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Pastor W. F. Kumuyi at Showers of Blessings Global Crusade (Day 3)
What God cannot do does not exist anywhere! Tonight in your life, family, everywhere God is at work. He will solve your problem and set you free, tonight is a great day, a problem-solving day in your life in Jesus name.
Tonight, as we come back again for showers of blessings, I am reading from Ezekiel 34:26-31

That is the Word of the Lord, there are some words in the Bible that God will send and will send through a messenger but this one, He is saying I myself, He is talking to you, your creator and the very source of all blessings is talking to you tonight, I will make them and the places round about you a blessing.

All around you a blessing! That is why you will have a testimony tonight.
And I will cause the showers to come down in a season, showers coming from God in a season and then it says there shall be showers of blessings.

  1. Showers: I will cause the showers of blessings to come down
  2. Season: In His season, I will make the showers come down.
  3. The showers of blessings: One word I am bringing to you, we have seen the showers, the season, the showers and now the Source.
    That is the One that said I, He said it on the first line and He said it again, ‘I will’ that is the Source.
    I am talking to you on ‘The Inexhaustible Source’
    The Redeemer, the Supplier, is able to do all things anywhere, anytime.

That source is the inexhaustible source of showers of blessings. That source with showers.
S – The Sanctuary, all we have tonight is coming from His sanctuary because His sanctuary is full and is going to drop mercies upon you. Where the showers are coming from is heaven and heaven is full, if you have bad eyes, heaven is going to drop a new eye there, heaven is full of all the spare parts and heaven will fix you up tonight.

Omnipotence means all, everything, all-powerful, all power in heaven and on earth is supplying your needs tonight, that is the source.

He is omnipresent, omniscience, and omnipotence and tonight there is no doubt that Omnipotence is going to work on you.

W – the Name of the one a child is born, a son is given to us and His name shall be called counselor, the mighty God, the Prince of peace and His name shall be called Wonderful.

Nothing else can come from the Wonderful one except wonders, I see it coming your way, I see it coming and when I see you tonight and the change and the transformation in your life, even angels will wonder at you, you will become a wonder tonight. I am a wonder tonight.

E – Emmanuel, you call His name Emmanuel which being interpreted is called God with Us, the God of heaven is looking at this Crusade, it holds a special attention in heaven and God, Emmanuel is there with you tonight and anywhere you are, the power of God will strike you there and impossibilities will vanish away.
R – The Rain of Revival, Refreshing, Renewing coming from on high. That rain spiritual and supernatural, it is going to come upon your life, refreshing and revival have come from the rain of heaven upon your life tonight in Jesus name.

S – Shepherd, the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. There is no lack here tonight, no impossibility or suffering here tonight, the Lord is going to anoint your head and your cup will run over, He will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies, He will tie your enemies down. If you say pastor, why did you not say He will kill my enemies? When your enemies die, they cannot see that they are powerless and you are blessed.

When they are alive and they said you will not progress, God will not kill them, He will tie them down and they will look and see and as they are looking at you, you are making progress, you are possessing and you are climbing to the pick of your blessing and your enemy will say there is no point being an enemy to this person, I will be his friend. He will convert your enemies to your friends in Jesus name.

Today we are going to have S for salvation, H for Healing, O for outpouring, W or washing and He will wash you white as snow.

E for emancipation, all the ropes that tied you down and you appear to be a prisoner, you are free tonight in Jesus name.

I am so excited because I am rejoicing for you, I have never seen a day like this when I know that I know that you are going to be delivered and set free in Jesus name.

R for Righteousness, refreshing, renewal is coming your way today and then

S for Superabundance, anything you are asking for, the Lord will multiply and go beyond, you will have superb! You will have security, with long life will I bless you and I will show you my salvation, you will not die young or prematurely but security, healthy long life, the Lord has brought to you tonight in Jesus name.

You will have sanctification like somebody hearing about a car but never bought a car, you have been hearing about people having sanctification and you say what is that and other people give testimonies and you say I don’t understand, today is your day, what you have been hearing others have and you didn’t have, today heaven is going to rain it upon your life tonight in Jesus name.

Sanctification will come even for you in Jesus name.
Remember the topic tonight is the Inexhaustible Source of Showers of Blessings.

  1. Salvation, Sanctification, satisfaction, saturation from His Sanctuary.
    Ezekiel 47:12, 3-5, Acts 4:12, Isaiah 58:11.
    Ezekiel was the one that spoke about the Showers of Blessings and He said can I tell you the Source? Can I tell you the origin of the showers of blessings? He said it is out of His Sanctuary, that is the very dwelling place of God, that is where the showers are coming from.
    Verse 3, when the man that had the line in his hand went, he measured a thousand cubits and he brought me forth through the waters and the waters were to the ankle. It is coming from the Sanctuary, coming from the presence of God just to the ankle.

Look at verse 4, it says and again he measured a thousand and brought me, the first time I came in, I measured it was on my ankle and it brought me through the waters and the waters were on my knees. What you saw on Wednesday, yesterday, it increased to the knees and today, more increase, more power, more satisfaction, more outpouring in Jesus name.

Verse 4, he measured a thousand and brought me through, every time he brought me, He is bringing you to more today, He is bringing you to more heights today in Jesus name.
And it brought me through and the waters were to my waist, it is increasing. Today it will increase in your life.
Verse 5 says, afterward, it was a river I could not pass over, first of all, ankle to the knees then to the waist and now above the head that I couldn’t pass over for the waters were risen. A river that could not be passed over.

The Lord is doing that tonight and the Lord will give salvation from His sanctuary.
There is no other name whereby we can be saved but the name of Jesus and then He will bring satisfaction to your life, if you are not happy with your Christian life, tonight you will be happy with your Christian life. There is going to be satisfaction in your life in Jesus name.

Saturation, when we talk about salvation, it will saturate the whole of your personality tonight in Jesus name.

The salvation will affect your heart, spirit, soul, behavior, it will saturate you tonight in Jesus name.
Isaiah 58:11, you are going to get a spiritual touch, dynamite in your soul, anywhere you go, what you have will be greater than any challenge you will ever face.

  1. Healing, Help and Holiness from Heaven.
    This one is coming from heaven, Christ came from heaven, He brought healing from heaven, holiness from heaven. He came and He is looking for you today, what He brought from Heaven He is looking at you, you will get it before you go.

Acts 10:38, How He went about healing all, I rejoice tonight that the Lord is going to touch everyone. Healing has come for you tonight in Jesus name.

Sickness is of the devil but thank God Christ is stronger than any devil and today He will take you out of his hand, all the property of the devil in your hand, everything is destroyed in Jesus name.

All the help you need tonight is available therefore you come boldly and sincerely to the Throne of Grace as we seek help tonight, help will come your way.
Holiness, somebody said this Deeper Life people, every time holiness holiness, where do they get this holiness? You get it from heaven and it is available tonight.
Romans 6:18-19, all you should do is surrender yourself and all the rest is for Christ to do.
Verse 22 says now be made be free, be made free from sin and become servants to God and the end everlasting love. It will be done.
Help from up high, holiness from up high and healing from up high the Lord will grant unto you.

  1. Outpouring, Overflow, Outflow from the Omnipotent.
    The outpouring will come, tonight, outpouring is coming, overflowing is coming, outflow from the Ominipotent is coming as you say it this my day.

Outpouring, Overflow Outflow from the Omnipotent.

Isaiah 44:3, that is all you need, you are eager, passionate and you are saying Lord I want everything that your Omnipotent power can do for me today and the Lord says I will.

Your life is dry, your inner organ is dry and cannot function, outpouring is coming and it will make you come alive even tonight in Jesus name. I will pour my spirit upon thy seed and my blessing upon thy offspring.

The Lord said tonight there will be an outpouring of the Spirit of God upon your life tonight in Jesus name.

Joel 2, 28 reminds us what will happen in our days, will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions. You have to open your eyes before you see those visions, your eyesight will be bright tonight.
In verse 29, also upon the servants, I will pour out outpouring, I will pour out my spirit.
Malachi 3:10, tells us bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, He says when you are coming, don’t leave your heart behind, come with worship.

Come with your talent, might, spirit and then prove me now herewith says the Lord of Host if I will not open you the windows of heaven, the windows are open upon you.

God is looking at you as His children and friends and He says come, I will open the windows of heaven unto you and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. You will get more than you are praying for. Abundance, open doors upon your life in Jesus name.

There is no failure here tonight, no sickness that will not be healed tonight in Jesus name. He will fix everything in your life in Jesus name.

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