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I’ve always seen her as a younger sis,
because she was a close friend to my immediate younger sister… She always referred to me as “boda John” 😂😂 well, all that changed about two years plus ago.

Brethren, here’s part of the gist o. 😅

I had just made a strong firm decision to remain single and very focused on my life, career and music ministry.
Simply because the very promising marital relationship i was in then just ended at a point where I thought marriage was knocking.

Now you know why I made that decision, which i upheld until few weeks later when this wonderful sister’s name began to strike a chord in my spirit… sweet melodies kept ringing… not that she was in sight oh, there were other wonderful sisters around yet Grace was prominent.

BTW, few days after i became a single brother, i honored pastor Miracle’s invite to come minister at his church’s annual youth meeting not knowing that i was going to see this wonderful sister at the program, that night after the meeting we had a nice time worshipping God (meeting after meeting), probably that was the Genesis of the sweet melodies aforementioned.

Thank you pastor for the invite, thank God i honored the invite.

On the 8th of January 2020, i asked her out on a friendly date following what i later realised to be God’s leading to check on her, we fixed a meeting (a week plus after the worship meeting we had the previous year) and met the next day.

The meeting was absolutely platonic i had nothing related to lovey lovey in mind we just talked about the normal things of life. 😀
I just felt that need to see her before traveling back to Zaria, had it been that she had declined probably there might haven’t been any melodies at all, or the journey might have become more difficult…
Thank God she didn’t decline.

Three months later, she eventually said YES after a series of mixed signals and here we are today.

The rest of the story will be shared on my YouTube page soon.

Please help us appreciate God today as we celebrate six months into this wonderful God ordained institution called Marriage. 🥰🤍

Grace Farinde thank you for being amazing all the way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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