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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
Lord Jesus, thank You. Now visit everyone of us with Your Word this morning. Open up the day for signs and for wonders and take all the glory, in Jesus precious name.
🎼🎶God has something to say. I will listen, I will pay full attention for God has something to say.🎶🎵
He speaks daily, “today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart” – Hebrews 3:15. So He speaks on daily basis. He sends us news every day, they are new every morning, great is His faithfulness. He opens our ears morning by morning – Isaiah 50:4. He has news every day.
-May the news of today locate you.
-May the news of Heaven today locate you.
Thank You Jesus, in Jesus name.

Job 36:11, Exodus 23:25-26
Your labour shall not be aborted. Your body will not be plagued with abortion. All of those things target you and me, not the Church, not the Pastor, not God. The returns in serving God is absolutely your portion, absolutely your right, absolutely your heritage. You are not doing it for someone else, it is for you.

It is for me. If we know that, you won’t need anybody motivating you. You know the reason you go to work every day is that the benefit for going is yours. The reason you open your shop every day is that the benefit of opening your shop is yours.

If you think you are going for your parents to work, they will retire you before you begin: “I don’t feel like going today.” The benefit of serving God is absolutely yours and mine.
One of the striking statements the Holy Ghost communicated with me years ago, “I don’t need you for anything My boy, it is you that need Me for everything” – Psalm 50:21, 10
He doesn’t need your service, you need it. He doesn’t need my service, I need it. We can even close here because the moment you think you are doing it for the Church, for the Pastor and for God, you will get weary.

They entered into a covenant to serve the Lord and He gave them rest – 2 Chronicles 15:15. God doesn’t need rest.

“My peace I give to you” – John 14:27. He is Jehovah Shallom. He is the God of peace, He is the fountain of peace, so He doesn’t need rest, we need rest. You need rest, I need rest, so my serving God brings you and me into that realm of all round rest where war is made to cease.

Everything about serving God is for your benefit and my benefit. Take that in and you will have the best of service in your stewardship. Swallow it all and you will be amazed at your new realm of life.

I have never needed anyone in over 45 years, “don’t worry Brother David, it is going to work”, you may not see it but I know it is working. I may be trekking about, but I know it is working. I know there is a planting season that must precede harvest season. I know it is working.

I know that when my cloud is full, my rain will fall. I know it is working. Serving God is absolutely for your benefit and my benefit.

Can I have you say that with me so you won’t forget, “serving God is absolutely for my benefit!”
Say it like somebody who believes it. You know why some are tired, they think they are serving me: “When Papa finishes using us, well, because I don’t know why, every day, every day, Operation”

Have you asked, “Why everyday blessing? Why you wake up every morning? Why must I wake up every morning. Why can’t I be on the bed till 4 pm, groaning in pains?” They have never asked. Have you asked, “why you are not begging food on the streets?” You have never asked.

Then you dress in suit like we do in our Church or in complete agbada, then you pose on Sunday morning. You didn’t ask, “why am I so well dressed? Why am I not wearing rags?” The favour of God. Give the Lord praise.

Very quickly, 2 things we are looking at this morning:

  1. Serving God guarantees healing, health and wholeness
    John 15:2 – He prunes, He gets rid of the parasites, trying to choke life out of that branch so he can keep bringing forth more fruits.
    You say, “what does that mean?” – John 15:8, 16
    Fruit bearing in this context is bringing souls to the Kingdom and when you are involved in it, either on the prayer altar, praying fervently, breaking the hold of the devil, off the lives of people on our harvest field and commanding them to find their way to Jesus in this place and asking God to intervene as people go out and sharing with the lost. So that from your youth to your old age, you are a fruit bearing believer. You are not an onlooker, you are not just wishing, you are not waiting for things to change, you are taking scriptural steps to effect and sustain changes in your life.
    We are all ambassadors for Christ and every ambassador is entitled to healthy living – 2 Corinthians 5:20, Proverbs 13:17
    One of our daughters had some health challenge and presented 4 reasons to God why she could not be down.
  2. The labourers are few and you know I am one of your labourers: God said, “I know.” He operated that disease from her body
    Gave 4 reasons why she should not be affected and she walked out free from it.
    Isaiah 43:26 – “Put me in remembrance…declare now, that thou mayest be justified.”
    You know what Hezekiah said, “Remember now o God, how I have walked with before You in truth and with a perfect heart” – Isaiah 38:3
    God said, “Isaiah, get back there, I have added 15 more years to him.”
    Serving God guarantees healthy living.
    He said, “Go”, they said, “there is still more room.” He said, “Go again.”
    They said: They are not coming. He said, “Go and compel them to come” – Luke 14:23
    So keep going and going, you need strength.
    “Lord, I am one of Your boys, one of Your girls, who is determined to keep going and going until there is no more space in Your house. I need strength.”
    He (God) says, “Now, get strength.” Let me tell you this, this Commission will produce the oldest saints since Bible days. By the time this becomes your natural lifestyle, natural. You are not being coerced. You are just engaging with utmost delight. It keeps coming and keeps coming.
    Proverbs 10:5 – You need strength to stay awake. Productively so, you need, I need strength. He doesn’t want children that will cause Him shame, so He gives us strength to stay awake to our responsibility and keep going and going. That is why serving God guarantees healthy living.
    My beloved son in the gospel, Bishop David Abioye, we were together in Yola one year like that, I think it was 1998 or whatever. I got an attack in the night, severe attack and we were there for a meeting, I said, “Jesus, I must get to that meeting, this early morning.” It was a 6 am meeting. I told him to go and sleep. He said, no, he would stay there with me.
    “I must go to that meeting”: At 5:15 thereabout, life came, I said, “get ready, we are going.” Fire fell.
    “I must go”! “I Must Go” will keep you healthy. “I must get on there”, will keep you going.
    God has rights to keep you strong.
    -From now no matter the wickedness of the wicked, your health shall no longer fail.
    When you are challenged, He said, “is any afflicted, let him pray” – James 5:14
    How does he pray? “Put me in remembrance of your stand in the covenant and you have committed me to respond” – Isaiah 43:26
    Jesus Himself said, the prince of this world came to Me, he has nothing in Me. He can go to anybody but don’t give him space. What you don’t want, don’t watch. Resist him and throw him out. You have that opportunity and that right in Christ.
    Serving God keeps all devils at bay.
    He called the 12, sent them forth and gave them power and authority – Luke 9:1
    Luke 9:1
    And they went forth, irresistibly, preaching the gospel and healing every where – Luke 9:6
    He gave them power in Luke chapter 10 verse 1 and they returned saying, “even devils were subject to us in your name” – Luke 10:17. So devils clear the way when you are on His Mission. Somebody’s story is changing, that is what makes the difference.
    Matthew 28:18-20. Go ye therefore, let me see who will stop you.
    Psalm 24:7-9
    Nothing can stop His way, nothing can stop the way against God. No principalities, no power can, so when you are in His company, all devils bow to you. You are in the convoy of a President, everything that salutes the President salutes you. They stand stiff and throw salute to someone who is not in government, who is not in power, in their own definition but he is in the company of the king, so whatever bows to the king, bows to him.
    When you are on His mission, you are keeping company with Him, He is keeping company with you. He sent them to places where He Himself would come, so He is always there to silence whatever is rising up against you. It’s a brand new day.

Well I will like to ask you, if you know it’s for your benefit, get hold of someone to Church tomorrow. You have that opportunity to get them across to your loading bay.

They will be carried for free. Jesus sponsors them to come, He wants to give them rest. So partner with Jesus, it is for your benefit.

Partner with Christ, it is for your benefit.
Prayers: Ask God for grace for sustainable stewardship, delightsome stewardship, for you shall reap it in due season if you don’t faint; if you faint, you fail.

Call for grace for sustainable stewardship, it is the platform for guaranteed returns. Don’t let no devil deceive you, you are almost there.

There are benefits in serving God, He never lies.

Your benefits are sure, take grace for sustainable stewardship, you won’t back out when you are almost due for a touch, for a Turnaround.

Join me and ask God to visit us today on the Ark on the Move programme in the name of Jesus. Ask God’s presence again at the WSF meetings this evening. God is still God and He is God everywhere. The fire burning on the altar is now in all the splinter houses.
Ask God, do something new at our WSF meetings today.

Do something new at the Ark on the Move outreach this morning. In the name of Jesus.
Do that with all your heart: when you pray, you are praying for your benefit; when you reach out to souls, you are reaching out to souls for your benefit.

Everything you do in the Kingdom is for your benefit. Give Him glory everybody.

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