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As an entrepreneur or anyone that have a mind to succeed early in life, it is essential to take calculated risk especially at a youthful stage.

 At this early stage of life specifically in the teenage years, there are tendency of daring to undertake some task without the fear of failing.

This period is the perfect time to make mistakes, learn from it, gain experience and insight from the happenings per day which will serve as guides for further endeavors and decision making for the future.

However if the teenage entrepreneur is right with the decisions, the business success will be because of his /her effort.

Some young self made millionaires before the age of 20

The following teenagers followed their passion and enthusiasm for business. They began learning and developing requisite skills and putting business in to gear and in a short while they grew to be millionaires from their business pursuit.

Many of them just turned their hobbies and interest into valuables and sought after product and services.

  1. Nick D’ Aloisio
    Nick started his entrepreneurship journey after he taught himself programming from the book C for Dummies and other instructional videos. Nick developed his first application at the age of 12 and he continued to do so when his school is on holiday.

His big break came when he designed an application for students that condense articles and report to summaries ranging from 100-1400 characters.
A Hongkong venture capitalist gave Nick seed funding of $300000to further develop his application.
He would later send the improved version of ‘summly’ to y6ahoo for $300 million

  • Jordan Maron
    Jordan maron belongs to a group of young people who turn hobbies into a profitable business. Jordan started a channel on you-tube  ‘captain sparkle’ where he played games and give tutorials on gaming

    after signing a number of partnership, Jordan begin to earn so much when he began to make videos and song that has to do with mine craft games. Today his YouTube page has reached billions of views with millions of subscribers which give him a lot of revenue that made him a net worth of almost $9 million dollar.
  • Fraser Doherty
    This little boy began selling his grandmothers jam recipes. In other to make some extra money. He became curious and that led him to tweaking the jam recipes and coming up with formulas based entirely on fruits.
    He rebrands his products as super jam and he also entered into a partnership with a big supermarket where his product gained exposure to over 2000 stores and places in Scotland. Estimates have put the teenager’s net worth to over $1 million.
  •  Cameron Johnson
    it has been said that Cameron has been showing signs of business prodigy since the age of five. At that time he begins to sell vegetables in the neighborhood. Later he started a greeting card company and built up a good clientele.

    At age 12 he went into the selling of beanie babies which was a popular items among children then and as the sales of beanie babies slowed down, he took his savings of about $50000 and started an internet business (advertising firm) then later certificateSwamp.com. Cameron would later sell the latter venture to investors for a sum in six digits and that was how he moved to a millionaire at a young age.
  • Robert Nay
    Robert taught himself programming in a conventional way. Using a library from the age of 14. In some few months Robert has put down 4000 line of codes which formed the bulwark of his internet game Bubble ball.

    Once he has finished the game he uploaded it and the reception was mind blowing that in a period of two weeks his game has been downloaded over a million times. A few weeks later the traffic was monetized and he received download revenue of about $2 million.

Out of so many of them this are a few and this is to encourage you that what so ever you are doing that is worth doing, it can turn you into a millionaire. You just have to be hard working , be passionate about it and believe in the future you can see on that thing you are doing.

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