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We all know the incidence that made the man of the people, chief MKO Abiola, languished behind the bar till he dropped dead. This man was the cynosure of all eyes during the June 12, 1993 presidential elections. The death of this man is one of the bad deeds the Military has done to Nigeria and Nigerians.

23 years ago, the enigma, philanthropist Chief MKO Abiola contested for the presidential seat of this country and won with a clear margin but the military head of then annulled the election and he was sent to jail for no purpose or particular offense. Several approaches and steps were taken to ensure the release of this man but all was to no avail. It was a planned assignment till they made him kissed the dust on July 7  1998. His memory and legacy are still fresh in the heart of some Nigerians both home and abroad because his death was as a result of the mismanagement of power.

During his detention, his wives and some other dignitaries took several measures to ensure his release. His first wife Mrs kudirat Abiola was shot dead in cold blood at Lagos during this cause and nobody was held responsible for this murder and no clear cut judgement has been made on her death. This is how civilians suffered in the hands of the brutal military men.

His second wife took the pain to plead for her husband’s release, imagine how baleful it is for an innocent to plead on his or her right yet it came to no effect. Mrs. Titilola Abiola, one of the wives of detained Chief Moshood Abiola appealed to General Sani Abacha to release the husband so the two former friends could work  together for the progress of the country. In her words:

“ know you love my husband and you respect him a lot. Please get him to talk. I know you will come out hugging each other”

“ am ready to sacrifice my time to ensure that not only is my husband released, but to persuade him to actively participate in the next civilian regime that will be headed by General Sani Abacha.”

Nigeria has lost so many heroes with good heart, this is why the country still wallow in pain and agony.

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