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Shiloh 2021 Day 1

Encounter Night
Testimony by
Praise the Lord, Shiloh 2021!!
Praise the Lord we bring greetings from Living Faith Church Gasoline Osunhun Ifo for nine years and eight months we waited on God for the miracle of the fruit of the womb.

In February this year after Shiloh 2020 we vowed, we made a vow unto to the Lord that if I can be pregnant by Shiloh 2021 that we are going to come back to the Shiloh altar in 2021 for a testimony, but the Lord had it bigger for us.

By February I was confirmed pregnant and them the devil in his craziest state tried to play funny, as the pregnancy was advancing they told me they could not find the baby that there was a blighted ovum.

Lo and behold after all the doctor’s report fibroid, ovarian cyst, blocked tubes, the empty sac the blighted ovum the doctor said had produced Gigaloluwa, Tiaraoluwanimi, Oluwatogbekele.

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