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– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘ENGAGING THE ANOINTING’ (PART 1).

Lift your hands and worship Him; give Him all the praise. The Mighty God, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna to the God of the Heavens. My soul doth magnify the Lord, we extol You King of the ages. Thank You Jesus.
Lift up your voice and bless the name of the Lord tonight; worship His majesty, the One who is and the One who is to come!

– Remember not the former things nor consider the things of old, for behold…
The key word is “behold.” Don’t worry about what I’m doing. I already told you the thoughts I think towards you; they are not thoughts of evil.

Can you take your eyes away from what you have been looking at; the disappointment, the failure, the news? Behold… that is the prophetic word for you. Do you not see that I’m already doing something? Why are you dwelling in yesterday when I have moved into your tomorrow?

No one makes progress dwelling in yesterday. Behold is the prophetic word for you; behold with your spirit and with your eyes of faith. Behold the healing, lifting, rising, the turning of a new season.

Remember ye not the former things nor consider the things of old. Regardless of what I do, if you don’t behold, you will not see. It takes faith to behold; it takes courage to behold.

– The Lord is bringing people into a season of financial release! He said loose that colt and when they ask you, say the Master has need of it. Therefore, by prophecy we loose that financial colt right now in the name of Jesus!
– For someone here; you may not see the wind, you may not see the rain, yet I have spoken that your valley shall be filled with water in the name of Jesus Christ!

Thank You Jesus for Your Marvelous work in the midst of Your people. Lord, we declare in the name of Jesus that tonight will indeed be one night that we will not forget in a hurry. We thank You for what You are already doing in our lives. This is what we get for trusting You; enough to come before You with heart broken, humbled and expectant.

We pray in the name of Jesus who is the son of the living God that no one here and no one following, no one connecting by faith will leave disappointed tonight and we vow that whilst You transform, heal and deliver, we decree and declare that through our transformations, healings, deliverances and diverse manifestation of Your presence, Jesus and Him alone will be enthroned, revealed and glorified even in our midst, for in Jesus’ name we pray.

God bless you!
It’s good to have everyone around. This does not always happen but let me teach you something; never frown at moment like this where God just decide to move in the midst of His people and where you have the opportunity to soak in the glory. It will not happen for every service but if and when it happens, do not fight it. There is something God is doing. It is good to be excellent and display a high level of leadership but you must have the flexibility that when He comes and in whatever manner He comes, you must be able to receive Him.

When we become excessively rigid over the activity of the Holy Spirit, many times we lose out. The way the Holy Spirit works is that when He comes into a place, it is the honour that You give Him through Your patience, discernment and through the manifestation of faith that makes for the continuation of what He is doing. Just because He has come does not mean He will bless you. Where your resistance stops Him is where He will honourably stop.

It is why many people never dive into the deeper dimensions of the things of the Spirit because sometimes, we are too calculated. This is the principle that many knew in the Bible and even in modern history; there were times they will just come and soak in that glory and not even know the name of what they are doing. But when His is done, you will find out that the infirmities are no longer there. You will find out that the limitations are no longer there.

When you spend one hour of quality time in His presence, it can give you ten years of another man’s desire. His presence has value all-wise. So, don’t you think this is just some pentecostal things or charismatic things. This is the Spirit of God, responding to the hunger, desire and passion of God’s people. In every assembly, ministry and gathering like this, there will always be people who are not serious with God; there will always be people who do not think God is a big deal but I can assure you, there are always people who come before Him with passion and hunger as though they’ve never learnt anything about the things of the Spirit. It is for such people, for their sake, God will not leave Himself without a witness.

It is impossible to take God seriously and this kind of moment will not happen in your church, life and family. There will always be moments where you have prolonged time of fellowship and worship; do not fight it even if you do not understand what God is doing, trust Him. Sometimes we need to manage our minds and not let it interrupt what God is doing in our lives. If you want to walk with God just based on what you understand, your pace will be too slow.

There are many times God will work with you; it is three years later that you will understand what He did three years before. It is an act of faith to trust Him and go all the way and let your mind catch up. Sometimes, we become too scientific and philosophical in our walk with God. We want to understand the details of what God is doing, except that sometimes His ways are path finding out. You can stretch your intelligence and yet, not understand what God is doing.

I welcome everyone in the name of Jesus who is the Son of the living God.
When God begins to honour and help you, two things very quickly:
1). Beware of pride. There is absolutely nothing in us out of the mercy and the help of God.

2). You must be able to take the love and the commitment of God’s people as a trust that you must not betray.

You must make sure they do not spend so much resources; time, energy and then come to your assembly and then you waste their time and share the grace. It is very unfair, in fact, it is evil. It is my covenant with God that no one would ever come for any service, regardless what service and then go back the same.

So, thank you so much for making the time to come, may the Lord bless you. I pray that your coming will be most profitable for you. You have our blessings and our prayers in Jesus’ name.

Father, give me an encounter tonight in the name of Jesus. Give me an encounter even by Your Spirit that will change my life forever in Jesus’ name.

We are wrapping up a series that we started last week on the supernatural; helping believers to understand the necessity for walking in the supernatural and the demands, what it takes to command the supernatural.
Part 1, we looked at the dynamics of faith as the first key to releasing the supernatural and then, for tonight part 2, we are going to be looking at;

We agreed last week that when it has to do with commanding the supernatural, it is an interplay between faith and the anointing. That there is a role that faith has to play as far as commanding the supernatural is concerned and there is a role that the anointing has to play.

For a very long time in the Body of Christ, it seems as though there’s been a great divide and even confusion as to how these spiritual forces operate in producing miracles and the manifestation of the supernatural.

On one hand, we have people who are “faith people” and there is nothing else they are interested in. All they know is just faith; the moment is in place; everything is in place. Then we have, especially the charismatics who believe that it is about the anointing, it has nothing to do with faith. Once the power of God is not present, it doesn’t matter what you are speaking and saying and for a long time, there has been arguments and even misunderstandings across this device.

The dynamics of faith and even engaging the anointing, all of these forces were supposed to work together to produce the supernatural. There is nowhere in the Bible where you are given the liberty to choose whether you want faith or the anointing. It’s like choosing whether you want fuel or you want tyres in your car.

Which one do you think is important as far as movement is concerned? So, you can see that they are very important and my assignment tonight as we wrap up this series is to open up our eyes to understand how to engage the anointing. Many believers continue to live defeated lives because they do not understand how faith works.

Last week, we laid a very important foundation that I want us to not forget; how that in this Kingdom, every time we talk about the supernatural and we talk about results, you must understand the motivation behind our desire for results. It is very important that we put this in place and in perspective when dealing with subject of the supernatural.
Why do we need results in our lives?
I told us that results are also evangelists, that there is a kind of evangelism that only results can do. There is a sermon that our territory is waiting for and the preacher is not a human vessel; the preacher is the testimony, the workings of the power of God and when we do not produce results, we stop our territories from hearing the message that can save (John 15:8).

It is important for believers to command results; it is important that our Christian adventures produce fruits and results that compel all and sundry that Jesus is alive and He is dependable. Every time you receive a miracle or testimony from God, you must understand that every testimony comes with a letter from God to you. Three things captured in that letter;
1). The message of love. In every manifestation of the supernatural, Jesus through it is saying; “I love you. I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with my loving kindness.”
2). God is dependable. You can know you are safe, trusting Him.
3). God is Almighty. Every time you receive a testimony, things begin to work for you, don’t just enjoy the miracles and manifestations; you must discern what God through those things He is saying to you.

By the privilege of God’s grace, I’ve had the honour of studying and teaching the subject of the power of God and the anointing for many years and you will think that after teaching this for so many years, I would have exhausted everything to be known about the anointing. That is not true.

One of the ways you know that something comes from God is that, that inability to exhaust the riches in it, that is in God will always follow His thought and whatever it is that is of God. You can never truly exhaust everything about the anointing and faith; it is layer after layer. When you are done with one layer, God will honour you by unveiling another layer of that spiritual reality.

We need the anointing especially the times that we live in (Psalm 92:10). The Bible tells us to look up to Jesus, so theologically speaking, Jesus is our pattern man. He represents perfect theology.

That means Jesus was approved of God to be the reference; every believer who wants to attain unto stature and growth in the Spirit, the Bible mandates that you look primarily unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. You understudy His life and the way that He lived and you can glean wisdom and follow that spiritual pathway to a life of excellence and glory.

The whole essence, the idea for being anointed from ancient times, the content is to be smeared with oil but the idea of being anointed is to legitimize an operation. So when we say an individual is anointed, what we mean is that you have been authorized to do whatever you are doing. To be anointed means to be empowered to do whatever it is you are doing. To anoint means to legitimize an operation, so that both the earth and the realm of the spirit no longer considers you to do it illegally. So, when the Bible talks about being anointed, it is an ordination – That really is the essence of ordination.

So, in its purest form, the anointing has nothing to do with oil. Most times, when believers don’t have the requisite spiritual knowledge and we get them into all these rituals of oil and the rest, it almost become witchcraft sometimes.

All of those mediums only find their credence if and when the believer has an understanding of what he is doing. To be anointed has nothing to do with oil, handkerchief, mantle, some mediums; I am not saying those things are wrong but the essence of being anointed is to empower you to do or to become and then to legitimize your operation.

The anointing is God’s ability, it matters that ability belongs to God because there are many other kinds of ability routed through, there are abilities that seem to come from demons but the anointing is God’s ability at work in a human or material vessel to accomplish his purposes and to produce extraordinary results. So, the ability belongs to God even whilst we take advantage of that ability. The intent or the goal of that anointing is to empower that individual to accomplish God’s purposes and then to produce extraordinary results.

1). The anointing empowers the believer to subdue the forces of darkness fighting against our destinies and the advancement of the Kingdom.
Is satan fighting your destiny and my destiny?
How long?
“For as long as you will be alive.” (Psalm 66:3).
It is God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo who would say that the only language satan understands is the language of power and he is right.

Satan does not understand English, French, negotiation; the only thing he understands is power. Ask Israel in Egypt, nine plagues and satan through Pharaoh would not let them go but one last plague and he compelled him to let them go.

So, the anointing addresses satan. It is very important for you to understand this. You see, satan is spirit; satan is not flesh. It is not only God who is spirit alone, satan is also spirit. Do you know what that means? You cannot arrest him, you can’t take him to a court, the military cannot help you fight him, you cannot set him on fire; all the things you do to men to find peace, you cannot do with him. The fallen angels and all the demons and the cohorts of hell, they are spirit even though their damage is not spiritual alone; their damage starts from the realm of the spirit but has a physical expression in your life.

When the devil plants sickness in your body, he can start from a dream but it will not end at a dream; it will manifest physically and you will see the injury and pain.

When satan programs disfavour upon a believer, it can start from the realm of the spirit but you will shockingly see it manifest physically. So, it takes the anointing to be able to subdue the forces of darkness.

Do you know that every time you stand before God’s people to make an altar call, I want you to know that we are not the only ones who are seeing you; angels are witnesses to that salvation prayer, demons are also witnesses. From the day you declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ, an intentional line has been drawn between you and satan. For the rest of your life, whether you are alive, except you die but provided you are alive, satan is interested in you.
“Apostle, who did I offend?” That is not the issue. When you say; “Jesus I love you,” you are a potential threat to the kingdom of darkness.

Satan does not give you a chance to grow before he attacks you, he knows what the life of God is and he knows what you’ve received even though you don’t know it. You may trivialize what you’ve received but satan understands the implication of being saved.

In fact, satan does not wait for you to be saved, the moment you are born, you are already a potential threat that’s why you read in the Bible, satan kill children, he did not even give them a chance to grow.

It was Jesus that was speaking and He said, right from the days of John the Baptist, the Kingdom suffereth violence and the violent will take it by force. The Bible did not leave us in the dark as to the fact that the whole world lies in wickedness. When you leave satan unhindered, he will kill everything he can kill, steal and destroys everything he can destroy (John 10:10) – satan’s tripartite signature, the moment; if you are unsure who is around, verify it with these tripartite activities. If satan comes, he will never leave you the way he met you. He must steal, kill and destroy something.
– Let me prophesy to someone; any force that has refused to let you go, in the name of Jesus and by the power that raised Christ from the dead, it must give up on your finally!

Your business will not just grow, your children will not just be responsible people, the ministry will not just grow, your political career will not just flourish; there is a devil who is determined to make everything God in your life dies. He will tear your relationship between you and your wife, your children, destroy your finances until he reduces you to ashes and when he does it, he will sign it like Julius Berger will build and write signed.

What makes you believe satan will fold his hand and watch you promoted?
You think he does not know what your influence will do to the Kingdom? Oh Zachariah and Elizabeth, it is not about barrenness, it is about John who will announce Jesus. There are many battles today that many of you are fighting that has nothing to do with you, it is because of something that will come out of you.

Listen, when you see satan fighting your family, he knows that with that empowerment, you will send your son to a mission school and in that mission school, one day a prophet or an apostle will visit that school; he will have an encounter and he will find his purpose and become a mighty man of God. So, he will make sure that school fees never enter your hand.

Every time you see the devil around your life, he is not there to advice you or counsel you; he’s there to steal, kill and to destroy. Can I be honest with you? I have seen many demon spirits in my life. I am not telling you what I just read in scripture; if you ever see men excelling in spite of satan, there is something keeping him.

For thousands of years of satan as a defeated foe, he has still not given up on fighting God. You have to understand the person you are dealing with. You will think after the millions of years of his rebellion, he shook just give up one day, satan is as determined today as he was when he left Heaven. What kind of a creature is that? Have you ever seen satan repeating? Have you ever seen his picture on his knees saying, God, just punish me but I am ready for peace?
Most people do not know the person they are dealing with. If you think oppressing you for thirty years will make satan say, it’s a enough; think again! If there is anything to learn from satan, it is determination.

Can I tell you; you were born in the middle of an old story that has nothing to do with you but simply because you found yourself in that space called the earth, you better find out the rules of engagement, otherwise you will find out that your life will become a casualty that you know nothing about.

I remember years ago, a gentle man (true story), the moment he became thirteen, someone slapped him in a dream and when he came and met me and he was talking (a little boy in one of the schools in Zaria) that somebody slapped him.

When he was talking to his father, the father said, “describe who slapped you” and that was exactly what happened to the father. You know what the spirit was saying?
“Welcome to a battle that your being part of this bloodline has forced you into; you must be interested in what we are dealing with.”

Why do we need the anointing?
Because there is a real devil; there are real spirits. Mother, the devil will not fold his hands and watch your five, ten, eight children rise up to become responsible people. No!
His joy is to steal, kill and to destroy. You will think that if you start crying once, satan will pity you, find out who he is.

There are people crying in hell, if it is to pity anybody, he will start with them, not you. I don’t know about you but for me, I’ve made up my mind as a covenant with God, I have no negotiation with satan; there are no discussions. Every time me and him meet, he already knows. I am saying this because some of you have allowed the devil lie to you; don’t let the devil keep deceiving you and destroying your life.

When satan wants to destroy a family, his first target is the strongest person spiritually. He will afflict with sickness, pain and frustration, so that when you go down spiritually, that hindrance has cleared the way, he will now settle down and attack. I don’t mean to scare you, but Africa listen to me; if you are a first born, first male, last child, breadwinner – satan attacks but there is a protocol to the attack. So much ignorance in the Body of Christ.
If you are the first to be educated, the first to be lifted in your family; go and read the Bible about the laws of firstborns, not just the first to come out of the womb; the first to do anything in life. Do you know why? Because the first of anything is the seed and the pattern. You think the devil will fold his arms and watch you?

Let me tell you one of the ways that satan moves; it is called the power of patterns. Patterns are repetitive occurrences. You find out your grandmother was raped; your mother was raped. They never shared it with themselves, yet the pattern will find itself again. Patterns are sponsored by altars, even if the initiators of the altars go, the altars are still valid, they will speak. That is why you see nations, regions, individuals, families, even ministry go through patterns.

The anointing is not for preachers; not the end time anointing. The anointing is not just for men of God, the anointing is not just for adults. I have seen wickedness in the lives of people, satan destabilize the joy and peace of families. Can I tell you the truth? Satan is not a friend. Learn from his rebellion and his unbendedness. Satan has never told God sorry, he will never tell man sorry. Just believe that about him. So when satan comes around your life and acts as a friend, beware of what you are playing with; you are not just playing with fire, satan is every other thing but he is not stupid and he is not foolish. He has advantage of age and he’s using it well.


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