Securing Divine Intervention Through Praise – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at SMHOS 1st Service.

Always appear in God’s presence because that is where things are made to happen, two testimonies this morning, one said they prayed for their friend during the week of spiritual empowerment and the two people because of the kind of knowledge they had they were released unconditionally, if you were here you would see vengeance in a raw form, too raw, undiluted vengeance, undiluted ministration and people were blessed, always appear in God’s presence don’t wait for Sunday, because God does not come only on Sunday, he comes every day.


The Bible says Haggai was close to water, she did not see it – Genesis 21:19, but when she cried God opened her eyes to see through her son Ishmael, she did not see, it was not that time that God created the water, it was there already but she did not see, your miracle will not come now, it is there, Oh God open my eye to see what I need to do this Sunday, go ahead and pray.

Open my eyes and understanding to see what is already available to me.
Finally, before you sit, Psalm 65:11 – Lord crown my year with your goodness, Lord I must end this year well. Go ahead and pray in the name of Jesus.

You will end the year well, in the name of Jesus, Lord let this 1st service, each one all over the world is a part of this service, let them have a special word from you, a word that will make us rule our world and take charge in the affairs of life. In Jesus mighty name.

Give a big hand to God and you may be seated


Topic: Securing Divine Intervention Through Praise (1)

Sub Topic: Praise for Fulfillment of Prophecies/Perfection
No prophecy fulfills itself – 1st Timothy 1:18, no good warfare no good welfare, for every prophecy to see the light of the day you must engage in spiritual warfare and one of the most potent, God’s approved and earthly impactful supernatural weapon for immediate answers is praise. The warfare of praise will deliver answer if it is done with understanding any day anytime. Praise with Understanding – Psalm 47:7.


Let me say this to you, praise commands unlimited power, very often underutilized by many Christians due to lack of understanding, it looks simple, no much to do but many don’t engage in it.

Radical praise is what provokes God to fulfill all his promises and declaration on your life and today whatever has been promised you from God’s Word will be fulfilled as you engage in praise in the name of Jesus. We are magnifying God in praise in our words and songs and when God is magnified you are dignified and glorified, God loves praise, praise is pleasurable to God – Psalm 147:1.

What is Praise? Praise is expression of gratitude and reverence with a joyful heart to God for who he is, for what he has done and for what he will do.

It is demonstrating our faith in the God we serve, that without failing whatever he said he will do, he will do in songs, dancing and clapping.
What is Fulfillment? Fulfillment means to be able to satisfactorily, implement, discharge, accomplish and effect expected desires.
What is Perfection? Perfection means when something or somebody reaches the best attainable quality, standard, position in any given thing or pursuit.

Now hear this, how many want God to perfect all that concerns them this year, how many want all prophecies to be fulfilled this year? it will come to pass in Jesus name.

Certain things has been said concerning you, certain things have been written concerning you, they have to be fulfilled is that clear, you don’t wait for them to be fulfilled you provoke the fulfillment of those words.

Prophecies are of two ways with same source.

Most times when we hear prophecies the first thing that comes to us is somebody standing in front of you to talk, when you hear prophecies, the strongest prophecy/prophecies is the Word of God, every time you hear prophecies the first thing that comes to your mind is a man of God and especially in this part of the world is one man with dreadlock.


The strongest prophecies is the Bible.

  1. The Word of God – 2nd Peter 1:19, everything said in the Bible is a prophecy to you. Most times we don’t know the Word of God, because we have not found time to know what is written, when you see God’s word anything written there is an indication that God is prophesying to you and that which you believe must come to pass.

Jesus for instance, the prophecy concerning him he didn’t locate it until he opened the book, Luke 4:16-21, many of us don’t know what God has said concerning us, because we don’t read the Bible, Jesus the Word himself opened the book and saw the prophecy concerning that this is what God has said.

Today every word God has said to you since this year has started, every word of God you believe will be fulfilled in this service in the name of Jesus. So you need to find out, every time something happens you need to go to the Word of God and find out what is written and implement it with praise.

I saw from God’s word I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it – Matthew 16:18, that is the prophecy of God, so if anybody is trying to fight his church I don’t worry myself, I just praise God for that scripture to be fulfilled because the owner of the Church will just fight you and kill you, you will never hear in my mouth my church, not by mistake you won’t hear it, I saw, I will, that means he is the owner so I am never the owner. I have never bothered myself on how this church will get money, ask me why?

The owner is too big for me to be worrying myself. Who once it, God will owns the church then I cannot be worrying myself on how the Church will build. from the day God called me I have never prayed for money, ask me why?

He is the one who called me and you don’t send somebody an errand without transportation. So I know he will provide for me because i am called by him, I saw it in the Bible – Luke 22:35, I was in a party place when he said come out, so if he told me to come out, he had already made provision before he called me, so I don’t say oh Lord what will I eat, what is my business, my own is to do the work is own is to give me food. But if I have not seen it, I will not understand it, so settle down to locate scripture to locate your allocation.

  1. The prophecy by anointed men or women declared through God inspired word over you according to the promises and purpose of God. 2nd Kings 7:1,18, he was speaking God’s counsel, you will hear me say sometimes, this time next year as inspired by the Holy Spirit. When you say well God you inspired your servant to speak, you see it fulfilled. Every word declared on you must be fulfilled in the name of Jesus.

Whatever has been declared concerning you will come to pass right in this service in the name of Jesus. But it takes a divine instrument of praise to provoke God to act speedily according to his promises towards you, so you don’t just fold your hand, you say God am praising you! for all the things written to be fulfilled. How many want things to be fulfilled, today they will be fulfilled.

It not just a dancing, you have been dancing since you are small, many people think it is in the dancing, no it is not the dancing that produces the miracle, it is the understanding before the dancing. If you dance without understanding, you only did entertainment, you must know what it is before you dance, how many knows what I am saying, many people are saying today we will praise God, you must understand why you are dancing, I am praising God for the fulfillment of prophecies.


  1. Accept today as your day of salvation, as your day of visitation- 2 Corinthians 6:2, so it is not going to be tomorrow, as I praise you today you will do that which you have written concerning me. Glory to God, whatever God has said concerning you and I as we praise him today, it will come to pass in the name of Jesus. . Romans 13:11, you must believe that all prophecies from the beginning of this year will come to pass today not tomorrow, right in this service.
  2. Believe the Prophet of God – 2nd Chronicles 20:20, the prophet you don’t believe his utterance will not profit you.
  3. Receive God’s word from the prophet. it is when you receive Gods word that it can profit you, many are yet to manifest what God has said because they don’t receive the prophet over them.

Receive the word and prophet over your life so that the prophecy over your life will be fulfilled – John 1:11-12, oh God bless you, you said what is this, have been hearing this since, you won’t get any blessing even with a dance.

  1. Have faith in the Word. Have faith in the things declared don’t doubt. Luke 1:45, Lord you said this year I will end it well, I am dancing to end the year because your word says so, Lord you said in your word I will carry my children and I am dancing because that scripture cannot be aborted it must be fulfilled.

Hebrews 11:6, so he is a rewarder of them who will diligently praise him with faith that Lord this scripture must be fulfilled because God is not a man- Numbers 23:19. Anything God says just believe it, he has the capacity and capability to make it happen. God is not a man to tell you one thing and change it tomorrow morning, he is not a politician.

God is not a democrat he does not work by popular opinion, he does not work by the opinion of people, he works by his own opinion, if majority was carrying the vote, when the spies went 10 said we are not able, 2 said we are able, then 10 would have won, God does not work as a democrat, he works by himself, he does not work by our opinion.

Ok if majority carry the vote, you remember 12 spies went, 10 said no, God said no you’re wrong only 2 are right. If God is for you, let the whole word go one way, you will still win, today because he is for you, you will end up the winner.

Please faith in God’s word commits his integrity to perform, once you believe God’s word, then all you need to do is to dance in faith.

God is on the look out to see who believes his word for him to confirm and today that word you believe will be confirmed in your favour. Please make sure you’re praising God from your heart not doubting anything, not doubting any circumstance, not doubting any situation, they asked for ransom and somebody is here praising God with vengeance and then they release the person, don’t you like that kind of thing, they have told you they will not sign your paper, you’re dancing for your paper to be signed and they will sign it.

Long ago this property where we are preaching from the Governor of that time said he will not sign the C of O, C of O has different names in different countries but in Nigeria it is Certificate of Occupancy, The Governor will sign it and you officially own the property, the Governor said he will not sign it, because we are in G R A Port Harcourt according to some people, we are disturbing them so the Governor should not sign, that church should not be there, but I saw from God’s word the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof – 1st Corinthians 10:26, God is the owner of every land man is a caretaker, so I said God you’re the owner, so I came here and I danced, I was dancing, I said this year must not pass, this man must sign it, whether he likes it or not, to tell you the humbling part, we sent men to him he said no he is not signing, I said nobody should go again, because I know what to do, if you know what to do, you don’t panic, as I was praising God on the 31st of that year, it was a Saturday, he sent for Salvation Ministries file and he signed this place as a worship center and prophecy was fulfilled.

Today whatever men said will not work before you finish this year it will work in your favour. Whatever men has said is impossible before this day is over a miracle will be born in your favour.

  1. Praise God heartly -Psalm 111:1, it is the engagement of your whole heart in praise that will make God to fulfill all that he has promised.

The condition of your heart is more important to God than the voice to which you are singing with, the sound of your mouth does not move God as the state of your heart, you can sing melodiously and if you’re not in line, God will say get out.

Is not the melodious tune is the heart condition that matters to God, don’t be singing for this kind of meeting and then when you’re singing you are thinking something else, no God will not visit you like that.


  1. Fulfillment of prophecies of Psalm 55:11- That you will end this year well
  2. Fulfillment of prophecies of giving life to dead situation – John 11:4,23,41,43,44
  3. For all round perfection – Psalm 138:8, 18:32, James 1:17, God specialized in perfecting his promises in our lives because he is a perfect God, but it takes praise to perfect whatever blessings you have received from God.

2nd service will be praise for all round fruitfulness, 4th service praise for restoration

Prayers and Prophetic Praise

Lord any prophecies that as gone forth from the Word of God concerning me, as I praise you let it be fulfilled. Abraham, that which was written about him, as he praised God it was fulfilled.

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