Why is it as though, the Bible stories and testimonies of our fathers don’t seem to move us any longer?

Why don’t we see the same order of results they saw and are still seeing?

Perhaps because we have heard it repeatedly over and over again 🀷. We know the stories already, so what else?

Watching ‘abejoye’ movie, one lesson worthy of note is the fact that, those who have never heard about the mightiness of God nor heard of the stories in the Bible, believed almost immediately and whole heartedly, engaged rigorously and saw same order of results.

Just one miracle was enough for them to surrender their lives to God. Just the ‘mad man of gardarene’ story was enough for them to believe in the power of God. Just the testimony of the deliverance of the Isrealites from pharaoh was enough for them to believe, that they kept on talking about it forever.

They couldn’t even pronounce the words correctly, yet they got the message. They even added to it as though they were there. The stories became the message of salvation to everyone that cared to ear. The stories became the scriptures they began to use in prayers and God answered. Oh, it was so real to them.

You see, we have stayed too long around the pulpit that it no longer yields results. We have heard so much Bible stories, attended so much retreats, Sunday school and it’s just always the same old stories over and over again without proofs in our lives.

We listen to our fathers tell us of their journies with God as far back as the 80’s but we just get bored, hence, no replicates in our lives.

The people in the village jump at salvation immediately they hear of the gospel, they do it genuinely. But we in the city have heard it too much that it no longer makes meaning.


We fluently quote scriptures pricisely without effect. Has the word lost his potency?? No way!

We need to come back to the place of humility. Unlearn, learn and relearn. We need to avoid familiarity. We need to act like children to learn from the sent teachers. Stop acting ‘city’. Be like a villager who has never heard the word before and yearns to learn. That is what you get results.

May we not loose out on what He has for us even in these last days. Take heed lest you get too familiar with God this year.

©️ Ojo Debby Omotayo
Fashionable yet Godly.

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