[Sermon]Commanding the Supernatural – Apostle Joshua Selman

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Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on “Commanding the Supernatural“.

I want to pray for the sick before we sit.
Father in the name of Jesus, Spirit of the living God we pray that You will move in the midst of Your people confirming the Word, bringing healing, bringing miracles. Right now in the name of Jesus, any disease or infirmity, I come against you in the name of Jesus.
Every stranger roaming around in your body, in the name that is above all names and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I minister the life of Jesus to you right now. Be healed in the name of Jesus. That back problem in the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit let there be miracle right now!
In the name of Jesus Christ, anyone or any family here connected or appointed to death, in the name of Jesus Christ, for you and for all who are connected to you, no matter what part of the world, no matter where they are; I decree and declare be delivered now!
I take authority over every spirit binding families and will not let them go; I come by the rod of the apostolic and the prophetic, in the name of Jesus Christ, let the rain of witchcraft and wickedness come to an end now!
Welcome to Church, this is Koinonia. Please be seated.
One of the keys that control increase in the anointing is faithfulness.

The Bible says he that is faithful in little is faithful in much. So when God commits a measure of grace, it is expected that you commit yourself to ministering at that level with faithfulness, with diligence and God who sees you in secret indeed will honour you. Praise the name of the Lord.

Tonight I will be teaching on:

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Psalm 72:18
Anything that is done that does not cause you to marvel and wonder was not done by God because if it is God, there must be an element of wonder, He will do it in a way and manner that must cause both the recipient of that blessing and the audience marvel at the intelligence, the wisdom, the power and the grace of God.
Psalm 118:23
Once it is the Lord’s doing, it must bring with it an element of marvel, an element of the supernatural; beyond the realm of science, beyond the realm of reason – it is a signature that everything He does must be marvelous in our eyes.
Psalm 77:14-15, Exodus 15:11
The days of the supernatural, the days of miracles, signs and wonders are not over.

There has been a very subtle narrative that has crept into the Church for a very long time and still continues to gain strength; the proposition that the days of the supernatural, the days of signs and of wonders are over. To say the days of the supernatural are over is the same thing as saying God is dead, it is the same thing as saying the Church is dead. Our God is a supernatural God, He is a miracle-working God (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8).
Miracles and the supernatural are the pillars and foundation of the Christian faith.

The era of miracles are not over, indeed they are the foundation of the Christian faith.

One of the reasons why people fear the supernatural is because of a sincere desire in their hearts to not fall into extra biblical practices. It is a fear that many people have because in our world today, we have all kinds of religion and even sadly among the Christian fold, they’re all kinds of practices that based on the authority of scripture qualify to be seen as extra biblical practices and practices that may not be consistent with the way God operates. So in a bid to manage that fear, many people have shut the door at anything that is supernatural in context.

Let me therefore say this; God does not work magic. God is not a magician. Magic is a practice that is not derived from the operation of the Word of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It does not matter what advantage it seeks to provide; magic based on the authority of scripture is not how God works. Magic is largely demonic and it is largely a practice that is vocally rooted in satanism.

God is a miracle worker, not a magician. The difference between a miracle worker and magician is that relationship is not involved in magic but when God wants to work the supernatural and miracles, it comes as a derivative of a relationship.

When God comes to you, He does not just give you power, He is interested in a relationship.
In the Kingdom we do not judge the godliness of an operation by the advantage it produces. We judge the godliness of an operation by the force that is behind it; not just the result it produces because there are many of us who through the means of superstition, divination, satanism and all kinds of idol practices have derived obvious benefits.

So chances are that we view God and because we live in a sociological context that judges God as anything that provides good, anything that seems to carry a semblance of evil, we call it satan. There are many good things that are not of God. If you do not understand this, you have already open door for all kinds of deception.

Many times when we are under pressure, our focus becomes the result not the influence. The Holy Spirit is not the only Spirit that can grant you access to the spirit realm there are other spirits too. There is a condition for anything, any supernatural manifestation to give glory to God:

  1. It must be a derivative of the Word.
  2. It must be under the influence of the Spirit of God.
  3. It must bless the saints and glorify Jesus.
    These are the conditions for any spiritual process to be accredited that it came from God. If it does not pass through this test, something is wrong.
    God has always desire to display the supernatural on earth and among His people.

There is no confusion as to the fact that it has always been and still remains the desire of God to bring the manifestation of the supernatural in the midst of His people, the very creation story is supernatural (Genesis 1:1-3). In the Old Testament we see all kinds of manifestation of the supernatural from Abraham, Moses to manner falling from Heaven. Then we come to the New Testament and you see all kinds of supernatural manifestation too (Act 2:1-4).


The foundation of Christianity is the supernatural. To not believe in the supernatural therefore is to not believe in God because God is supernatural. Is it not a mystery how that I am on earth and I surrender my life and my heart to God who I may not have seen physically and yet I believe that I am alright, I am not sick, I am not mad.

I am okay and not only that, I stand and I speak to Him everyday. Many people doubt the supernatural but you do not have any problem with picking up a metallic object produced by different companies, hanging it on your ears and talking with boldness and not ignoring who is looking at you.

You dial a number and out of 7.6 billion people on earth, it does not make a mistake, it goes with digital precision to any part in the world you instruct it to. I’m here talking with someone and the person is right there in another Nation, even with the fastest of planes, it will take hours and hours in the air to get there and yet with one dial, we are talking and laughing and now you even have the audacity to be looking at the person; you are talking and looking at the person and you have never question what you are doing and yet when we say there is a God in Heaven who talks, who moves, who can heal; we say are you sure? How are you sure the person you are speaking to is not a demon who is standing on your phone?

There are people who have not seen themselves physically for years yet they don’t miss themselves because there is a system, a bridge has been created – they communicate everyday and yet when it has to do with the supernatural, the moment there is a supernatural manifestation of the power of God, now we have a problem with it.

How can someone be healed, who you probably did not touch and in a moment you invoke a name, the name of Jesus and that person is healed, that person is blessed.

How do you release words and tell someone in the name of Jesus, your week is blessed? Then the person returns and say I can’t believe what has happened to me – the supernatural.

Miracles are supernatural occurrences that defy the laws of nature and also defy the usual course of events upon the earth (Acts 2:22).

The Church that Jesus died for is not a weak and a beggarly Church; the Church that Jesus died for is not a negotiating church that sits down and will continue to be victims of situations and circumstances both human and demonic.

The Church that Jesus died for and the Church that He is returning for is a supernatural Church (Matthew 10:1-7).
John 20:21

There is a way God is sending us; there is a way the world should know that He is the one who sent us and that signature is the supernatural. Jesus did not have to go around saying “I have come, everybody listen to me”.

There were results that went before Him; manifestations of the power of God and when they asked Him, who is this? He said everybody come and He began to teach them.
John 14:12, Mark 16:17-18

Until we restore the supernatural to the Church as a demonstration of the fact that God is alive and He is still moving in the midst of His people, people would keep seeking their options . If the supernatural begins to roll out of the Church, a day will come when we will come to church and only meet empty pews. Today in our world, there are options, do not downplay the desperation of people and how far people can go when they are desperate.

We have no right to keep telling people, don’t go to idol worshippers, don’t worship any other god, just come to Jesus. Now they come and then we tell them, “don’t worry, He will do something. I spoke to Him yesterday, He just said He is still working”.
The Church that Jesus died for is a supernatural Church.

The supernatural is not for preachers, apostles, prophets, it is not for those in ministry; the supernatural is for believers. The moment you come into this faith life, you have come into a supernatural life in every way, not just supernatural events but supernatural living. The life that you received, the eternal life (John 3:16) is the supernatural. God by His spirit coming to plant within your human spirit the reality of Heaven, the reality of the power, the glory, the culture, the atmosphere of Heaven implanted in a human spirit. Everyone who is in Christ is already a partaker of this divine life. The reality of divinity finding expression in humanity should not be doubted. How did Jesus entered the womb of Mary? That is the same way He entered your heart – the power of the Holy Ghost.
There is something you receive and not perish – the life of God. When you receive this supernatural life, the activity of the new birth does not necessarily affect your mind; the activity of the new birth is a spiritual affair. Just because you are a recipient of that life does not make you walk in the liberty of that life. Let’s establish a few things here:

  1. We have been called into a supernatural life based on the authority of scripture, the Church of our Lord Jesus is a supernatural Church. The supernatural should be nothing strange for us, through us and with us. Salvation, the new birth experience itself is supernatural, that is what gives us the basis for manifesting the supernatural. However, just because you are a recipient of the life of God through the new birth experience does not mean you will walk in it experientially. There is the dynamics of the supernatural and that’s what I want to expose you to.

If what I’ve said and all I’ve said is true, why then do we have preachers that are powerless, businessman, career people, believers that are powerless?

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When I look at your life and if it is true that you’ve been grafted into Christ through the activity of new birth, I should find that signature of the supernatural following you like a shadow. A week should not pass without you having a supernatural testimony. You life becomes a marvel first to you and then wonders to men. Our fathers of faith; men like T.L Osborn, R. W Schambach, these men and women carry this revelation, they came to Africa, they shifted climate with power and with grace – ordinary men, powerful God.
I can tell you why people continue to dishonour the Lord, because our Cities are respectfully speaking, our churches are losing the supernatural elements. In addition to the reality of eternal life, as you walk with God you get to a point where the Holy Spirit begins to be introduced to you, not just as one who brought the life of God but as God Himself.

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He begins to lead you through a process, He does not just reveal power (…you shall receive power after…) God does not empower you when He is building you, He empowers you when He is sending you. So when you come to Jesus, stop looking for power.

Empowerment is at the point where you are being sent not when you are made.
Your life can be become a perpetual threat to darkness, not because of what you are saying but because of what you are carrying. This is every believer’s heritage in Christ. Every believer’s heritage in Christ is that your life becomes an effulgence of the supernatural.
Somewhere in your Christian experience, when God is ready to build you and announce you to the Nations, He exposes you to different dimensions and different levels of graces. Now listen to my story;

There was a time; I have shared with you few of my visions here, I was in this vision and I was seeing some people from the north to the south, the east and the west and then these people began to cry to me saying, Apostle there is no food and there is no water and then I asked, who is the cause?

And they were all pointing to me, it was a whole generation. I said me, why would I be that wicked?

And they said you are the one and then I made up my mind that I was going to go but I had remember in that vision that there were some people who were trying to bully me, they were trying to pursue me.

That’s what took me to that room to be hiding. I made up my mind that if I perish, I perish but I have to save this people. As soon as I opened the door, here stand this giant ancient man with beards, now I know He was the Holy Spirit but He stood there and He said give me your hands, we will walk together.

My hands were so tiny in His hand and yet He held my hand and we began to move, jumping from one level to the other.

I was worshipping the Lord many years ago and I was caught up in the realm of the Spirit and then the Lord speaks to me and said “son, from today I give you my presence as a gift”. I’m not sure I understood then what He was saying and then I saw this huge being standing and He said from today, “He will work with you”. I said what is his name and He said he is called the Angel of the Lord’s Presence. This is why you see some of these manifestations.
Brothers and sisters, everything God gives a man is meant for the body. The days of superstars Christianity is over. We are too serious to just be glorifying flesh. No! The Kingdom require seriousness.
There is what you have as a believer – the presence of God, the life that brings the supernatural. As you move God is moving, as you talk God is talking. Let no one sees you as a disadvantage again, you are not a minus to any system.

Men who have understood this, they have changed their societies and territories carrying this gift of God to the Nations.

There are three revelations and three keys that sponsor the release of the supernatural.
In this Kingdom, the supernatural is a synergy between the Word of God and the Spirit of God, the union of the Word and the Spirit. It is the union of the spoken word and the movement of the Spirit that produces the miraculous. If you want to manifest the supernatural that you have received, it is the union of the strength of the Word of God in you and the ministry of the Spirit.

This is what separates miracles from superstition, the Word and the Spirit.
There is a big problem with the body of Christ as far as the dynamics of the manifestation especially the Charismatics and the Pentecostals, it’s like there is a group that choose the Spirit; we are are the Spirit people, we pray in tongues, we prophesy and then there are those who are the Word people. Both of them are incomplete. It is the Spirit and the bride that tells the Word to come.
There are two principal tools through which the believers both access and manifest the supernatural:

  1. The Ministry of the Word (Colossians 1:16, John 1:3, Hebrews 1:3, Hebrews 11:3, Colossians 3:16).
    The more the Word of God becomes your obsession; the more you learn scriptures and submit yourself to the ministry of the Word, you are empowering yourself to manifest the supernatural. If you look for things outside of the Word, you may never find them. It is the Word that metamorphosis into those things.
  2. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (Ezekiel 37:1-7)
    If I disregard the ministry of the Holy Spirit, I do not grow in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. It is true I am a recipient of the life of God, that divinity reside within me but I may never be able to manifest that reality.
    Benefits of the Word of God:
    a). The Word of God shows you how God operates.
    b). The Word of God exposes you to the boundaries of God’s commitment to you. God is only committed to what He said to you not what you want. It is your assignment to find out what what He said that relates to what you want. God is all powerful but that does not mean He does things anyhow, He is regulated by His word.
    One of the ways we engage the ministry of the Holy Spirit for our profiting is through the Priesthood ministry of prayer.

You will never truly manifest the supernatural if you ignore the Priesthood ministry of prayer. Most people do not pray and yet they want to command superior levels of the supernatural. A generation that does not pray, will truly be a powerless generation.

You must get to a point in your life where you know how to engage the ministry of the Holy Spirit, you engage Him as you build intimacy in prayer and you take advantage of that prayer language to release superior spiritual power; power that can change circumstances.
The Holy Spirit also engages us in Worship.

Worship is a powerful atmosphere, it’s the protocol of God’s presence to be made manifest.

There is nothing special to us and in us and by ourselves but when we learn how to engage that atmosphere of worship, the miraculous; the miraculous is atmosphere dependent, you must learn how to not only carry the ark but carry the climate. When you learn worship, you become a real spiritual rain maker.

The best way to combine all three – worship, prayer and word. You are praying and worship is playing and sometimes scripture is playing too. Don’t say will I understand? Leave your mind, this is spirit interaction.
There is such an empowerment and a grace in addition to all that I have shared, there is truly a grace that God can give an individual for the supernatural, for signs and wonders. How does this grace works? When this grace comes upon you;
a). It causes you to desire the Word more than ever before.
b). It causes you to desire the presence of God more than ever before.
c). It causes you to desire fellowship with God. It’s not just the grace that makes you to go and lay hands on the sick, the grace operates by working on your desires. The first way to know you’ve carried that grace is there is an unusual desire for the Word of God, prayer and fellowship with God.
Whenever we are preparing for service, we don’t have to find out what your problem is, we just have to find out if He is coming with us.

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All you need to do is to know that you are carrying His majesty and then in addition, the graces that He has placed upon your life and you can step into an auditorium like this, having people following from across the globe and you can then tell the people that Jesus is real, He can turn their lives around and the Holy Spirit moves through your words and begin to produce supernatural results.

In addition to all of these things, when God granted me the grace for signs and wonders, my life changed. If you do not have the grace for signs and wonders especially if you are a minister of the Gospel, the supernatural; you will live your life in jealousy and envy and anger; you will not have results. The thing about the supernatural is that if it is there, it is there. If it is not there it is not there.

You know you are walking in the supernatural when your results happen in astronomical proportions, then you know that God is in the equation.

One plus one minus God is two, satan can even make it zero.

Without God if you want ten, it must be five plus five, nine plus one, eight plus two but when you bring the supernatural into that equation, even one plus zero can be ten because there is a factor that can change the calculation. It is based on that that frail men like us can tell the Nations that we present to you Jesus and usually they will laugh except that we are not alone.
Here me, I bring you a cure to fear, mediocrity, feeling that I am a second class citizen. There is a grace that can land upon your life and literally turn you to a sign and a wonder and the way God imparts this grace is that in addition to that which salvation has done, all graces come from God through men to men. It is time for you to produce real result so that people don’t begin to doubt you.
One story and we will pray. Many years ago, I always enjoy the privilege of what we know to be first position or best in class and then one time in secondary school, I received a huge shock and a gentleman who was a dear friend that year, I don’t know what happened and I went back to third position and the gentleman took first and it didn’t add up to me because we were friends and then I returned home and I was feeling sad. I was saying what would have been the reason and then the gentleman told me something, there was only one Living Faith branch in Jos then and he told me and said; he remember that not too long before the exams, they had an anointing service and they gathered all of them together and then oil just came on them and declarations were made.

I said really? When I learned this, I said “Oh, Joshua Selman, my head is exalted like a horn of a unicorn and I am anointed”.

That was the extra factor in the life of that gentleman. He came to Church in addition to his study, a man of God declared over his life and placed something upon his life that beats us hands down.

The same way something is coming on you this night that when it comes upon your life, even though you just came here with your intellect alone but I stand before the God of Heaven, this grace that comes upon ordinary men and turns their lives around will come upon you.

  • Lord give me an encounter, let this grace come upon my life.
  • Father let this grace come upon Your people. Let everyone under the sound of my voice by the privilege of this grace, by the ministry of this angel of the Lord’s Presence; I stretch my hands, in the name of Jesus, that everyone under the sound of my voice, may this grace come upon you, may it follow you, may it produce results.
  • In the morning, afternoon, evening and night, begin to manifest the supernatural!
  • For many of you who are in ministry, I anoint you, go back to your pulpit; let fire begin to fall upon your altar in unusual proportions in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Everything that has been happening in your life by a natural sequence, we place grace upon it and we command in the name of Jesus, quantum leaps.
  • May your ministry of prayer and Word study step into a supernatural dimension.
  • For many of you, you have been making progress but the progress is too slow relative to your destiny. In the name of Jesus, wherever you should have been but because you did not have the supernatural advantage, I stand by the rod of the prophetic, between now and the end of September, go forward. I push you by prophesy, go forward in the name of Jesus Christ!!!
  • Whatever has made the pace of your acceleration slow, the same grace that came upon Elijah and made him to run and overtake the chariot of Ahab, may that grace come upon you right now.
  • Any force that will want to fight this prophecies, in the name of Jesus, by the privilege of God’s grace, He has given us the key of David, the key that opens the door that no man can shut; we open that door and it remains open day and night. May it never be shut, day or night in the name of Jesus.
    Thank You Jesus.
    Wave your hands to the King of kings.
    Lord we thank You, we wave our hands in worship, thank You. Indeed it is a good thing to come to the house of the Lord.

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