction of people’s lives can be averted by the force of divine direction.

  • no devil shall cut you short before your time. Before you make the next wrong move, Jehovah will reveal it to you by a vision of the night, in the hearing of the ear. The third example is Daniel, one vision and Daniel and his colleagues were preserved in Babylon by divine revelation and vision. Daniel 2:17-19.

There is something God needs to show you so that you don’t perish with others in your community, you don’t perish where others are perishing.

There is a secret you need to know that will facilitate your preservation and longevity upon the face of the earth. It was revealed and they could not perish.

Fourth example, Paul the Apostle and all those who travelled with him were preserved by revelation. Acts 27:22-25.

  • There shall be no loss for your life, for your family, for your loved ones. You are preserved.
  • By the prophetic and apostolic mandate upon my life for you and your family there shall be no loss in the name of Jesus.
    Effects of divine revelation and direction on preservation
  1. Divine revelation and direction brings instructions on steps to take to avert destruction.
    We saw it from the life of David, 1 Samuel 23:10-13. As Saul was coming, David knew Saul was coming and he took steps that saved his life. We saw it in 1 Kings 17:2-3, the direction for Elijah came with an instruction ” go hide yourself”. God will give you direct instruction and revelation on steps to take. “Even though the journey you are about to take is concluded, don’t take a step”. “That person that you think is your best friend stay away from them, if not they will orchestrate your downfall”. ” that business move your money out of it so that it doesn’t become your grave yard”. Divine revelation and direction comes with steps to take to avert destruction.
  2. Divine revelation and direction unveils enemy secret and mystery.
    That is what we saw in Daniel 2:17-19. The power of darkness is exposed and once they are unveiled, they are reversed. The reason why it is working against you is because you don’t know about it.

The power of darkness is destroyed by the power of light. All that God needs to do is to show you what is behind premature death in your family, as you see it. Once it is revealed it can be reversed.

  • I prophesy to someone here today, every mystery around your life and family shall be unraveled.
  1. Divine revelation and direction fuel faith for preservation.
    When God shows you some things, when. God shows you how the trap the enemy set couldn’t catch you or shows you the ministry of angels around you, it just fuels your faith. That is what happened in Acts 27:22-25. If you are in the midst of small turbulence and an angel stood with you physically and says “calm down, this aircraft will land”. What would you do? You will cross your legs and sleep back. It fuels your faith. That is why it is very necessary. The voice of God fuels faith. I am fully aware of the ministry of angels around my life and ministry. I don’t know how we managed in a South African country, attackers came to attack us with guns and everything. The vehicle lifted to the other side of the road and we found our way from there. I don’t know how that happened. I don’t know how in 1988, I was in the midst of an accident and the vehicle was somersaulting and I found myself beside the vehicle with my bag beside me.

Currently, someone had died already, I laid flat on the floor worshipping God. They were pointing torchlight at the people, this one had died, this one had died. They pointed the torch at me and I said this one is alive.

A doctor came from Jos teaching hospital and looked at me and said ” You, what are you doing here”. He didn’t know that I was part of the accident. I am fully aware of the ministry of angels. I am aware that some people came to attack me in the dream of the night and I wanted to rush at them when a man came and said give me space.

By the time he moved his hands once or twice, everyone was on the floor. I said who are you? He said I am the angel sent to fight your battles. I am aware that anybody looking for me is looking for disaster and they will see plenty of it this year.


One day in the Area One Church, I saw an angel that is as tall as this building. His hands were very high up, he had a small knife. When he does this, he can waste a million people. Very dangerous, this was brutal. I said who are you? And he said he was a judgmental angel that worked with Apostle So and so. It appears like he is vacant for now.

Which devil are you going to fear when you see such things? Even myself, one day I wasted angels of darkness until I began to feel physical pity in the dream.

  • I prophesy to you today that those things that you will see in the word, in dreams and in visions. I declare that they are released upon you right now. You will begin to experience the ministry of angels like never before.
  1. Divine revelation and direction is always accompanied by divine presence.
    Whenever God speaks, shows things, His presence backs His word.
    Psalm 23:1-6
    Divine direction brings divine presence and divine presence brings divine protection.
  2. Divine revelation and direction comes with angelic presence.
    When God shows things, His messengers move with what He says. Of course you know His angels have the assignment of preservation. Exodus 14:19, 23:20. When God leads, His messengers accompany His leading. When God reveals, His messengers accompany His revelation.
  3. Divine revelation and direction fuel intercession unto preservation.
    1 Timothy 1:18
    God will show you things that move you to prayer, for example maybe the enemy was planning a disaster for you and your family. He shows it and puts you in the place of prayer so it can either be established if they are good things or neutralized if they are bad things.

Revelation fuels warfare unto victory. Whenever you see something in the dream and it does not look positive, it doesn’t mean it must come to pass. It is only showing you what the enemy is planning to do. It is subject to either being accepted or being ejected. You can force it back to hell where it came from.

Don’t let anyone tell you they saw something negative about you and it must come to pass. There are people who specialize in trying to intimidate and scare about what they saw. Who are you in my life? that it is you God will show the things that pertain to my life.

That devil is a bastard. If they genuinely love you, they will give you one or two details for it not to come to pass. I don’t care about a negative revelation that has no solution. It is a useless, nonsensical revelation that is good for nothing.

There are some prayers you don’t say Amen, it doesn’t matter who the person is. Someone met me and said the devil and his people have taken notice of you. I said I would be shocked if they don’t. The way we are killing them, they need to have notice. Their notice is inconsequential. It is an insult if they are not aware.

  • I prophesy to you today that every gang of hell concerning your life and destiny are roasted by fire.
    There are times that God uses circumstances to preserve His people like what I told you about Bishop David Oyedepo. Don’t go and he wanted to go by force. Plane delayed, vehicle all matter. Some rejection is salvation.

There are some cases of rejection that God made them to reject you to save you. Don’t force yourself on any condition or circumstance that is not working out.

So you can save your life. There are people God wants to save by all means and they want to do things their own way by all means. I heard from Bishop Oyedepo that they were in a park in Ibadan or Akure, they had paid the fare and all of a sudden the conductor returned his money and said they wouldn’t carry him.

He went to another bus. That very bus had an accident, none survived. Don’t force anything to happen that is not trying to happen. Calm down. I see some people heading into marriage like sheep to the slaughter. This thing I am not convinced but card is already out. What useless card is that? Set the card on fire.

One young man called me on the Saturday morning of his wedding “excuse me Sir, I am not convinced. I am not marrying. I am not going ahead with it”. He had to handle the matter. Move from here and there to talk to people and apologize.

Don’t be like a sleep to the slaughter. Saul lost his throne when he forced himself to offer sacrifice. He used his own mouth, he used the word ‘force’. 1 Samuel 13:12-13. What he forced himself to do eventually cost him his life and his crown. Anything you do by force, anything you do under pressure may waste your life.
Keys For Divine Direction

  1. Desperation
    Hosea 6:3.
    When you know that your very life can be lost if you don’t see some things, you pray with desperation. You sleep with expectation. Lord, anything you know to show that I am not seeing please have mercy. That desperation is very important.
  2. Expectancy or Watchfulness

Habakkuk 2:1-3
Many times God speaks and we are not hearing. I used to have a problem with revelation. When I meet a person I know so many things about them so I think I have spoken with the person before. He must have told me all these things so I don’t say anything.

The other day I was in the office, a woman came with her two children. I sat down and said “did you tell me you dreamt a dream and this was what you dreamt”.

Because it appeared as if she was explaining a dream to me. So most of us our challenge is not as if God is not speaking, our challenge is that we don’t know His language. Hosea 12:10.

  • From today you will hear.
    We need to be alert to understand the language of the spirit.
  • You will not miss it another time.
  • Every agenda of hell against your life in 2022 is absolutely arrested.
  • There shall be clarity in every area of life. How God is speaking, you shall not miss it.
    Isaiah 48:8
    It is one thing to have ears, it is another thing for the ears to be open. When they say someone is deaf, it doesn’t mean the ear is not there physically.
    Lord, I am asking today that you give me the gift of an open ear.
    Isaiah 40:6, 50:4-5
    Until you hear correctly, you can’t speak correctly. It’s a medical fact, when someone is having a speech problem, the first thing to check is the ear. Lord open my understanding to know and my ear to hear.

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