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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

How many desired one thing of the Lord at yesterday’s Service?

How many believe it was delivered?
Now we will spend this week of harvest of testimonies, giving thanks for what has been delivered.

God hears when we pray, we take delivery of answers as we give thanks. Jesus had prayed for Lazarus to be out, but he was still dead. And He got there and said, “I thank You because You have heard Me. Lazarus, come forth”; he came forth, at the instance of thanksgiving – John 11:44.

These buttons are very vital. Why can’t you check how much answers you have received? God hears us when we pray according to His will but we take delivery of answers as we give genuine thanksgiving, in-depth thanksgiving. It is the sickle of harvest of testimonies.
The seed has been sown but it won’t yield – Psalm 67:6-7

Please mind these buttons, they are vital. You miss one digit on your telephone, it won’t ring. Mind thanksgiving as a lifestyle.

Every demand you make of the Lord, take delivery of answers through thanksgiving, it is the key to it.
-That good thing you presented yesterday has been delivered, it is now your turn to take delivery.
You have to sign up before the courier will drop any parcel for you.

Thanksgiving is our covenant signature for taking delivery of what God has made available.
-In the name of Jesus, your demand of yesterday must return with practical testimonies this week and that through thanksgiving.

Prayers: Ask God for grace, for intense thanksgiving as a lifestyle beginning from today.
Give Him thanks for what He delivered to you yesterday, so you can take delivery. Give Him thanks for what you presented before Him yesterday, with confidence of faith that He heard you, with assurance of faith that He has answered you, give Him thanks to take delivery of it. It is the way it works, all the time, every time, everywhere. That is the way it works, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Lord, speak to us again this morning and let your name be glorified, in Jesus name.
Serving God is not to God’s benefit because He remains the I AM THAT I AM
Exodus 3:14, Malachi 3:6.
Whether we serve Him or not, He remains God and not serving Him cannot reduce His size nor status, nor power. Our serving Him only increases us, only adds value to us.
You serve Him: I AM
You are not serving Him: I AM
You are obeying Me: I AM
You are not obeying Me: I AM
What we do or don’t do, does not affect God, it only affects us.
Serving God is a choice and not a gift or a calling – Joshua 24:15, Deuteronomy 30:19
But it is not just serving God that works but serving God as a priority – Matthew 6:33, Matthew 22:36-40
John 21:15
“Do you love Me?”
Response: I do.
“Serve my interest to show it”: It is serving God that validates our interest for God.
This week, we are looking at this exhortation line;
Job 36:11
If they obey and live for serving Him and His interest on the earth, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure. We will look at 2 aspects of the benefits this morning:

  1. Serving God guarantees supernatural breakthroughs – Isaiah 45:1-3
    Mark 16:20, Romans 8:31

Serving God entitles us to enjoy His company and that makes you an ever-winning believer. Everything surrenders to God and when you are in partnership with Him, everything surrenders to you. Whatever surrenders to God, surrenders to you. If you are in a convoy of a President, whatever clears the way for the President, clears the way for you.

Everyone saluting the President is saluting you, they may not like you, but you are in his convoy, you are in the President’s convoy so they must give you the same salute as they give the President.

That is our guarantee for supernatural breakthrough: God with us, breaking the gates of iron and cutting in sunder the bars of iron.
Luke 5 – we saw the story of Peter, the breakthrough testimony of Peter. Jesus engaged Peter, Peter partnered with Jesus in preaching the gospel. Gave Him his boat and then after that, “cast your net into the deep, you have suffered all night, you caught nothing. Now experience supernatural breakthrough” and the nets began to brake, the boats began to sink. They beckoned on their friends, their co-fishermen to come and help them. They filled the 2 boats and the two boats were sinking – Luke 5:7.

Net braking, boat sinking dimension of breakthrough in response to serving the interest of Christ.

You don’t struggle for breakthrough serving God, breakthroughs answer to you naturally.
You have heard so many testimonies in this place of consistent servants of God, not ‘make them see me’ kind of people. People serving God’s interest from the heart, not just passing time.

You don’t struggle for breakthroughs serving God, it answers to everyone serving Him naturally.
Serving God guarantees the meeting of all our needs including things that money cannot buy – Exodus 23:25-26
“He shall bless your bread and your water”: You can’t be poisoned, you won’t beg for bread, you won’t beg for water.
“I will take sickness away from you”: Money can’t buy that, money can’t buy health, money can’t buy wholeness, but it is part of the returns serving God.

“There shall none be barren”: That is not available anywhere, it is unmatchable return.
“The number of your days I will fulfill”: That is the key, that is a major factor. “Serving Me consistently”, God is saying, “guarantees longevity: a good old age.” Money can’t buy that. It is sickness that shows how much health is worth.

Everything loses value when sickness attacks an individual, he will sell off anything without feeling it.
“Sell it, just sell it for any amount.”
They don’t price injection, do they? “That what are you giving me? 30,000, No, make it 20. 20 is enough.” They don’t. They won’t even tell you the amount before they give it to you, because your life is hanging in the balance. And that comes your way for free in serving God.
-You will never lose out again in life.
John 15:2 – fruitful stewardship keeps believers fit to keep bearing more fruits.
There is no comparing the blessings that come out from serving God with any other source under heaven. No one can know it until he has come to taste it – Psalm 34:8
The taste of the pudding they say is in the eating; you can’t know this until you engage with it. When you engage with it, it affects every aspect of your life: your body, your spirit and your soul. You are not pushing, you are not swimming against the tide, you are just soaring, without struggling for it.
-May this be your experience.
Say with me, “serving God pays the most, serving God pays the unmatchable, serving God pays the incomparable, serving God is wisdom for profitable living.”
You don’t have to be a Pastor to do that, you don’t have to be an evangelist to do that. Abraham was a servant of God, a business emperor. Job was the greatest businessman in his time. It is a not a title, ‘I am a servant of God’, everybody serving God is a servant of God, young or old, with or without titles. Anybody, anywhere: male or female, boys or girls, old and young. Anybody serving God and the interest of His Kingdom is a servant of God.
He that serves Me, him will my Father honour
-It is your turn to experience a change in your life.
It is a choice to make.
Prayers: Receive grace to live with that choice, to stay with that choice and keep drawing the strange benefits in serving God, by serving the interest of His Kingdom which is primarily a hunt for souls, a hunt to see souls established, investing to see that happen.
Serving God is essentially for our benefits, it is not to the benefit of God, the Pastor, the Church.
Thank You Jesus, in Jesus precious name.
If they obey and serve Him, those who choose to, shall spend their days in prosperity, not that the Church will spend her days in prosperity, you; and their years in pleasure, not God. Of His grace we have all received, grace for grace. Of His fulness have we all received.
Not the Church, I, Jesus, will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. You think everyone in this Church is committed or involved in Cell Growth and Replication? Don’t think so, you might not be thinking right.

There are some who have even bothered from the onset, “why are we multiplying Cells?”
Then you ask him, “what is your problem?” Yet see what God has done. Serving God is absolutely to your benefit and my benefit.

I am glad I chose to longest time. I have been running after souls, long before He called me to ministry. I have not had the first regret. It pays. It pays the most, it pays the incomparable, it pays the unmatchable. It pays on every side.

-May anyone that is yet to jump in on this chariot come on board today.
-May the ones that are on board today stay on board for life. You will serve Him to the end, you will make Heaven in grand styles.
Speak to the week, it’s your week. Speak to this week, it is going to be a most fruitful week for you, a most fruitful week for me. A week of passion for God and for the interest of His Kingdom
In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Are you set to take delivery of your own testimony this week? No devil will stop it. If you will do what He has commanded, intense thanksgiving. Somebody had been tormented by devils every night for 5 solid months, including sexual harassment in the night. A heavy demonic sexual presence, she said. She obeyed the instruction, anointing the bed: silence forever. Just last Sunday. Somebody didn’t remember at all, he is just a social member of the Church, he won’t obey any instruction, just goes about. It doesn’t work.
Without obedience, Christianity is frustration. “It doesn’t work, nothing works.” She anointed the house, enough is enough, anointed the bed, went to bed and slept like a baby. The siege was over.
Simple instruction
Give thanks in the morning, thanks in the afternoon, thanks in the night. You have been asking like a parrot for too long. You have asked one thing, take delivery of the answer. You don’t have to be repeating prayers anymore, you know the key now: Make demand, give thanks, take delivery. Simple.
Say with me, “I only need to make demand in faith, give thanks and take delivery.”

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