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-Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo at CHoP

  • The blessings will not only come on you, they will overtake you and change your story permanently and continuously in Jesus name.
  • When God curses a man, who can bless that person?
  • As you serve God from this season, see God releasing curses upon the head of anyone attempting to curse you.

Father, we thank You this morning for these amazing testimonies. You are the Doer, take all the glory. We are praying right now that these testimonies shall be permanent. Anyone tapping into any of them, their own too is established. Right now, send us Your Word again. Change our story again and let Your name be glorified, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

All through this week, our subject of consideration at the Covenant Hour of Prayer is captioned:


-No more begging for you.
Joshua 1:8
Very, very important, we must always remember that the Bible is a Book of covenants. That scripture says, ‘This Book of the Law’, in other words, this Book of the Covenant shall not depart… Joshua 1:8
So the Bible is a Book of covenants, that is why we have the Old Testament, in other words, the Old Covenant and the New Testament or the New Covenant. The word ‘Testament’ also means Covenant. The Bible is comprised of the Old and New Testament. In other, words, the Bible is a Book of the Old and the New Covenant. So the Bible is a Book of Covenants.

Second, very importantly, the Bible makes it very clear that God is a God of covenant.
Psalm 89:34
The Bible is a Book of Covenant and God is a God of covenant. The Bible which is a Book of Covenant contains the blessings of redemption for us.

Deuteronomy 28:2
-From this moment forward, I see the blessings in the covenant overtake you.
-The Blessings will not only come on you, they will overtake you and change your story permanently and continuously in Jesus name.

The Bible contains the promises and the blessings of the Covenant for us.
Proverbs 10:22
-From this season forward, no more sorrow in your life.

That’s why all the way from Monday, we have been taking a look at some of these blessings in the Book of Covenant and this morning, we are going to be looking at 2 more of those blessings. But before then, let’s remember that to access these blessings of redemption, serving God is a requirement. If you and I must access these blessings, then we must be ready to serve God.

Serving God and not begging God.
Exodus 23:25
You shall serve…He shall bless.
-As you serve God from this season forward, you will never lack His blessings in your life.

What are some of these blessings?

  1. Freedom from oppression of the wicked.
    Remember this is the core of this Commission: The Liberation Mandate. God said to His Servant, “The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil” and the fact that you are under this Commission shows that it is your season of liberation.
    -No more oppression of the wicked will succeed nor survive in any department of your life in Jesus name.

What is oppression?
Very simple.
Oppression simply means the wicked, unjust or cruel exercise of power.

Someone is exercising power in a wicked manner, in an unjust manner, in a cruel manner; that individual is an oppressor.

One of the blessings of this Covenant is our freedom from every unjust, every cruel, every wicked exercise of power of the enemy.

We must understand we do not beg to be free from oppression, we serve our way out of oppression.

Exodus 4:22-23
We serve our way out of oppression. Israel came out of the house of bondage in Egypt because they were ready to serve God. With our service, God has given is the Word of assurance that oppression shall no longer be our portion.

-Therefore, as you serve God, especially beginning from this season, every oppression of the enemy in any department of your life must come to an end.

John 8:36
Freedom indeed is your right as long as you are serving God from your heart.

Therefore, continue to invest in Kingdom advancement endeavours on the altar of prayer, as you go out for soul winning, as you invite people into Church, as you help them with transportation, whatever way you can. Keep making investment in Kingdom Service. As you are doing so, you are serving your way out of oppression.

-Whatever that area of life might be, where the enemy might have been trying to oppress you in time past, congratulations, because an end has finally come to that oppression.

  1. Freedom from generational curses is also another blessing.
    Please understand very clearly that curses are real and generational curses are real.

However, the good news is that freedom from it is also a reality.

Whatsoever curses that might have been ravaging your generation from one lineage to another, as you continue to serve God beginning from this season, your own story will change for the better.

We do not beg or cry to be free from generational curses, we serve our way into freedom and I see you serving your way into freedom from this season in Jesus name.
Genesis 12:3
When God curses a man, who can bless that person?
As you serve God from this season, see God releasing curses upon the head of anyone attempting to curse you and as that takes place, your liberty is established forever.
Job 36:11
We serve our way out of generational curses into blessing.
-That shall be our testimony from this day forward in Jesus name.

Remember the testimonies we heard this morning.
The first testifier came into Nigeria in a depressed state, everything was out of order, but by engaging tenaciously from the heart, both himself and the mother, God turned his story around and supernaturally, God opened up for him to continue his studies.
-Every door shut against you in time past, as you serve God from your heart, like never before, in every way available to you; those doors shall be supernaturally opened.
-No door shall be closed against you.

As we are about to round up this morning, please remember God is not looking for who to disgrace. He is looking for who to empower.
-You shall be empowered.
Turn to your neighbour, point at him or her, “you shall be empowered.”
-No more disgrace for you in Jesus mighty name.
-God is not looking for who to disgrace, you shall no longer disgraced.
-He is looking for who to empower, you shall be empowered for triumphant living.

Psalm 89:20, 23
-Triumphant living becomes your portion as you serve God from this moment.
Luke 10:1, 17
The 70 that He appointed and that includes you and I, returned with joy.
-You shall return with joy.
-That shall be your testimony from this day forward.
Luke 10:19
-Receive that power for triumphant living from this day forward.

Prayers: Lord, as I serve you acceptably, I receive the power for triumphant living. I receive the power. From this day forward, I receive the power.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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