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  • Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-Week/Communion Service, Faith Tabernacle Canaanland.
    Shall we lift up our two hands and magnify Him, give Him thanks. We are having the last Mid Week Service for the month of September where your insurance for eternity has been delivered.
    Next to salvation, the purpose of Christ’s coming is to secure a place for us in heaven. That is what God has been doing, working on every one since the month began.
  • May no one trash the spiritual treasures of this month. May it remain a lifelong asset in every one’s life.
  • No more will anyone fall a cheap prey to the assault of the enemy.
  • Grace to take responsibility for the dignity of our redemption, receive it now.
  • As this teaching concludes tonight, whatever is left of your package shall be delivered.
    Lift up your two hands and ask God for an encounter with His word tonight. Lord I need a word from you tonight, that will bring a glorious conclusion to the package you have ordained for me. Go ahead and pray.

Heavenly Father we thank you for how far you have blessed us since the month began. Thank you for bringing us to this last Mid Week Service for the month.

Grant every one of us a life changing encounter with your word tonight. Let the cleansing power of your word come alive tonight and let your name be glorified in Jesus precious name we have prayed.


Godliness will not be delivered to a wish, it would be delivered to a fight.
1 Timothy 6:11-12
To lay hold of eternal life requires a fight. It has been given to you and I through salvation, but to sustain it demands a fight. You fight your way to demonstrate His righteousness. You don’t wish for it, you fight for it. Every spiritual virtue essential for making heaven demands a fight to secure (Hebrews 12:1-4).
It takes a fight to win the prize. God has so simplified the fight for us that we now know our weapons which are not carnal but mighty through God.

Man’s problem may appear super complex, God’s solution is simple. This is the Red Sea in front and Pharaoh’s army coming behind, God’s solution is “go forward”. That is too simple to be true.

This mighty man of Syria by name Namaan was leprous and he had looked for solution everywhere and no result so he went to one bush prophet. The prophet didn’t even see him, he said “tell that man to go to Jordan and deep himself seven times”. God’s solution is so simple.
You have two sons who they want to take as slaves to pay debt and your husband who took the debt has died. You came to the man and he said “What do you have in your house?” it’s like you didn’t hear what I was saying, If I have something would I be here. She said except a cruise of oil and he said go and borrow vessels and waste it by pouring it into them. Very simple, The vessels were filled up and she went to sell the oil, paid her debts and lived on the rest. (2 Kings 4:1-7) God’s solution is always very simple.
It is tactics that win the war not strength. So you require spiritual understanding of what is available to you in fighting that battle to it’s knees without sweat.

Remember our problem may be complex but God’s solution is ever simple.

By engaging the weapon of the blood for instance, you can destroy the captivity of sin. (Zechariah 9:11-12) we can engage the weapon of the blood to shatter the power of sin in our lives.

The blood is God’s last card that will break the camel’s back. Satan is the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and they overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the lamb and by their testimony. We can destroy Satan’s hold and break his back by the blood. When God brought in the blood, He executed judgement against all the gods of Egypt and Israel was set free from bondage. These are simple solutions to our complex problems.
We have been trying to check the nature of sin and tonight let’s look at two of them.

  1. Sin is contagious
    1 Corinthians 15:33
    Evil association will wreck great character. Sin is contagious, beware of that nature of sin lest you become corrupted. There was a man by name Amnon, Amnon was a son of David and he had a friend called Jonadab a son of Belial, an agent of the devil and they helped to show him the way to his grave. Sin is contagious. Dathan and Abiram were in rebellion and they succeeded in taking 250 people with them, contaminated by it and they all perished. (Proverbs 13:20)
    Psalms 1:1-3
    The man is very conscious of the environment around him so he is ever fresh and flourishing by been selective of the association he keeps.

One of the woeful nature of sin is that it is contagious, you may not be a smoker but walking around with smokers will make you start smelling smoke. It rubs on you.

  1. Sin is Demonic
    Luke 22:3
    Satan entered Judas and he became apostate from being an apostle and sold Jesus for money. Sin is demonic that is why he said “give no place to the devil, don’t give him any opportunity around you and the only way to keep that is to remain occupied in your mind and heart with God and the interest of His kingdom.
    Mathew 12:43-45
    Emptiness is a risk because nature abhors vacuum. Sin is demonic, if you are not occupied with truth, lies will take your time. If you are not occupied with light, darkness will run over you. You can’t keep demons away without keeping light within you. The light of His word will check out every power of darkness from your life. It is very easy to be overran and overtaken by darkness when there is no light inside of you.

. The strength of darkness is the absence of light and the entrance of His word gives light. You need light to be free from the horrors of the power of darkness.
Some Spiritual Forces Behind Sin

  • The Sin of Idolatry
    No idolaters will make men. (1 Corinthians 6:9)
    2 Corinthians 6:14-18
    Don’t play around with idols if you want me to be your father. I can’t stand the double dealing. We serve a jealous God (Exodus 20:4-5). Going after idols is a manifestation of your hatred for God.

There are many believers today who play this double game. How long will you haul between two opinions? (Psalms 16:4). Idolatry is a disqualifier from heaven. Until you settle in God, your case cannot be settled. As you are moving here and there, you are going nowhere.

Until God becomes your only source of expectation, your frustration continues. I have never tried any other source of help in my life and I am 52 years young in the faith, 40 years in ministry.

Whatever God cannot give me may I never have it, wherever God cannot take me to, may I never get there. God only settles those who settles with Him.
See what God has done in your Church, there is no human finger in anything here. There is nobody on planet earth who can say “If I were not there” how? When? Who called you. Were you ever contacted of any need here before?

God wants to decorate your life, come and settle down. If your eyes be single your whole body will be full of light. Settle down with Jesus and He will settle all areas of your life. Idols make dull, for a man to bow down to a tree, he must be a dullard.

Someone is living in the bush and he wants to help you to prosper and you believe him then you must have a problem.

There is a straight path in the Word of Life, there is no abracadabra here you can explain how you got what you got. This is what I did according to what He commanded, see what has come out of it.

  • You life won’t lose colour
  • You will not be among the dullards.
    My friend if you have anything upon which you trust in your car, in your house, in your office, stop playing games around God, He won’t lift a finger in your direction (Isaiah 42:8). The moment you are after another god, He withdraws His hand from you. God is too big to share anybody with anyone.
  • May God never leave you alone.
    Mathew 6:24
    Among the benefits of godliness is the free gift of God called the Spirit of Excellence. Godliness engenders access to the spirit of excellence. An access to the secret of God will make a star of any one but the secrets of God is only revealed to them that fear Him, it’s not for every Jack and Harry.
    Job 1:8
    Job was the greatest business man of that era through access to the secrets of God. Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the king’s meat and himself and his colleagues were 10 times better than their contemporaries. (Daniel 5:11, 6:3). The fear of God engenders access to the spirit of excellence by access to His secrets which will make anyone that gains access a star in every endeavour of their life.
  • May you be a partaker of the spirit of excellence upon the Body of Christ in these days.
    We are in the days of the manifestation of the many sided wisdom of God in all its infinite varieties. It covers every area of life.
    Ephesians 3:11 (AMP)
    Daniel prospered and was a reference point in Babylon for 65 years because of the fear of God.
    Godliness is our only guarantee for eternity with Christ (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).
    Revelation 21:5-8
    Where does the fearful come from? The wicked man runs when no man pursues him, he is fearful. It means the wicked, the unbelieving. The only guarantee for eternity with God is godliness, so it must call for attention from every believer that has value for eternity with God. Access is not guaranteed by faith, not by fasting and prayer, not by prosperity at the end of all that, if you are ungodly you will not make it.
  • My prayer is that Heaven will be filled with Winners and you will not be missing.

Lift up your two hands and give God thanks for the light that has come your way via His word. Thank you Jesus for though my problems may appear complex, your solutions are simple. Help me to keep fighting and desiring to please you.
In Jesus name we have prayed.


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