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-Bishop David Oyedepo at Leadership Empowerment Summit.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

🎶Unto the Lord be the glory, great things he has done (2X)🎶

I want to believe that God is going to deliver into everyone’s hand the master key of ever fulfilling life. He is giving us from this book all things that make for life and godliness; not most things but all things.

– You are also leaving here today with an impartation of blessing for your labour in the Lord since the year began.
– Israel got paid for their 430 years of servitude in one day. Before you arrive at Shiloh 2021, you shall be fully paid all that you are due.
– Every labourer in this vineyard shall be decorated with fearful favour. It shall come to pass in every one’s life like a dream of the night.
– Our turnaround God will visit you with your rewards.

Our Leadership Empowerment Summits are for the leaders who are leading Heaven’s agenda in this commission and God is not unrighteous to forget your works and your labour of love (Hebrews 6:10).

– For every true labourer, for every fruitful labourer, the God of this commission, the God that you and I serve will visit you with turnaround wonders before your arrival at Shiloh 2021.

Somebody suddenly became the owner of a car and a house in one day. He was on duty, he kept on being on duty; one day, go to so and so place, you will see somebody there, he will deliver a message to you. Same day, there is a house here in Abuja, I’ve passed it over to you – same day.

This same day God is still on duty. There are days and there are days to be much remembered.

– God will establish a day in every labourer’s life before arrival at Shiloh which shall be called a day to be much remembered.
– This God of heaven who has never ceased to reward me, He will show up in every labourer’s life this time.

Father thank You in the name of Jesus Christ. Visit us again in this Summit and establish a turnaround according to Your Word, in Jesus precious name.

Give the Lord a big hand of praise and be seated.
When I pray by election of grace, God answers. When I proclaim a blessing, He confirms it. Every Word proclaimed over your life in this service today shall be confirmed with speed.

Everything works here because God is at work, that’s what I’m sharing on. Everything works here because God is at work. John 14:10 – God is at work here, that’s why everything is working and because you are part and parcel of this chariot, from this time onwards, the mystery behind everything working which has been evident here in 40 years unbroken shall leave this Empowerment Summit with you.

Everything works here because God is at work and so, we owe God thanks for His marvelous works both in our midst and in the lives of individuals because God is the One at work here.

Everything that people marvelled at in this place, God is the One behind the scene. It is the Lord’s doing and so, it’s marvellous in our eyes and the eyes of all those that are watching us.

Everything works here because God is at work in us both to will and to do what He commands. So our obedience is not our own and it is not to our credit.

Our obedience is to His credit who is at work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). Everything works here because God is at work and that’s why we owe Him thanks forever.

Things are ever moving here because the Spirit of God is moving in our midst; not by power, not by might but by my Spirit.

It is clear, as the cloud moved, He engraced us to move with the cloud.

So the cloud moved from Kwara to Kaduna, we followed. The cloud moved, my God, from Kaduna to Ipaja, we followed.

The cloud moved into this forest and we followed and we saw the cloud just moving and we being engraced to follow (Numbers 9:15-23).

Every time the cloud moves, Israel moved; every time the cloud rested, Israel rested whether it’s for one week or one year or two years, they rested in their camps and they journeyed not and the cloud moved and they moved.

That’s behind the glory that this commission is experiencing.
– The grace to follow the movement of the Spirit of God is the cloud of glory. May you never be left behind the cloud.
– May you ever remain on the move with the cloud.

But remember, it is God who is at work in us both to will to move and to do what He commands to do.

Everything is all about God at work in the midst of His people. God has continued to supply fresh manner from Heaven on our altars.

It is not by the capacity of the pastors or the Apostle over this commission but God gave the Word; the Word that works is as given by God. Every word that engenders testimony is because God sent it.

He opens our ears morning by morning, to hear like the learned. To speak a word in season to them that are weary (Isaiah 50:4). It is the Spirit of your Father that speaks in you. So every word that works is because they are sent by God.

They Lord sent His Word and He healed them and delivered them out of all their destructions. So we have no credit on the fresh manner. It is as supplied from Heaven. Everything works here because God is at work.

We’ve never lacked fresh manna, so I’ve never lacked the gathering of the eagles. Eagles don’t gather around dead kills, they gather around only fresh kills.

They are gathering here because the altar ever supplies fresh meat as received from God. So they are feeding fat under Heaven’s supply of fresh manna. “For wherever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together”. Wherever the fresh meat is, there the eagles will be gathered.

God has continued to confirm His word with signs and wonders. We can deliver the Word, we can’t confirm it.

He supplies the Word and then He comes to confirm the Word. So we have no credit in the testimonies. The Word stirs the testimonies, He only can confirm the Word and He confirms it.

So the testimonies are without us but the God who is at work behind the scene. I’ll like you to see that picture in your life because that’s the only way to maintain an undying heart of gratitude.

Genuine thanksgiving is the preservative of every blessing. When your thanksgiving goes down, your blessings start rotting until you can’t find it again.

Thanksgiving is the covenant preservative of God’s blessings on the life of everyone and the Church inclusive. The happenings here are by the raw hands of God.
Thank You Jesus!

We saw diverse confirmation of the prophetic word; whatever the Lord speaks with His mouth, only His hand can fulfill it (1 Kings 8:15).

We are a highly prophetic family, virtually everything about this commission was laid out prophetically April 12, 1982. Virtually everything we are experiencing here today, this global live broadcast was spoken of April 10, 1982: “you’ll be speaking from one spot and it shall be seen on the screen at the same time world over”.

There was no such technology then when God said it. He brought it to pass. Last year we had 42 per cent coverage above 2019 in Shiloh 2020.

In the year of lock down, there was expansion. 177 nations connected to Shiloh in the year 2020. Shiloh 2020 had 42 per cent coverage above Shiloh 2019, in million of souls because God said so.

Now, who is he that says and it comes to pass when the Lord has not commanded it. So no prophet has a credit on a divine agenda revealed to them.

God commanded it and God came to fulfill it. So where is the credit of that prophet? For what the Lord has spoken to my father David with His mouth has also with His hand fulfilled it as we see today (1 Kings 15, 24).

It is this understanding as unveiled by God that has kept us addicted to thanksgiving over and again. I’ve seen God work through this ordinary feeble hands, some strange things but I didn’t know when they happened. I’ve never lost one iota of virtue in my life even praying over the dead.

So it couldn’t have been my virtue because it should drain me a bit. So it must be His virtue passing through a plastic pipe.

Somebody said he saw me in the night, I was sleeping in my room. He just puts on my figure. Somebody said I was holding a sword and pursuing after him who kidnapped one of our children; I was sleeping.

But I had spoken by the Word of the Lord that nothing must tamper with that child. 26 months after, the child was recovered unhurt all the way from Enugu.

Everything works here because God is at work. Awesome God; “I, the God of wonders is visiting you” and they it opened a brand new chapter to the Church. “Plant 5,000 churches this year”. What! That’s all that we have been holding for the past many years. He confirmed it.

“Plant 10,000 churches this year” and then global lock down came. In spite of that, He confirmed His word with extras. He has the glory for it.

Everything works here because God is at work behind the scene. We are what we are as a church all by grace. We have what He gave us which He said that we have because He gave us.

That’s why we owe Him all the glory, all the praise so we don’t lose them. All that you are, you better know it and all that you have, it is as given you by God – all that you have (1 Corinthians 4:7-8, 2; Corinthians 4:7). If you don’t know that, you will become clay back. You’ll lose colours straight.

Some fellows captured some testimonies of the Lord and fled away and began to celebrate it as their accomplishments, so they lost out. Sir, we have not lost one blessing in this commission till date.
– Your time of losing blessings, suffering setback is over today!

1 Thessalonians 2:14
Be follower of the Churches where you see the hand of God raw, find out what is behind it and plug in. I have never lost one blessing received from God in my life; preserved in grand styles.

It may appear lost but it comes back full blast. So there is no lost. You lost 100, you got 1,000; what have you lost? But you have gained plus 900. Awesome God!

We must have this deep… It says, sing ye praise with understanding. You don’t understand that you are nothing without Him, you may be bragging about what you call yourself

We have been shining brighter and brighter as a commission since inception. You know why?

Because God has shown us light (Psalm 118:27, Isaiah 60:1). You can’t see the light that He has not shown. So behind our shinning testimonies is God who has shown us light.

You were a people that had no form of comeliness, no one went through us but by His light, He made us an eternal excellency and the joy of many generations. By His light, a little one has become a thousand and a small a strong nation by His light.

The Gentiles shall come to our light and their kings to the brightness of our rising because He has shown is light. Nobody can access what God has not revealed.

The secret things belong to God; only what He reveals to us belong to us. So we are shining because God has shown us light. We have no credit in it. What He does not show, you can’t find.

The Word says, thy word were found and I did eat them and it. It because God shows you and that’s why you find it. If He does not show you, you can’t find it. So all of the revelation they are clapping about is to Him they are offering the clapping, not to us.

We have continued to enjoy financial fortune as a commission since inception because God is a Custodian of all the silver and the gold; the silver is mine and the gold is mine saith the Lord. He has His budget for all of His project on the earth.

So He has not allowed us to beg once, awesome God. Church Gist. He is also there as the Jehovah Jireh, the God that is more than enough.

He has continued to raise financial giants in their numbers as He empowers His people for wealth through the mystery of covenant practices. We have seen amazing sustainable giants rising in their numbers by plugging into the covenant demands of empowerment for wealth, including the Church, enjoying financial rising profiles by engaging in covenant practices.

You will check and see how much millions around the world is invested in welfare. Praise God.

Millions, multiplied millions and our tithing obligations as a church has been sustained. The Heavens has been opened and can never be shut by any devil.

God is still empowering men and women for work today, including the youths. Amazing things happening in the midst of God’s people.

He enacted the covenant, He stood by it and we all witnesses today. Give the Lord a big hand of praise. The glory for all the supplies goes to Him. The emergence of financial giants in this commission, the glory of it goes to Him.

It is God that raises great army among His people and great is He that executes His word (Joel 2:11). So behind the rising giants is God.

Ezekiel 37:5-8.
Behind the emergence of giants in any community of believers, it is God at work. Can I hear your loudest amen because you are one of those giants.

I’ve said it again and again prophetically that the highest concentration of giants world over will emerge from our platform. It shall be a confirmation that this man was born there and that man was born there and that one was born there. It says, the Almighty shall establish her (Psalm 87:5-6).

This does not require political support, it is Heaven’s agenda. You don’t need to support the sun to shine; the sun is shining, your policy not withstanding.

There is no policy against the sun. Nobody can calculate against Heaven’s agenda. That’s why we owe God thanks.

We have enjoyed peace since inception, so peace is not a function of number. When we were four, we had peace. We became ten, the peace was there.

We were twenty, great peace; 1,000, super peace, 100,000 peace. Five churches, peace, twenty thousand great peace. You know why? “My peace I gave unto you”. When He gives peace, who can make trouble?
John 14:27, Job 34:29
– Your life will never lose peace anymore.

Why are we saying all these? For us to know we have no credit in the marvels that we see in this ministry.

Behind it all is our God who never lies. He’s our God who abides faithful and cannot deny Himself. Therefore not unto us oh God but unto thy name we give glory. Our hand is not in it.

We are merely plastic hands, You are running your treasure through it and the glory belongs to You. You don’t thank the pipe for the water flowing in your house, it’s coming from a source.

The pipe cannot generate water by itself. It generated from somewhere and it’s only having it as a passage.

So everyone of us, we are mere passages for Heaven’s treasure and so to Him be all the glory. Sing it again choir in our seated position.

🎶🎶Unto the Lord be the Glory, great things He has done🎶🎶

“The battle is not to the strong, the race is not to the swift. It is me at work behind the scene.” That is what God is saying.

The great grace upon this commission is evident to all including those on the outside; to Him alone be all the glory.

Paul the Apostle said I am what I am by the grace of God and with great grace, gave the apostle witness of Jesus Christ.

So there is grace and there is great grace. What you have been experiencing is great grace and the reason is great gratitude unto God for every single act.

Thanking God for one soul that was added to the Church was my God’s grace given habit, that no one can come here except the Lord draws him and so he went to town and drew two people this Sunday.

Jesus, You are awesome! And so from two to bringing ten and then twenty and then a thousand and then ten thousand and then twenty thousand and then thirty thousand additional, one Sunday. Awesome God.

That’s how He has moved us from one realm to another.
– May you receive the wisdom of gratitude as your new lifestyle today.
– May you receive today the grace for tireless gratitude as your new lifestyle today in the name of Jesus.

I have never seen in my life a year like this because God never lies, supernatural turnaround and so He flagged off prophetically the planting of double, the number of cells that we had last year. So, God said He would plants double the number of cells.

There are states in Nigeria where we have 154 per cent of the number of cells last year and that’s all around the world, just boom… God’s people just came alive to the place and power of House-to-House Fellowship.

Here at the Faith Tabernacle, over 21,000 new Home Cells were planted this year.
Awesome God!

That is all that we have had since our Cell Church ministry began. In nine months; we started the Operation in February and by end of October, He has delivered over 21,000 new Home Cells from the Faith Tabernacle this year. You know why?

He commanded it and then He fulfilled it. We have no credit in it other than He stirred up our spirits to line up with His agenda.

– May you never be left behind when the Holy Spirit is moving.

Therefore for everyone, that is part of it all over the world, a part of this movement of the Ark into houses; I decree the Obed-Edom order of blessings that cannot be hidden upon every house provider, upon every driver of this agenda, upon every new Home Cell leaders in the name of Jesus.

Because God is not unrighteous to forget your works. Every time you make room for Him, He makes room for you.
– Every such house provider, in return for this, God who built houses for the midwives in Egypt will build you houses.

So, keep enjoying the saints coming into your house; for wherever two or three of you are gathered, God is there and God can’t be in your house and the devil is tormenting you.

So enjoy welcoming them, enjoy keeping the place neat, enjoy oh thank God, today is another fellowship. Celebrate the opportunity. It is the way to attract the Obed-Edom order of blessings and keep it.
Thank You Jesus.

Everything about us as a commission is God at work behind the scene and all that we are and have are absolutely from Him.

Therefore we have a commandment to give glory unto God (Malachi 1:1-3). We owe God thanks, we must give it to Him (Jeremiah 13:15-17).

It is pride that makes people to think that, okay what about my skills? Who gave you skill? And for this four children, God gave them wisdom and skill. Skill is a gift.

Every good thing about any man comes from God. Suddenly Covenant University became the reference point in this country today.

I learned there was a conference with Vice-Chancellors and all that and Covenant was the limelight; see what is happening in Covenant to the entire Nation. God did it.
You know our anthem in this Church?

🎶All the glory must be to the Lord, for He is worthy of our praise. No man on earth should give glory to himself. All the glory must be to the Lord. 🎶

Give glory to the Lord before He causes darkness, before He makes your feet to stumble upon the dark mountains…(Malachi 1:1-3)
– You shall not go into captivity.

Psalm 28:5
Don’t eat up the glory of the house of God. God is building us up because we are constantly returning with dangerous praise unto our God for His acts in our midst.

No ordinary act, no ordinary miracle. Everyday, every time, God is doing something. You can’t remember anything? Let him that has breathe praise the Lord.

In the same vein, all that we are and have as individuals are all from him (Jeremiah 9:23-24). We are going to dance again, dancing is part of our ministry, it is part of our calling; it’s our calling and election.

We are going to do it again. Everything that men marveled at in your life is God, it is God at work.

You don’t know that, it becomes like a flower that is here and then gone. I know some of us have had some fresh flowers as gifts at one time or another and if it is not put inside water, it is a matter of time. It will starts to wither and then it begins to drop.

But when any blessing is well refined with thanksgiving, it will last for life.

There are brands of wines that will last for 200 years, we have some of them on shelves around the world today, 200 years because of the quality of refining. We need capacity for enhanced quality of thanksgiving.

It is the only way to preserve the blessing of God on our lives for generations. Abraham was strong in faith, giving glory to God and generations after generation of Abraham are just blessed.

So the quality of our appreciation, gratitude, celebration of God matters in preserving the blessing of God in our lives for generations.

Stand to your feet and give the Lord the biggest hand of praise. If you believe God is the true source of everything behind your life, give Him your personal great clap offering. Give the Lord a shout of celebrate.

Wherever you are all over the world, we’ll just do this as a prelude for tomorrow. I want it to be from the heart; let it be from a heart of understanding that you are what you are and what I am, all by the grace of God.

We can’t afford to rub Him of the glory. It is a risk. We must give it to Him raw. We are going to praise Him. Are you ready?

Hear this; He is fearful in praises, doing wonders. Common let’s praise Him.

Give the Lord a shout of Hosanna.
– Be blessed in the name of Jesus.

Everytime showers of rain are about to come, it shows forth bright clouds (Zachariah 10:1) and that’s what is happening today at the Pre-Shiloh services in our midst.

They are the right cloud seasons, and somebody could be confirmed pregnant on the Wednesday that follows a Sunday after 9 years of waiting and one 19 years and the other I can’t remember; same week; one happened the first service, the second one happened the second service. The bright clouds are here.
– May no one here be left behind.

Be reminded we have a prophetic word, one thing at a time in every Pre-Shiloh service and don’t ask again about that thing but keep giving thanks and they within the week, He will show up.

So get prepared, don’t go casually for every Pre-Shiloh service. You will take a delivery, one thing at a time in the name of Jesus.

Somebody here asked that he would need permission to go for Shiloh in his workplace. They have just commended him a week earlier as the best performing staff.

The devil got angry, “go to Shiloh?” Okay, you are sacked and then, he was at the Pre-Shiloh service enjoying himself in the Lord.

Following week, he got a more fantastic job and with calls coming from several other places. He had to shut down his phone; “I’m occupied, I can’t come”. God!

More than a conqueror. Now can I tell you this; after Shiloh 2021, no devil will have capacity to shut a door against you and any door that may be shut, God will replace with 7 others because we’ll receive a baptism of more than a conqueror.

Don’t you ever toy with Shiloh, 2021, the devil is jittery. He wanted to disconnect that individual from coming. He said no, no, no. I’m just starting with you.

Just stay on with me. He may be the one to buy that company tomorrow because he’s more than a conqueror.
– God will suprise you.

Do all you can to be a partaker of Shiloh 2021, it’s once in a year. You don’t have a spear life, don’t waste the only one you have. Prepare spiritually, prepare your heart to meet with your God.

You will return with a baptism of more than a conqueror. We have very clean evidences via those testimonies of supernatural turnaround this year as a result of the baptism of Shiloh 2021. Yours must happen.

Lift up your two hands and give God thanks. What an awesome God we serve. He has shown you the way to preserve His blessing in your life, give Him thanks for it.

You have seen how He has preserved His blessings on this commission, give Him thanks for it. Give Him thanks for the grace to be a follower of the grace of God upon this commission today.

Celebrate Him, in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Jesus is Lord!
I love you all, expect a visitation of the strangest order between now and Shiloh. Expect a super visitation that will bring you your baptism of more than a conqueror at Shiloh 2021.

Together shall we share the goodness of the Lord together:
Surely, God’s goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives and we shall dwell in the house of the Lord, forever and ever.


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