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-Dr Paul Enenche on “Seeking God and Finding Him” at Early Will I Seek You’ Dunamis Ilorin
Jeremiah 29:11-14
Give the Lord a praise and be seated in the presence of the Lord. The first time I preached in Ilorin here was twenty nine years ago at the Youth Centre.

I remember the message title was “In the Days of His Power”
The Bible says if we seek him, it is compulsory for us to find him. In that process, there are things that are very clear that God does for those who seek him.

  1. He establishes his thoughts and plans for his people. When we seek him and seek him with the whole of our heart, he establishes his thoughts and plans for our lives.
  2. He delivers us from the traps of evil. When. we seek him and seek him with the whole of our heart, he delivers us from the trap of disaster.
  3. He brings us to the expected end. When we seek God and seek him with the whole of our heart, he brings us to the expected end.
  4. When we seek him with all our heart, he terminates out captivity.

That means it doesn’t matter how long that the devil has kept you in captivity, God terminates it.

  1. When we seek him with the whole of heart, he brings total restoration. He gives complete restoration.

Someone here, the thoughts of God concerning your life shall be established. I prophesy every trap of evil around your life is terminated today.


  1. Father, thank you for your goodness and kindness. Thank you Lord for the dawning of a new day. Blessed be your name Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. Psalm 3:5.
  2. Father, thank you for he commencement of the Ilorin Healing and Deliverance Crusade. Thank you Lord for miracles, signs and wonders.

Thank you Lord for salvation of souls. To you alone be all the praise, Lord in Jesus name. Psalm 105:1-2.

  1. Father, we ask for a greater manifestation of your power, presence and principles. today in miracles, signs and wonders for the salvation of souls, the healing of the afflicted and deliverance for the captives Lord in Jesus’name. Psalm 84:7.
  2. Father, we ask for the wind and fire of revival to blow across our land and actors the nations of the earth for the reaping of the end time harvest.
    We ask that the door of the nations be opened for the invasion of the gospel for the harvest of souls in this season I. Jesus name. Psalm 24:7-10.
  3. Father, we nullify every satanic agenda, verdict, propaganda, decree or charge against the growth of the church globally and Dunamis in this season.

You agenda of the enemy against my life, family and Church of Christ at this time, be frustrated in Jesus name. Mathew 16:18-19, Revelation 12:11.

  1. I ask Lord that you bring me total restoration of everything the enemy has taken from my life. Your thoughts and your plans for my life shall come to pass.


-You will not die like chicken. You will fulfill your days.
-Every witch, wizard that will not let you rest shall be laid to rest in the name of Jesus.
-Today is a glorious day
-It is a new season, new help and new mercy for you in the name of Jesus.

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