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See yourself as self employed: Turn your extra hours to something you use to build and create wealth. Every billionaire works for a minimum of 95 hours a week – don’t work for 40 hours a week. Your phone is for work. Make use of your extra hours. Proverb 24:3-4(NLB). Any enterprise is built by wise planning.

You need to dream dreams, see vision.
*There must be a commitment to excellence – Proverbs 22:29(KJV): Anything that excels must expect. Be good at something. Excel is another name for excellence. Excellent people are good at what they do. When you excel, your enemies can’t put you down.

Never do the work you don’t like, work with the people you don’t like, at a place you don’t like because you will end up with a problem you don’t like and die the death you don’t like. You can’t walk in the realm of wisdom in an area you have not excelled in.
*Millionaires don’t complain about time because millionaires don’t sell time, employees sell time. Millionaires maximize time. When you know who you are, you don’t sell your time, you multiply it. Everyone you know doing well , was once doing poorly.
*Have a money mission – Proverbs 1:32(KJV): Money is currency. It has current because it can flow to you or flow away from you. Without a money mission it is hard to hit your targets. If you don’t have a mission for your money it will go to where you don’t want it to go.
Money Missions

  • Kingdom Promotion: Supporting the Gospel Matthew 6:33(JKV)
  • Bless your Family: The number one is your nuclear family.
  • Respect your wife and your children, bless them and make them never regret that they carry your name.
  • Bless the Household of Faith: Look for people you can bless.
  • Touch Needy People:
    The biggest problem in wealth creation is your mind. If your mind can’t be changed, your hands can’t be changed.
    Courtesy: Pastor Korede Komaiya’s Page

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