Seest thou a man diligent in his Business? He shall stand before Kings (Proverbs 22:29)


The Word of God is a lamp and a light, so it is meant for our illumination, revelation and transformation, it changes us inside out, it transforms us, it equips us, it guides us and makes us become what God wants us to be.

I want to share with us today, a very profound instruction in the scriptures and how it applies to us, how we can use it to command exploits and unusual results. In Proverbs 22:29, the Bible says; Seest thou a man diligent in his Business, he shall stand before Kings and not mean men.

God is giving us a blueprint here that makes for commanding extra ordinary result in the world; in any field of endeavor, this principle commands result, but the question in the heart of many Christians is; what does it mean to be diligent in Business? What is the meaning and what does it mean to stand before kings and not mean men, I will be doing justice to these questions in this article today.

What Does it mean to be Diligent in Business?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it means to perform with industrious concentration, hard-working and focused.

To be diligent here means to be determined, to be hardworking, desiring to pay the price that your business demands from you, and the word “Business” s used in the scriptures here means, “your field of endeavor” that which you are doing, so the bible is saying, if you must become a force to be reckon with in your field of endeavor, you have to be diligent, to succeed and be extraordinary in terms of your result, there is a requirement to observe and that is diligence, anything that you are not commitment to cannot deliver much to you, whatever you are doing without giving yourself wholly to it, cannot add much to you.

So How Can I be diligent?

  1. Be studious: Knowledge is a key that makes for exploit, in the line of your endeavor, go all out to get the knowledge you need that will put you literally ahead of others, that will give you an edge and advantage over others, knowledge is what makes for leaders, exploits in any field, you are limited by what you don’t know, and you become outstanding by what you know, so go for knowledge, if you want to be a name and a  voice in your field, you must acquire sufficient knowledge to achieve it.
  2. Be Hard-working: Nobody who is lazy emerges great, laziness is a killer of destiny, that is you must endeavor to be in your line, so as to be able to commit yourself sufficient to what it takes to become great, you need be discipline to be hard-working; I remember some few years ago, while I was still in school, as an undergraduate, I do organize prayer meetings for my friends, not long after, I become a pastor of a small fellowship and before you know it, God began to move, the church was growing and mighty miracles were happening, even the founder was amazed, but It was because I was diligent, I always pray to God, fast and even do midnight vigils, so the things that they have never seen began to happen, because there was a man who choose to be diligent, this applies to every field of endeavor, if you will choose to be diligent, you can command results that no one as seen before in any field.
  3. Be Determined to Succeed : Success is not gotten by mistake, it takes some level of effort and determination to succeed, and the bible is saying, if you are diligent, you will be so successful that you will not stand before ordinary people, but you will stand before great men, kings, nobles, people that matters, those who are a force to be reckon with, this is God’s desire for his people but we must be determined to follow the path of diligent which makes for success. Determination is what fuels your passion and vision and bring out the best in you.

In every human endeavors, some are high flyers, others are low rangers, you are the major determinant of your realm, you determine it by what you do, your doing is what reflects your choice, it is what tells us the choice you make.

I know Christian students who spend most of the times praying and praying for academic success, but at the end they failed woefully, this is because they have refuse to be diligent, everything is not prayer, if you are not diligent, you will not be successful.


The Bible says, the horse prepareth for the day of battle but victory is of the Lord (). The Lord grants the victory, but still, the horse must prepare, this is so important and necessary when it comes to excelling in every sphere.

God can only send his help, when your effort has been put in place, whatever makes you lazy because you have God is not Christianity, it is stupidity, God does not encourage us to be lazy; if you want to be an high flyer, then you must be hardworking, determined, discipline and diligent along the way.

I remember, meeting two author some years back, one was very hardworking, he was always writing and some of his books are best seller, but the other one is always complaining, blaming one factor or the other, in the same line of endeavor where another person is succeeding, this is to show you that the venture is not the problem, but the people involved.

What does it means to stand before Kings?

It means to be connected to great people, it means for people that matters in the society to desire your services, to desire your presence, because you are a voice and a success in your field, great and wealthy people have no reason to invite you when you have nothing to offer your generation, it Is your rising and shinning that attracts King and people that matters in the society to you.

It was said of Solomon that the Queen of seba came with gift unto Solomon, many other kings of the earth came to greet Solomon, this is what we are talking about, by the virtue of solomon’s wisdom, they heard about him far away and they come and honor him, he was the wisest king in the bible, he was full of wisdom, so he ruled his affairs with wisdom and leadership skill.

The bible says in Isaiah 60: 3 The gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. This is what the bible is saying in Proverbs 22:29.

The kings will only come, or send for you, when you are rising and shinning, it is God’s desire for his children to rise and shine, as light, because he says we are the light of the World, your effort is to find your responsibility and align with it, so that you can shine and rise, I pray this shall be your testimony in Jesus name.


God bless you.

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