See reasons why you should Flee from Sexual Immorality and Adultery

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Just around 9pm yesterday, i was surfing the internet and i came across this controversial but touching story of a man that fell into sexual immorality with another woman, painfully so, it was a married woman, when i read the story, I could not contain it, it was both awkward and stupid, he is so full of guilt and shame right now, some things are more poisonous than we think, the devil also knows that the best way to attack anyone is to attack their conscience, immediately you are not free in your mind, you are guilty and that guilt alone can destroy you if care is not taken, the blood of Jesus that wash us from every sin and that is why we are free from guilt and shame, but when you consciously enter into sin again, then the guilt is restored and shame becomes the lot of such a individual, in this generation where we have social media options, like whatsapp, facebook and the like, it is easy to communicate with anybody across the world, even without seeing them face to face, but if we don’t do things with wisdom and discretion, we may have ourselves to blame, that is exactly the story of this man, which am gonna be sharing with us today;

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Read the story below;

Every bashing or insult is accepted because of the gravity of my actions.

I went to shop the other day and just at the entrance I saw a wrapped gift fall off a woman’s bag while she entered her car to drive off, I picked it then rushed to give her, she thanked me and we exchanged numbers.

We got chatting that same day and she told me she is married with 3 kids which was obvious right from when I saw her. She even sent me some of their family pix and boom i discovered that her husband was someone whom we grew together in the same street those years but we were never friends because of age diffrrence as he was like My senior with 10-12 years age difference. Our chat with her got so intensed that we agreed to hangout together but we needed a secret place due to our marital status, so the only place we could go for was a hotel.

Yesterday Sunday we went there and before i knew it we had sex. Since yesterday till this till now my conscience has been disturbing me, infact I couldn’t sleep throughout the night till now. I’ve done what is evil.

How do I get this guilt off me?

In a nutshell, he slept with a married woman, a woman who had her own husband already, the both of them were married, they have their own partners, yet they were chatting with each other, which am sure that was where the bond started from, uncontrolled discussion, continuous conversation with each other, they must have been using pet names and building unnecessary bond which is what opened the door for this tragic situation to happen, this is bad, societal wise and moral-wise, it is ungodly, it is evil, it is wickedness and abomination before God, it is quite unfortunate that many people are actually in the same trap all over the world today.

But the question remains, the situation of this man, can it be avoided? Yes It can!

He could have successfully avoid it by ensuring that he stop chatting with the woman, when the bond starting building up, or he should have inform his wife about it, this would have rescue them from many traps and snare, the desire to have sex with her, did not start that day, it as always been there while they were having their whatsapp chat, it must have been from uncontrolled express of love and affection for each other, even when they know that, they are not supposed to do this;

Another major error here is that, they both agreed to meet in an hotel, this is bad, if for any reason, they desire to hangout (which is also very bad actually) their partners should be aware of it, and it should be in an open place, like a restaurant or a free public place, not an hotel where they will have the liberty to perfomr whatever they desire, good or bad.

Unrighteousness flourish in secrecy, and it can be dangerous, the devil works mostly in secret, when you are always hiding he will be able to perform his work, but if you open up, then he is exposed he will not be able to get you.

The man in this situation, what should he do?

Tell the woman, you are not pleased that, you are not pleased at what happened between the two of you, delete her number from your phone and if need be, block her on whatsapp, disconnect any opportunity of conversation between the both of you, this will go a long way to rescue you from the tendency of such reoccurence.

Secondly, go to God in prayer, ask God for mercy and forgiveness, (you can pray with Psalm 51) to seek the face of Go for mercy and intervention, this is so paramount, if you cover your sin, you will not prosper, that is what the bible says, don’t hide it from God, he saw you while you were doing it. So go to God and ask for his forgiveness, he is merciful to forgive you and cleanse you, also be open to your wife henceforth about anything you want to do, when you keep too many secrets away from her, you will fall into many temptations, she is there to both guide you and watch over you, to help you out where you cannot help yourself, there is a connection between the assignment of the holy spirit and your wife, there are instances where you may disobey the voice of the Holy spirit but when your wife is there, she will help you walk in obedience and the fear of God.

Above all, take your walk with God seriously, be close and connected to the house of God, the word of God, prayer and fasting and serve God in your church, connection to God in this 3 dimension is such a facilitator of righteous living, for instance, when you hear the word of God in church, or listen to a sermon or read your bible, it cleanse you, and impact you with a living conscience, the consciousness of God dawns on you, to the end that you can live to please God, you will begin to desire to do those things that please and glorify the name of the Lord. I pray that the devil will not defeat you in Jesus name, you will keep winning, you will not lose the battle in your christian journey in Jesus name, God will be your defence and you will not miss heaven, Amen.

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